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emme m
I'm having 3 Wisdom Teeth out, under local anesthetic. REALLY SCARED. Will it really hurt, PLZ ANSWER?
Having 3 wisdom teeth out, with local anesthetic. (Novocain)

Will it really hurt. Do the injections hurt ? Sooo scared

1 is impacted. Been given Valium to take. To calm me down.

What will it feel like? Really hate dentists.

[email protected]
i had 3 wisdom teeth taken out and it was the worst thing ever

I had four impacted teeth removed years ago. It didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. My friends had warned me how "bad" it would be but they were just being dramatic.
My jaws were sore but it didn't ruin my day. Just take your pain meds and, if you wish, use an ice pack on your cheeks and you'll be fine.

I have had all four out. The oral surgeon shot me full of Novocaine. I never felt a thing. He gave me a prescription for pain killers. I never used them. I didn't even take an aspirin. You are worried for nothing.

Oh yes, it's going to hurt.

Before, during, and after. Every part of it is going to hurt. Cold truth. I would be scared too.

Joe C
It not bad according to most of my experience, I don't know about the impacted ones the person is talking about above.

I would find it hard to believe that the dentist or oral surgeon would recommend the local, if it wasn't okay, and that a Yahoo Answers person knows more than he does, unless he's a dentist, himself.

I have had four pulled, and only one hurt, and that one was pulled by a rookie dentist, because I wanted to catch a train for trip.

You will only feel pressure as the doctor is trying to get the tooth out. If you feel anymore than that please let him know, he will need to give you more Novacaine. I was a Dental assistant and the dentist I worked for never wanted anyone to feel pain. Just raise your hand and let him know. You will have some discomfort afterwards. I would also question him taking out the impacted one under local. That is usually taken care of by a Dental surgeon.
Make sure you follow the directions for aftercare that they give you. You do not want to get a dry socket. I think that is worse than the tooth pulling.
Good luck and relax.

think calming thoughts honey. I had mine done under general anestetic. didn't hurt at the time. I felt like I'd been kicked in the jaw by a donkey afterwards, but only for about 3 weeks. The injection isn't bad and once that's in you won't feel anything apart from a bit of pressure. But you know what, it doesn't last forever, 21 years later it's barely a memory. It's better than the pain from the impacted wisdom teeth and that's a fact.

Good luck sweetheart, it'll be OK.

I've had all four pulled when I got my braces on at age 16...I was given local anethesia and a shot to knock me out so I wasn't aware of the work being done... Take your pain meds as directed, and afterwards follow the dentist's instructions and you should be just fine...I didn't have a bad experience, but I won't lie and say it doesn't hurt. But really what hurt most afterwards was my jaw from being kept open for so long. It doesn't last long though...just take it easy after.

Your mouth and gums will be really sore afterwards. The impacted one will have stitches. You might get a analgesic for afterward. Rinse with salt water to prevent infection and you should recover in a day or two.

I just had a molar pulled in October. I took the Valium too, and had local anesthetic. It hurt, but it wasn't so bad. The Valium made me very calm and I listened to my CD player the whole time. The Novocain shots felt like a sharp pinch. They were the most painful step in the whole process. My husband was there too, for moral support!

It felt like the dentist was pulling at my mouth. It didn't really hurt, it was more uncomfortable than painful. The recovery was a little painful, but my dentist gave me a prescription pain killer. I got to eat lots of ice cream (that was the best part!)

I will admit that it wasn't much fun, but I realize that the temporary pain is much better than the pain of impacted teeth.

Good luck! It's over quickly and and the pain left me in a few days (2 to be exact!).

I have had all my wisdom teeth taken out - as well I have an upper plate All my top teeth were removed . Wisdom teeth had to be broken in to 4 PCs each to remove ,the only pain I had was when my jaw muscles got sore(after) from the dentist prying the lower wisdom teeth out . The needle is uncomfortable but not pain full and doesn't last that long.When this is being done think of something like your last vacation and try to keep your mind off it -at the most you may feel a weird relief of pressure when the tooth comes out.Remember that if you think it will hurt you will make that a reality -try to relax it's not that bad.

Doc. justasinner111
You are lucky. I wish I had the money too get 6 teeth out.

I've had 4 teeth taken out with novocain, it only hurts when they give you the shots, when they are actually pulling the teeth it just feels like there is a little pressure on the tooth, don't be afraid to ask for more novocain if you feel pain

Coping skills
For some people, a visit to the dentist causes so much anxiety they can't get themselves to go, even if they're in pain. The thought of having a tooth extracted may be overwhelming. But if you're having problems related to an impacted wisdom tooth, delaying care could lead to serious and permanent problems.
Make sure you have a dentist who is sympathetic and willing to help relieve your fears. Talk to your dentist about your concerns. Don't be embarrassed about your anxiety — it's common, especially when you must have a dental procedure that can be uncomfortable.

Many dentists offer ways to ease your anxiety, such as listening to music or watching videos. You may be able to bring along a supportive family member or friend. You can also learn relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and imagery. If you have severe anxiety, talk to your doctor about medications that may help. And of course, you may be able to opt for full sedation during the procedure itself, so you're asleep through it all.

Pirate Girls Kick Butt!
OK, the shot of Novocain is nothing to worry about. Did they give you any reason they would not give you anything else like nitrous oxide? You may get more freaked out because your going to be awake to witness it. Which I have heard it's not a very fun thing for anyone to see. I had a local(Novocaine), an IV drip, and nitrous because I didn't want to deal with anything until the pain of recovery. Which the recovery is, or can be hard especially if they are impacted. Be sure to keep the sutures clean so they don't get infected. If they really hurt you can get pain meds for it. They gave me percasets(spelling?).

Impacted wisdom teeth are removed surgically. It can be done under local but I'd be afraid to.

You do NOT want to have the impacted one removed under local anesthetic. The other 2 you'll be fine but I would question the dentist's judgement on the impacted one.

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