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Peter W
I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out at 1:00PM today. I have to play drums at 4:30 tonight. Is it possible?

Sure you should be fine...more often the lower wisdom's are a little more difficult to extract but I'm sure you will be fine tonight as long as your not doing anything too energetic which will increase your blood pressure considerably as you may fine you start to bleed again a little where the extraction will have been.

Hope you are OK though. I certainly wouldn't worry about it.
Take Care

Also I reccomend you get some CORSODYL mouthrinse as it really helps with the healing process+++ But do not take if on Metronidozole as the cobination will make you feel awful+++


Am I. Incognito
No way! What made you think you could?? It took me 3 weeks to heal from having my wisdom teeth out.

Yes it is possible. You will be a little numb still which may be a good thing because you won't have to feel any pain. I assisted with wisdom tooth extraction and the patents are fine after wards.

It may be possible, but will probably be quite uncomfortable. You'll be groggy from the anestics.. and the freezing may not have worn off yet. Also, your face will start to swell at bit. Try putting some ice on your face after and it will minimize the swelling. I did it and it really seemed to help. (no chipmunk cheeks!).

natalie g
Depends on how much pain you are in and what kind of pain meds you are on. you will just have to wait and see. Goodluck!

Judy D
Oh anythings possible, lol. When I was 38 I had 22 teeth pulled out of my upper jaw (maxillary bone) and immediately replaced with upper dentures before I left the dentist. This happened at 10AM and then went to work at the nursing home at 7PM that night as the LPN floor supervisor. I had a patient code on me and unable to get to amboo bag and had to give mouth to mouth to revive her. It all worked out but there was pain involved. I couldn't take any pain med for fear that it would make me sleepy or distort my perception of things. Everyone deals with pain differently though so if you can't do it you shouldn't feel bad about it! People just need to understand.

Angela Vicario
Noo way, at least you want to have a big bleeding and die! :)

did the teeth impact? (did they come out yet? in which case, recovery will be a lot quicker. or are they still under the gum? in which case, the dentist is actually "drawing" them out of your jaw... in which case recovery is slower, and you may even need some 'medicated' gauze inserted into the incision to help it close and heal)

also, you may have throbbing discomfort as the anesthesia wears off.

be sure to have them pulled on one side only, so that you can bite on the other, unaffected side!

good luck!

i dont think so. i had 2 wisdom teeth pulled a couple months ago and the rest of that first day was horrible!
also,dont wait to take the pain meds...take them as soon as you get done with the procedure.
call someone to fill in for you on the drums...trust me.

you will probably still be drooling blood at 4:30

Jennie Bess
Hi Peter. What type of music do you play? That may make a difference on how you heal. A good Dentist will tell you to take it easy for a full day (at least). If you exert a lot of energy into your drumming, you may have more of a problem with the healing because it affects clotting of the blood. Hopefully this helps a little. Rock on.

good luck with that,, when i had mine pulled (all 4 at once) i was down for 3 days. i was taking t3 Tylenol, and all i wanted to do was sleep the whole time. your going to have a lot of swelling and going to need some one to drive you home.

I'm sure it's possible, but it sounds like a really bad idea.

Your body's going to be stressed from the surgery. And while I understand that playing an instrument can be relaxing and relieve some stress, I'm inclined to think that drumming could do more harm than good.

What you really should be doing is giving yourself at least 24 hours of rest.

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