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I'm afraid of going to dentist. What should I do to kill the fear?

Nothing. Here is a play by play of what happens at the dentist:

---You go in, he checks out your teeth, takes a few x-rays, makes you sit while they're being developed (which will rack your nerves even more)

----He will come back and tell you whats wrong, give you options, work out the payment / insurance details.

----A numbing paste is applied to the gum area of the tooth he will pull. I HIGHLY suggest asking for laughing gas. It's similar to getting an oxygen mask but makes you gigly and relaxed.

----He will then shoot you up with novacaine. Normally in the back of your mouth, right above your wisdom teeth in that hollow shelf your tongue can barely reach. And a couple more shots (depending on what tooth is being pulled / worked on) in the gum area (don't worry, the novacaine works FAST)

----Now you're good. It's over. He'll be working, drilling, pulling out the tooth but guess what? You're numb as hell and will remain that way for hours after the surgery.

----Best bet? Ask for some vicodin or other type of pain pill and fill the prescription IMMEDIATELY! You'll be thinking wow, this wasn't bad at all, i feel great....Novacaine DOES and WILL wear off. Better to pop yourself with a few pills BEFORE it does.

Good Luck


ask for valium prescription, most dentists will give it to you. Take 1 or 2 pills an hour before your appointment, and you wont care where you are going or whats going on. However, someone will have to drive you and go with you cause you'll be out of it.

just think about the fact that if you don't go, all your teeth are going to rot out of your head and you're going to be in pain.. that should be enought to scare anyone into going to the dentist.

Why are you afraid of going to the dentist.....only little kids are afraid of the dentist....There's nothing to worry about

Best thing - walk in and tell the dentist about your fear. This is their job - they do it every day - thay have to make you comfortable, and they know it.

Good dentist - you won't feel a thing.

things have changed, not like before ,I was of ur kind but i took little courriage and went to a dentist .Now a days they use two sedation drugs .One a simple spray on ur gum which causes it less sensitive to pain.second one, a local anesthitic injection injected on the gum ( which u wont even feel the pain as it is being taken care by the first spray) ,this injection is very powerful and lasts about an hour or little more.and then they operate or remove ,and it is absolutely no pain.U just need courriage.Dont worry
Just be couragious for half an hour.U will reatin ur smile back and u can smile even better after the treatment .Im sure this pain is much lesser than the actual pain of infection which is long lasting .

just me being me
Just think of what your teeth will look like if you don't go to a dentist.

What do you need to go to the dentist for?

There used to be a lot of bad dentists that would drill holes just for the money - so your fear is not unfounded.

Maybe you can take a watchdog that will bite the dentist when he wants to drill holes.

just go everyone hates going to the dentist

get drunk

Sedation dentistry is very popular now - & a lot of dentists do advertise their practices for people with fears. I can't stress how important it is that you care for your teeth; you need to see the dentist on a regular basis. Locate one in your area who will work with you to overcome your fears & make the experience as painless as possible. Good luck!

I had 3 teeth pulled yesterday, one cut out ( a wisdom ) ... and it had my scared to tears. I paid a little more to go a dentist that uses "general sedation" and it was the most wonderful dental experience EVER. I was actually more afraid of being put to sleep than the actual work .... but it was nothing! No nausea, no nothing! I didn't even know they had ever touched me.

It's worth the extra money ... look into it.

dude i was the same way when i had fillings for the first time but then i went and it was fine and now i'm over it. of course your fear is probably more serious but the best i can tell you is to try not to think about it and take deep breaths and stay calm.

Take a couple of Aleve before you go. Tell your dentisit of your fears, but give him an exact reason or example of what happened in the past to make you so afraid now. If he is any good at all, he will listen to you and explain what he will do to get the work done without little pain to you. If he just shrugs off your fears..get up and walk out. When we take control of our own health care, the fear is replaced by pride and confidence.

Good luck!

Dont freak! I just got a tooth pulled a couple of months ago and was SOOO nervous because I was only getting a local anesthestic (no insurance, so its cheaper). I was shaking while I sat in the chair before they started yanking. They gave me the shot (it stung a tiny bit) and let it sit and numb. Then they opened my mouth with some contraptions and pulled my tooth. It seriously took not even a minute to pull. So I guess my point is "mind over matter", thats what they kept telling me. Its true. If you focus on it hurting it probably will. Put yourself in a mind frame that its going to be ok. Im not sure what your getting done but I thought sharing my experience would help. Good luck and remember mind over matter.

Jay Vee
do something humunglesly death-defying, like syk diving, then the dentist will seem minor.

close your eyes and think of other things


Find a dentist that specializes in sedation dentistry

I have always hated the dentist - well not just hated literally scared. I can't tell you how many times I have physically gotten sick because I was scared. I remember once in high school I needed a filling and as soon as I heard the drill - I passed out. I didn't go back till recently - and I'm now regreting it because I'm having to have a lot of dental work done. I looked around for a really good dentist first. He's very good at what he does, his staff is great, and the whole feel of the office is calming. When I had a root canal I was given nitrousoxide (laughing gas) - I only needed it for a little while till I started to feel more comfortable. Ask around to find a really good dentist, when you call them to make an appointment, let them know about your fear - and don't worry, they deal with many people who also have the fear. At least this way they know a head of time so they can do everything they can to make you feel more comfortable. Good luck to you!

Find a dentist who is willing to medicate you.

hop along casidy

Just think of a happy place and do not think of the dentist. put the dentist out of your mind and just think of a happy place in your mind to go too. Before you know it you will be done and it will be behind you. You will see it works for me.

I was too until I found my present dentist. He gives novicaine with some type of syringe attached to a computer it doesn't hurt at all. Call around see if you can find one.

they make specific anxiety medication for people who are afraid of the dentist. either talk to your regular doctor or your dentist about medication you can take before your visit to calm the fear.

go to the dentist once and for all.it'll be gone in 5 seconds.rather than waiting,and waiting,and waiting...and waiting for your fears to go away

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