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I'm 38 yrs old and still only have three wisdom teeth, will the fourth ever grow and could it be problematic?

Happy Murcia
My wife is 48 and still hasn`t got any....

i had one removed when I was 13 and they told me they didn't see any "buds" for any of the rest of them on x-ray, and that if they hadn't begun developing yet, then I would never get them... so you'll only ever have 3.

i was 18 when i had four REMOVED!...you dont need them and they can cause problems

laurel g
It may never grow in. I have one brother who never grew any wisdom teeth.

It is quite possible that you don't have a fourth wisdom tooth.

Some people have 4, others have 3 and some only ever have 1.

There is nor particular reason why it should be problematic, if the others were painful then it may well be painful.

If you want to know for sure you can ask your dentist to take a large x-ray (OPG or DPT) that would show if you have a fourth wisdom tooth and if so its position.

Qualified Dental Nurse

Amy L
The only way to be sure: get an xray. We can all speculate here but really, a dentist will give you the true answer. And also if you need it to be removed or not. Good luck! =)

I only have one right now but I just went to the dentist and they took an Xray to see what the other were like. My other 3 are there and they recommend removal of all 4. One is growing sideways and the others are kinda slanted. They recommend removing them so they don't deteriorate the roots of other teeth.

Four wisdom teeth is like a suggestion. Most people have 4, some people only have 2. If there is no swelling, pain, or redness were the missing tooth should be then should be no problem.

An intresting fact: About the same number of people who are autistic have only three wisdom teeth

Hope that helps

Bonnie B
I only have 2 growing through, I have no top ones.

It's probably not there to grow.
I had all four wisdom teeth removed when I was 13.
I still have one baby/milk tooth. The dentists said there isn't an adult tooth underneath to push it out. So, it's possible that you don't have that fourth wisdom tooth.

I'm 48 and i only grew 3 also

I never got my 4th wisdom tooth, some people dont grow any. Not a problem more room for the others.

yo yo
you can tell on the x-rays at the dentist. i am 30 years old and never got a wisdom tooth. my dentist told me according to the x-rays i will never get them. and so far none. you most likely wont get the third one, but to make sure i would get an x-ray done.

If the fourth one hasn't formed, it won't. Teeth form in sequence "budding" off the tooth before. If wisdom teeth don't begin their development immediately after the second molars, they never will.

However, if the tooth has developed and simply not erupted, it may still come through. The chances of this are increased by factors such as loosing another tooth, which causes teeth to shift and may creates extra room.

A dentist will usually be able to tell, by feeling and looking, whether there is a wisdom tooth under the surface. In this case an x-ray may be warranted to check if the roots of any other teeth are at risk from the un-erupted tooth. Exposure to x-rays cannot be justified just to 'check' for a missing tooth though.

All wisdom teeth have the potential to be problematic. Lower teeth cause more problems than upper teeth ad the position of the wisdom tooth plus the position and condition of other teeth all play a role in whether any problems develop. We know that some teeth are more likely to cause problems tha others, but it is by no means an exact science!

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