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 question about my braces?
when I got my braces but in the brackets were cutting my tongue...is that normal?...

 Braces??????????????? --Read--?
Help me!!
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ok, can somebody tell me these questions?
cuz i really need to know them for later, and i want to be prepared for when i do..please answer?

 How long did you wear your braces?
I'm about put on braces soon ,and was wondering how long will it take until i get a perfect smile . I dont have that bad smile ,its just I have a 1mm gap in my front teeth and a very little gap ...

 I am very busy, so to save time, I am only going to brush my teeth once per week. Is this a good idea?
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 My gums have been bleeding when i brush my teeth, this has been happening for about 2 weeks, what do i do?
Its only when i brush my teeth, i'm 13 and i have braces, please help!!!!!!!!...

 i have locked jaw help!!?
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 Braces pain! HELPPPPP?
today i got my braces. and itss givingg mee soo muchhh paaiiinn!!! i cant stand itt. how long would this go on for? anndd what can i use to take away dha paiinn! Plssss helppp and thanks !...

 do braces hurt when they put them on u?

 If you've had your wisdom teeth surgically removed...?
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 What type of toothpaste do you use?

Additional Details
thanks for you response.......


 How Long should i wait to eat or drink after i brush my teeth?
does eating or drinking even effect my breath or should i wait....

 Just got braces and im in alot of discomfort?
Ive just had my braces fitted about 1 hour ago and ive got a horrible taste of glue in my mouth.

1. how do you get rid of the taste
2. will they hurt tomorrow - because i have a play ...

 Should I be scared of getting braces?

 Every time i brush my teeth i start bleeding?

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 Is silver a good color for braces?
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 What can I eat and cant eat when I have braces?
I just recently got braces yesterday. My teeth are very sore ! Is there anything i can eat without damaging my braces? And what should I avoid?? Because right now its like a have a hug strip of metal ...

 I am going to the dentist today and I'm really scared does the numbing shot hurt?
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 Why do your teeth chatter when you're cold?
This past Xmas I was in New York.
It was freezing! My teeth wouldn't stop.
Then when I tried to shut my mouth, they went and did it again.
Almost automatically. It was like a ...

I'm 18 and getting braces for the first time. What color should I get?
I'm extremely depressed since I'm getting braces at 18. Anyone else in the same boat? I don't know how to cheer myself up, although I'm grateful I'm getting my teeth straight.

What color should I get though? I want something very unnoticeable, but not clear since I've heard they make your teeth look nasty. Would a light or dark gray be nice?

Also, how much pain am I going to be in?

Additional Details
Personally I don't prefer anything bright or all that colorful. Something simple / dull that isn't noticeable is what I'm looking for.

Harry Potter[RADA]
light grey then you get color color band things and I got a differnt color on each bracee :)

It hurt when I got them first put on....load your cabnits with tylenol

Sara K
clears not a good idea, they turn yellow. maybe a light blue :))

get black.
thats what my 19 yr old friend does.
and it doesnt look childish or anything.

cuz is your first time... i would suggest you to get like natural white teeth so its more dissimulated

Dinosaur RAWR
i hav perfectly staight teeth but my friends say its really painful but hav fun with it get ur fav color it wont kill u people will notice eventually so hav fun with it, its nothin to b ashamed of

get invisaline
they straighten ur teeth
and u cant see it

Blue or green would look nice.

orange or red :)


J a x i e
I would definitely go with a blue or light purple. Green makes it look like you have "nose goodies" in your teeth.

sweet cherry24
you can chose any color you want.... but i'd prefer black

something as clear and unoticable as possible...

i dont even remember braces. but i found it easy to tear your food off and eat it.. like when you eat a sandwhich, dont bite into it, tear a piece off and eat it, this way the bread wont stay all jammed up in them and look disgusting. i still eat like that now. i had braces from like 12-16. the kid next to me in class has braces and hes 18 (im 20) they werent painful all at once just over time your mouth will just be sore. and i wouldnt try to hide them, you wont be able to, get aweosme bright colors like pink and orange!. gray looks dumb. seriously

im in the same situation , as im 15 n got exams in a few months , i have to w8 , dark colours look bad as they make ur teeht look bad , get light colours like blue , red green , they mey be noticable , but make your teeth look better then dark colours

Welll the glue stinksss like hell...i mean the taste of it
it usually hurts 4 2 or 3 days
but it gets fine after a while
ummm try the silver 1 becz u cant see antrhing
soo no1 will notive it

Hey don't worry about it. I'm almost 21 and i've had them since I was 19. You'll be glad you got them sooner rather than later, trust me. Just get like a gray or something that's just neutral.

I'd say the original silver would be the best thing to go with. I got my braces on when I was 10 and my teeth were really sore but it wasn't that bad. Some people say they weren't even very sore.. I guess it depends on how tight they tighten everything. It's not so bad.

Yes, a silver would look good. I got silver the very first time, and then had hot pink the rest of the 2 and a half years i had my braces. whatever you do, do NOT get white! next to your teeth, your teeth will appear yellow. Sometimes yellow bands will make your teeth look whiter. As for the pain, your teeth are going to be very sore for a couple weeks, but it goes away. each time your wires are tightened, they will be sore for a few days. but taking some aspirin or pain reliever helps

I have braces too and I'm 18. I've had them for awhile, but I'm keeping them for awhile, too, lol. I have the metal ones without the plastic covering things, I don't know what they're formally called. But I got mine without any colored ties. I used to get gray around them, but it looked so bad that I kept breaking them off, so eventually they just stopped putting them on. I supposed you could probably just ask them to not give you any. They look a lot better with nothing on them.

It's pretty painful at first, but nothing a little Advil can't take care of.

You know, people are getting real discreet about braces these days, with all the ceramic and clear ones, and the 'Invisalign' things... but I say go big or go home. Don't be ashamed! You have to be able to laugh at yourself, and if you do, people will laugh with you. So put on some bright colors and have fun.

I had mine during high school, from 16 to 18. I always coordinated mine with school colors, a favorite sports team, or the closest holiday. So I suggest some Easter colors!

Lexies Mommie
I'm 21 and I had braces 2x. The second time I was 15-18. I had the Porcelain ones. They are more $$ but totally worth it. They aren't as noticeable, but still not as expensive as the invisiline.

The brackets only come in Silver or Porcelain (off white). As long as you brush 2-3 times a day, use your rinse, they won't make your teeth look nasty. I had them on for 3 years, and yeah... they leave a mark until you have your teeth cleaned, which they will do anyways after they remove the braces.

I won't lie, it hurts. Your whole mouth will hurt for 2-4 weeks after having them put on, and each time the tighten them it will hurt for 2-3 days. BUT pain is beauty!

They are totally worth it, and it actually helped me because I was having headaces all the time from the pressure that my crooked teeth were putting on my jaw!

Good Luck!

i personally prefer the silver 1 since they are the same colour as the rest of the brace. when i put them on i was 12 and took them off when i was 13 and the only thing i can tell you is: eat your favorite food the day you are going to put them on. the first day your mouth doesn't hurt but After it is a bit painful. i don't want to scare you or anything but you will feel as if you have meet stuck in your teeth with is very annoying. another thing is that the bottom of the braces will cut through your gums so you will need to put on the type of wax that they will give you.
at this point you feel as if you want to die but no worries because most if not all your problems will be solved.
by now you won't evan feel they are in your mouth.
for some it might take a bit longer but a week is about the average.

Kam D
I had braces in Middle School, they aren't so bad! Everyone has a different pain tolerance and you may be sore for a couple of days, but the pain isn't excruciating (at least for me it was not), and you should be back on your feet in no time! Just think that after you get your braces off you'll have a perfect smile :)! That's something to look forwards to!

As for the color if you don't want them to be noticed I would go with a white or blue color. Anything natural looking and light shouldn't draw too much attention! Although I remember loving getting to change the color bands every time I went to the dentist and even changed the colors for every holiday and season!

Cheer up, things will get better and you'll find no one really notices or will poke fun at you for your braces! Good luck!!

Wake up, Donnie
oh dear sorry to hear that D:
Atleast the out come will be wonderful! ^^
Yeah, clear looks really gross
I usually just get black because it's not that noticable
Light or dark grey would be nice too.
But it's anything you want ^^

As far as pain,I'm not going to lie, Your teeth WILL hurt
But don't worry it's only for a couple of days and then you'll be used to them

Silver, and women of all ages are getting braces.
you can do the same with or without them.

Hey, dont be depressed..im not in the same boat as you so its easier for me to talk but im 19, but i always wished i had braces for some reason even though my teeth are straight :S weird... i know, trust me haha. my younger sister (shes 13) just got braces and her very first colour was white. we all thought it was logical, but the month after she got navy/dark blue and for some reason the braces looked so much better. i really cant put my finger on why it was that way though... i guess you can try both colours, since you'll have your braces on for a while and you get them tightened every month so you can experiment.

as for pain, it varies with person and how bad their teeth are. my sister only has minor problems, so her pain level wasn't too bad. just think of your beautiful teeth in the end!

dont be depressed, almost every person know someone who has had braces, has had braces themselves or STILL has braces on, its not a big deal. it's like glasses. almost everyone wears them, and really theyre not that noticeable.

cheer up

i'm almost 25. and i got clear braces... well.. my top 6 are clear and the rest will be metal... its been 3 weeks since i got them... i'll get my bottoms somtimes soon........

but it all really depends if you take care of your teeths... or if you drink heavy soda and coffee or tea....... so far.. mine's are not stained and no one reconizes that i have braces... so far for 3 weeks.. i've noticed my teeths are shaping up alil'...... not much.. but i noticed them.. :)

just brush daily acouple times a day and dont let food get stuck in them.. its hard to floss but you'll get the hang of it... and use mouth wash.. it really feels good with a clean mouth.. :))

my bottoms will be metal and i'm thinking of purple and blue... maybe pink as well..... not all at the same time... but you know... yep...

if you're gonna go dark for the first time.. i think you should go with somthing lighter because you dont wanna look like you have alot of metal in your mouth already that there is.. :) dont go orange or yellow yet because it'll look like you just got done eating cheetos..!

good luck and happy smiling..

Pick whichever color you want, no color will make the metal on your teeth any less conspicuous. Trust me. Also, the pain factor also depends on exactly how badly crooked your teeth are and how tight the wire is fastened, but it won't be too unbearable.

Rapper AC
gray would actually suit nice! I would go by the colors that simbolize your personality!

well a few considerations should be acknowledged, 1st over millions of american teens have braces, and get them per year. secondly consider yourself fortunate because whomever is paying can afford them because they are rather costly. Third having straight teeth is priceless trust me, through dating, work, school, interviews nice teeth do indeed help! I had braces put on when I was 15, I'm now 23 and I would do it over a trillion times. Now as for the color scheme you should think about what colors you wear most in your clothing apparel? Lighter colors can be easier because you will not have to color coordinate as much, I really didn't have to o much of a problem because I had gold braces! I'm not going to lead you in the wrong direction but your not going to necessarily endure pay, but more of soreness for about 2-3 days, the third day being the least sore. Trust me it's worth it and consider yourself fortunate, but it doesn't stop there you must brush religiously or else be prepared for white spots on your teeth! good luck!

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