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 Chewing gum with braces...?
What would happen if I chew gum with braces??Will anyone else notice I was chewing gum??
Thanks =]...

 Is it safe to smoke cigarettes before I go to the dentist?
I am going to the dentist for my yearly check-up and cleaning and I'm 14. My appointment is Monday morning at 9:00 am. Is it safe to smoke cigarettes before I go to the dentist or do I need to ...

 What is good for a toothache? I've used oragel and mouth wash, doen't work..any ideas?

 Is it hard to talk with braces?
I'm just wondering whether it is hard to talk with braces on?

Like... will I talk funny? :S...

 Is it possible to not have wisdom teeth form? (10 points) Please help!?
I am VERY slow with my teeth and I should still have a baby tooth in but they pulled it out (the adult tooth still hasn't grown in and i'm 15). I just started getting my second set of adult ...

 What is the best medicine for tooth pain?
Particularly I have pain because I had an old filling taken out and they found out that it was infected bla bla bla so i have to go to a specialist for a certain kind of root canal. They put a temp. ...

 What Color Braces Should I Get?
I'm gettin braces next Tuesday and idk what colors to get!!
Please Help
p.s. will i look ugly or pretty with braces?


 how do i take my braces off?
i got them on about 4 years ago and i cant afford to get them taken off professionally i need to do it myself an dont know ...

 Do you think a gap between your 2 front teeth is cute?

Additional Details
I am 13...have a small mouth and I want braces!!!...

 okay, invisalign or regular braces?
Okay, so my teeth are not badly crooked, but I want to get them anyway, because I want them to be perfectly straight. Do invisalign really work ?
Additional Details
Thank you everyone ...

 what are teeth made of?

 braces? just got them today?
i got my top braces around 11:30 this morning. i have minor pains in my teeth but its not so bad that i cant eat. will i get worse tommorow?
i took to asprins before i went and six hours after. ...

 I can't stop biting my nails, can you give me some advice on how to stop please?

 Colors!!! (braces)?
I was just wondering what color of rubberbands you think I should get on my braces. It can be as many as you want. BTW I am a ...

 colors for braces, if you don't know anything about colors on braces LEAVE NOW!?
okay so i just want to know what colors look good on me if i hav blonde hair and blue eyes and i am only 11....... i want to know the good colors and the bad colors.. oh yeah i am also a girl.. if ...

 How do i get my younger brother start brushing his teeth?
he's 13 years old and i honestly think its been years since he's brushed his teeth. its so disgusting. whenever i point it out to him that he needs to start brushing his teeth he gets all ...

 Bad breath?
It's so embarrasing but i have bad breath. I brust my teeth 3 times a day and use mouthwash. I always have a stash of mints and gum. I sleep with a retainer, could this be casuing any of it? D...

 What color braces should i get?
well, i'm getting braces in Feb. and i don't know what color i should get i'm going back and forth with purple and pink and green. colors like that but i don't know. please help ...

 toothpaste. do u squeeze the end or the middle of the tube?

Additional Details
i can see this is a serious issue for some people!!!

i just was wondering. i squeeze it from the middle and my man squeezes it from the end.

i ...

 Were you ever afraid of the dentists?

Additional Details
Wow two pages so far 35 answers.
People who Like (9)
People who just hate (6)
People who are Afraid (16 )
People who are no longer afraid (...

How to straighten my teeth with out dental work?
I have buck teeth not horrible but enough to aggravate me. How can I fix them with out any dental work needed?
Please Answer! I really need help!
Additional Details
I have buck teeth not horrible but enough to aggravate me. How can I fix them with out any dental work needed?
Please Answer! I really need help!
Thanks some of the answers helped me but the hammer thing was retarted! But does anybody know what kind of insuranse you will need to get these invisalign? Thanks most of you helped!!!!!

yu cant.

is it just bad
or "i cannot close my mouth" bad

wow.. if someone answers this question TELL ME THE ANSWER!! haha im pretty positive its IMPOSSIBLE

yo cant

you will need dental work eventually and it will be painful just get it over with.

I really don't think you can. You need an orthodontist for that.

Have veneers applied to your teeth ?

It's impossible to get them straight without dental help.

Kyle K
A hammer

Florida Girl
You can try the product they call "Invisaline". It's an invisible mouthpiece that is made to fit your teeth. Over time it helps straighten out teeth. It's kinda of like braces, without all the wires and dentists! :)
Try asking your dentist about it, I'm sure they will have more information on it.

lol you cant, unless you wanna sit there and press on them for hours a day

get 50cents and go buy some of those fake teeth out of the vending machine. thats should be your quickest fix. just dont get the billy bob ones, cause it will make your semi buck teeth worse.

You can use a hammer
or consider a baseball bat or golf club
I used a sludge hammer

no you cant do this

abcdefghiklmnnopqrstuvwxy and z
i just got braces and i think either braces or that invisalign thingy but DONT get braces they hurt like h*ll aaahhhh im gonna die AAAHHHH jk lol i kno im no help at all whatsoever !!! XD

Tanner R
make a conscious effort to push your teeth with your tongue in the right directions... over time it will make a noticeable difference.

Hope this helps.

dalma jen
No dear, sorry. a trip to the orthodontist is in order.

JuleZ x3
people say there isn't a way but there is...

if you have any questions just email me.

inviseline. It's kinda like a clear tray formed to fit your teeth, know one will know your wearing it, but you have to take it out to eat and brush your teeth. Over time it straightens your teeth out. Just google Inviseline (don't know if I spelled it right...)

runner [:
Step1Consider Invisalign instead of traditional braces. The Invisalign system uses a series of retainer-like mouthpieces to shape your teeth. Results usually take about a year to obtain. Note, however, that this method works best for those whose teeth misalignment is relatively minor.
Step2Have veneers applied to your teeth to instantly cover old imperfections and give you a perfect smile without any painful teeth straightening at all. Veneers come in porcelain and composite, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. If this is an option you are interesting in, talk with your dentist about which veneer would be best for you.
Step3Opt for cosmetic contouring if you have problems with teeth overcrowding. This process, which is relatively pain-free, involves the reshaping of your teeth through a series of procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist. The process generally involves 1 to 3 visits to your dentist.
Step4Choose a removable orthodontic appliance if the extent of needed correction is fairly limited. This technique generally only works on the top teeth. There are some other rather substantial drawbacks to this method, and not everyone will be a candidate, but it can be a viable option for someone who wants to avoid braces.
Step5Ask your dentist or orthodontist whether your teeth can be corrected merely by wearing a specially designed retainer. This method would only work for someone who needs very minor corrections. Someone who has already had braces but has experienced some shifting in their teeth may be a good candidate for

how this helped =]

Dental work is the only work possible. Sorry :/
I used to have buck teeth, and I know what it's like. Braces aren't so bad, really.

surgery is the only option

uhm, im sorry but i dont think that you can.
the orthadontist isnt that scary!! :)

Jump Trainer
floss. tie it in a circle and slide it on. This will only bring teeth closer together, the crookedness requires braces.

"Richard Chase"
As a future dentist, there is not possible way to get this done with out dental work.

Anna E
there isn't a way.
there is invisaline
there are retainers
there are braces
or there is surgery. that is really the only ways

Lassie Porter Rose
baseball bat

ღ♫♪♥•*´`*•♥ Rebecca ♥•*´`*•♥ღஜღ
Try Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces.

Use Invisalign hopefully it works

Snickers Bar
really the only way would be braces i believe

With such a big issue as teeth correction ... Unfortunately, there is no way to have the problem corrected without seeing a dentist.

I know exactly where you are coming from :o)

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