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 how to get rid of bad breath??? i need help!!!?
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 What colors should I get my braces?
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 every time i brush my teeth i see blood ,even when i eat apples or bite something i see blood stains?

 Are apples good for your teeth?
one of those things you hear from dentists.....

 hey just got braces in mega pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
got them today
anyone no a way i can get rid of some pain that dont inlclude tablets
and should i go school tomorrow or does it get worse on the 2nd day?

thanks xx

How to get rid of bad breath?
I used to not brush my teeth that well. But i have realised that i need to take better care of my teeth so for the last 2 months i have been trying to take realy good care of my teeth, ive been brushing them realy well twice a day, i clean my tongue, gums & cheeks realy well & i floss before i go to bed. It smells in the morning and feels gross and I always eat tic tacs & mentos but about half an hour after ive finished it i have bad breath again. Why? Does anyone know how to get rid of it!? Its embarrasing!
Additional Details
Also i use listerine


Maisam R
u have a retarded mouth sorry to say coz ur doin everything lol, try brushing in the morning or keep stuffing gum or tictacs into ur mouth after u think ur breath is going bad

Chew gum, 5gum is best, that or trident (spearment or mint) also you should and try and use scope instead of listernie

its what you eat, if you tongue is white before you brush it then its what you are eating, if you start eating healthy your tongue will go back to its original pink color and bad breath will go away

Read up on this first. Then schedule an appointment with your dentist and let your dentist know about your concerns.

We all have bio films (coatings) that build up every day on all surfaces of the mouth, but specifically the tongue surface, teeth, gums and throat area.
Change the mouth bacteria to a good probiotic bacteria that defends itself you could try yakult or something similar, you can get it at supermarkets.
Don't kill your good bacteria by using alcohol based products.
There has been a mention of stomach problems which could be the case but it is not very common so if you still can't get rid of your bad breath I would suggest firstly visit your dentist and/or your local GP for advice and maybe treatment.
Good luck, I know how you feel I can get really paranoid about my breath sometimes usually for no reason but still...... :o

Because most bad breath is caused by bacteria on the tongue, you need to clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth. I use OraBrush tongue cleaner. It is much better than a toothbrush or scraper. I have fresh breath for up to 12 hours. Mints and gum just cover up bad breath for a short time, as you already know. To cure bad breath you must get rid of the cause of bad breath.

Hal Atosis
I gargle with Lavoris.

well you should talk to a dentist

brush you teeth and chew gum. brush your teeth after a meal. do mouth wash. floss. stuff like that

∂єєѕкι∂∂™ ツ
try some gum?

ok, most of the time its cuz u need to brush the way back of ur tongue. if that doesnt work u should try to eat an apple cuz most of the time it takes bad breathe away. If that doesnt work ask a dentist or something...you know it could also be because u dont eat when ur hungry or sumthing cuz most of the time its just the stomach acid that rises up and the odor comes out. idk, help enough?

The doing what is right. I found this out from a doctor. Eat an apple a day. The acid in the apples fights the bad breath. It also keeps your gums healthy. Please see a dentist. He or she is a professional and will help you with situation. Good luck.

go to the dentist may u have a bad tooth since your hygene wasnt that good before im sure thats what it is because its seem now u take pretty good care of ur teeth make sure u floss! hope i helpd

Lil Jay Chou
yea just keep on doing what ur doing.
also brush ur tongue and roof of ur mouth. try to go as far back as u can because thats where the food lingers and bad breath germs r.
continue listerine.
chew gum after every meal.
chew gum whenever u think ur breath smells bad. tic tacs r useless.
most importantly, drink lots of TEA. green tea is preferable. tea can reduce ur bad breath by half. thats y us asians dont have as much bad breaths.

Clarisse :D
Go to the dentist and get a cleaning session. It might help. Also use rinse your mouth with Listerine or something. If you're outside and you still have it, eat mint candies or stuff like that.

Gargle a cup of lukewarm water mixed with salt or half a lemon juice.This is best done before going to bed. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. Put a few drops of tea tree oil on your toothbrush top it with toothpaste, and then brush your teeth and don't swallow. More useful remedies at http://useinfo5.blogspot.com/

Well, I lost most of my teeth in a motorcycle wreck when I was a teen, and I still get bad breath if I don't buy listerine or Scope. Teeth has nothing to do with it.

Helpful in Michigan
Brush your teeth after every meal and before you go to bed. Drink plenty of water all day long.

you got to brush in and out

make your sure brush the back of your teeth the upper, everything

get a goo tooth brush, bend down, look at the mirror, and brush hard

before you go out brush your teeth so you wont have to worry about bad breath

It is normals to have bad breath in the morning. But a few things could cause it if you eat junk food, if you don't brush your teeth after every meal, and try brushing your teeth and then using mouth wash after you brush your teeth and gargle with the mouth wash so that it gets the germs out of your throat. You also need to be sure when you brush your teeth to brush the outside and the inside of your teeth and your gums and then at the end of brushing your teeth brush your tongue go back to as far until you are gagging. If none of that works go and see a dentist it could be a serious health problem.

item jamir
everyone have bad breath in the morning as they are sleeping for 5-6 hrs & the saliva stays inside the mouth for so long.
but if it still have bad smell after your brushing too. then you must be having sinus infection, eye infection, acidity problems, smoker will also bad smell.

Lirin Z
You need to drink water in the morning before breakfast.
dehydration makes bad breath.

I got the same problem before too!
I did everything that I could.
But nothing's better than drinking water.

if this doesn't help. I think theres something wrong with your gastro system

First, AVOID SUGAR AT ALL COSTS! (tic tacs and gum are a no no unless they are sugar free) Listerine and other types of mouthwash only mask bad breath, which means that fifteen minutes after, you will get bad breath again, so avoid those too. Drink plenty of water so that you mouth doesn't get dry. And of course, brush your teeth in the morning and at night.

well i had to use listerine and other mouth washes 3 times a day and my teeth turned brown.
i asked my dentist why and he said mouth wash sticks to blark and stuff so when u use it even everyday it can turn ur teeth borwn. So i stoped and now they r normal.

So please don't use listerine everyday

keep your mouth moist with water
a dry mouth = bad breath

keep up on the good hygiene. the best way to get rid of bad breath is to drink water. and everyone has morning breath and bad breath. chewing gum helps, but if you do it too much your jaw will be sore. i suggest Listerine tongue strips.

Lalalalala (:
Welll you might have this condition my friend had a long time ago. It has something to do with the stomach i think, causing your breath to smell. You might want to go get it checked out just in case.

Krystle L
drink lots of water because dried up saliva makes it smell really bad. and chew a mew mints or gums

oh my!
Have you been to the dentist? You might have an infection or an abscess. That can cause bad breath and if your not careful can make you very sick. The listerine will help but if you have an infection you will need antibiotics. If you have not been to the dentist I encourage you to do so. Good Luck!

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