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How painful is wisdom teeth extraction?
So I went to the oral surgeon today, and I'm going in on the 23rd to get my 4 wisdom teeth removed. I am doing local anestetic, and not getting knocked out for it.

My question is, how bad will this hurt under standard local anestetic? Will I just feel the pressure of them working on my teeth? My top two teeth are really decayed already, so I hope that in someway is a good thing in the removal.

Any help would be appreciated!
Additional Details
OK I just got back from the procedure, and can now vouche that it doesn't hurt that bad. I was going to do the local anesthetic, but I kept gagging for whatever reason after getting the needles. The stuff leaked into my throat and was making the whole ordeal hell. So they hooked me up to an IV. I didn't want to do that initially, because I had never gone under for anything before, and the idea felt weird to me. but I said OK, I'll give it a shot.

It was weird. I had my eyes open, and the IV in and I remember the assistant saying OK we're ready to go...next thing I remember is someone saying "OK you're all done." So I have no memory whatsoever of the operation. I don't even remember falling asleep. It was a light sedation I suppose, but I don't remember being awake for any of the operation. Needless to say, I feel no pain. Right now my mouth has gauze in it, and I'm eating Wendy's Frosties for the time being. So far no pain, but I'm on the meds. Glad they're out of there!

you really should get knocked out. it is very painful in the beginning, and your face will swell like a chipmunk, seriously.

I was put out with valium and I highly recommend it. It will be only pressure on the local unless they don't use enough or hit you in the wrong place. Good luck

Miss Brooke
Hi! In an effort to comfort you, I believe you will be just fine. I had my wisdom teeth removed under local anesthetic and really did not feel a thing! Recovery was fine too! I also had decay, so it was a complete relief! More than likely, you'll only feel a little pressure. No pain though. If you were to feel the slightest amount of pain, all you have to do is raise your hand or say stop and they will inject more anesthetic. I used to work for an oral surgeon so I guess I know a little about this. I hope I "eased" your concerns (which are totally understandable!) Good luck to you, you are going to be JUST FINE!! :-) I'll pray for you just in case. ha ha!!

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at once, and I just had novocaine and the nitrous oxide, not general anasthesia. Honestly, the most painful part was the shots! They give you like, 20 shots, even across the roof of the mouth, and even though I was a little loopy from the gas, I could feel the shots. After that all you really feel is the pressure of the dentist pulling and such. And they had to go in a break my teeth in order to pull them out, and I didnt even feel that (so I guess the pain from the shots was worth it!) For me the most uncomfortable part was afterwards - when i woke up at home, my mouth was dry (from the gauze they left in there), and it tasted like blood. But they gave me a painkiller, Lodeine I think, and that helped tons. Some people say you can eat ice cream and yogurt, which I tried, but for me it was painful to close my mouth around the spoon! Don't use a straw - the suction can affect the incisions. I think it took a few days for me to be able to eat easier, and to take less pills. Make sure you rinse your mouth with whatever stuff they give you, so you don't get dry socket - I hear that's bad. Good luck!

I was anesthetized, so it didn't hurt at all. I was able to go back to school (at the time) the next day. However, I've heard of people being unable to perform daily functions due to pain for up to two weeks. GL!

I was not in that much pain at all after having mine retracted. It's uncomfortable but not THAT painful. besides, they will give you enough medicine to keep you sleeping. I had a problem with dry socket and that was very painful...but that happens more in women than men. Good luck and I hope everything turns out ok

Holy Cow
All 4 at once? I had it done when I was 22. I had a local only and the actual extraction was painless. You will feel pressure, crunching, breaking during the extraction. It's a little disturbing, but painless. The pain comes on several hours later once the local wears off. All of my wisdoms were "impacted" meaning they were coming in sideways and the gums had to be cut to get them out. This made for an exceptionally painful recovery. Despite the strong painkillers I was taking, I was miserable for about a week and a half.

Good luck :)

No pain during the time you are numb while they're taking them out. Just pressure and pulling. Afterwards is another story. but they'll give you something for pain and you can put ice on your cheeks for swelling. Good luck.


♥Stranger In Maine™♥ (Thriller)
I had 4 impacted wisdowm teeth taken out but I was knocked out cause it was surgery not just pulling them. My gums hurt for a week or so!

I don't even want to think about it!!! I'm going to have to have mine removed and if I do, I'm taking my boyfriend and getting completely knocked out. That way, I just have to deal with the pain when i wake up.
Good luck!

If the oral surgeon only recommend the local anesthetic, your condition may not be too bad. When I mean your condition, means usually your 4 wisdom teeth are not in critical position and easy to pull out. If such local anesthetic is used, you may experiencing similar feeling like root canal or filling or normal extraction. However, I would recommend you go to different surgeon for second opinion. When pulling 4 teeth at the same time, you rather asleep during the operation, otherwise, you will be mentally tired and hurt.

It depends on the person and the teeth. If the teeth are already through the gums, it will be easier. Your decayed teeth might be more of a problem then a blessing. If it is decayed too much it will break off at the root and the doctor will have to go in and remove the root which is usually painful.
There will probably be a little bit of pain a long with the pressure, and you won't be able to eat certain foods for awhile.
It is something that isn't very fun, but needs to be done, esp. if you have that much decay!

♥♫i luv♥♫juicy fruit♥♫gum
It feels like a regular tooth being pulled. If the dentist knows what he/she is doing, then it shouldn't hurt more than the last time you got a tooth removed.

I was awake for mine and it wasn't bad at all, I just felt the pressure of it - they even let me bring in a cd player so I could listen to headphones as they were doing it. For me the pain came before (as he was giving the shots) and afterwards. Actually, the procedure itself was the most painless...well duh, I had anesthetic helping me.

The procedure itself should be relatively pain-free. With local anesthetic, you should only feel pressure. But there will probably be some swelling and moderate pain once anesthetics wear off.

I also had my wisdom teeth taken out all at once a while back. My mom said I looked like I was a squirrel storing nuts for the winter.


If the anaesthetic is done properly you will almost feel nothing at all during the "operation".

You may experience more pain later as the anaesthetic wears off and your jaw may be bruised, the holes left behind by the teeth will need to heal (may prevent you from eating/drinking for a while).

Crying tears of geek joy.
I had all 4 of mine out the same way when I was 15. I remember pressure and such, but no pain. If it hurts, you need to tell them so they can give you more Novocaine. It should not hurt at all. It is more a discomfort.

I remember the next few days being a little painful. They gave me pain killers, but I only took Tylenol.

I have a really high threshold for pain, though.

When i had my wisdom teeth pulled i felt the pulling and a little cracking while they were being pulled but it didn't hurt. I felt a little sore afterwards but the pain medicine they give you works nicely.

You won't feel much until the anesthetic wears off, and then prepare yourself for some serious pain. it really rocks your body.

I got knocked out and it was great. My oral surgeon said that if I did local anesthetic I still wouldn't feel anything but I would hear them cracking and breaking the teeth. My insurance covered it so I went with the full anesthetic.

The only way I would have done local is if insurance wouldn't have covered it or if I had no insurance because it's a big price difference.

Be sure you follow the after care instructions so you don't get a dry socket...now that's painful!

Black Fedora
It shouldn't hurt at all under the anesthetic, however, the process of removing the teeth might make you sick or lead to some psychosomatic pain. The real pain comes when the drugs wear off. Pain for 1 day controllable with drugs...after that you'll be sore for a week or so.

I was suppose to get two of my wisdom teeth removed (I was getting the other 2 removed later, due to insurance reasons.) Anyways, I only ended up getting one removed because it was more impacted then the dentist thought it was. It took 1.5 hours of removing. They had to take away a lot of bone and the dentist told me that this was the most difficult wisdom tooth ever removed at his office.

I was awake, jut got numbed, no laughing gas or anything.

And even though I was in the chair for 1.5 hours on one tooth, I did not feel thing. Just a little uncomfortable when he would apply pressure... Now I took some tyenol 3 right after the operation as directed by the dentist. and have been taking a little a bit more. And really, I have no pain. Just a little uncomfortable. I had a good night sleep also. Now I'm just being careful not to get a dry socket.

It might hurt really bad because you can be able to feel it .But there is a chance that they will give medicine to make you numb or they will give you laughing gas.

No pain at all...just tugging.

First, wisdom teeth are deeply rooted and I suggest that you select a dentist who has performed wisdom teeth extractions more than once. To remove all 4 teeth during the same extraction might sound like the best, but remember extraction of wisdom teeth are not the same as extraction of other teeth.

If you want all 4 removed during the same extraction you should look for a very experienced dentist with all the proper equipment and a good clinic with assistants, and you should have this done while you are out from the proper anesthetic. You mentioned that the two top teeth are decayed and likely there might be need for some surgery and you do not want to have that done using local anesthetic. Those decayed teeth might break off during extraction and to remove the roots could take some time.

Hope that you do get more consultation and select a dentist who is experienced in extracting wisdom teeth.


get knocked out i was awake just had numbing injections still hurt like mad

Princess Buttercup
Honestly, it depends on how you respond to pain. I only had local, but they had to re-numb as the anesthetic wore off part way through due to my metabolism. I didn't have pain during the extractions - just felt pressure. I was in pain afterwards, but that's what vicodin was invented for. : )

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