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 How do I stop biting the inside of my mouth?
I bite the inside of my mouth fairly frequently in the same place. Its right behind and underneath my lower lip on the right side. It really hurts and once I bite it, I usually bite it again a couple ...

 Girls get teeth sanded down to make strait line?
It looks very nice....

How long does it take to get braces?
Ok, I want to know how many weeks or months it will take until i have my braces put on. I haven't even seen the orthodontist yet. I'm going to the dentist on Wed. So about how long will it be until I have them babies on? Because i want them badly. I have a gap between my 2 front teeth and I cant stand it. :(
Additional Details
Oh and i forgot to mention that i still have baby teeth.

a month

Well since your going on Wed I'd say maybe another 2 weeks ago. I know when I got my braces the orthodontist did a consultation first. Then I came back and he did X-rays and a molding cast of my whole mouth. Thats when they put this gunk in your mouth and shape it. It makes a dried model of your teeth which the doc will show you later so he can tell you what they are going to do to your teeth and ask you if you have an ?'s.

Next step is they'll put those bad boys on. They may do their first tightening that day too. It depends. You might be in the chair for awhile. I was there for almost 2 hours but then again my teeth were really crooked! lol. But just think about how beautiful your smile will be when it's all over!

Assuming you haven't done these things already and if you're getting metal braces, that's what he/she will do.

My teeth were the same exact way!
Once you get an appointment,it takes up to an hour and a half to get them on. Beward you better take Tylenol before hand,they'll hurt like crazy for awhile! I couldn't even eat anything but Jello for a week when I got mine.

i have braces you go to the orthodontist they check out your teeth then they make an appt to get your teeth molded then they make you an appt to get teeth pulled if needed then you got to wait then you get another appt to get spacers then wait some more then get the top ones on the 6 months later or so you get the bottom ones on so it takes like two months before you actually get them on if you need teeth pulled

It really depends on how booked up the orthodontics is. You will first have to go for a consultation. The office may or may not do the x-rays the same day. It just depends on the orthodontics. I went to two different orthodontics before I got my braces because I wanted a second opinion.

The first one made me come back for x-rays. The second orthodontics did everything in one day. The office will schedule you back to get rubber bands on your teeth to prepare your teeth for the brace. A week later you will get your braces.

ṉïсølε[loves silliman& redbull!]
First appointment: He/she is just going to look inside of your mouth and tell you you will need them and will give you an esitmate of how much it will all cost.

Second appointment: You're going to take x-rays and molds of your teeth. Also, bring wet ones! And dont wear your favorite clothes

Third appointment: You're going to get your spacers and maybe get x-rays again( i did!)They hurt when they first put them in and they hurt more than the braces themselves.

Fourth appiontment: you're going to get your braces, it doesnt hurt when they're putting them on either. I just got my braces today and it was a pretty easy procedure. They take out your spacers and put these little metal bands on your teeth. They glue them on with this stuff that is suppsoed to taste like cherry, but it taste more like crap. Then they glue on the brackets one by one. They put these lip things on your lips and they seperate them. Then you go rinse, then you choose a color and then they slip the wire through. And they teach how to floss, brush, and all that kind of stuff.

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