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 when you get braces do the dentist ask you what color you want?

How long did you wear your braces?
I'm about put on braces soon ,and was wondering how long will it take until i get a perfect smile . I dont have that bad smile ,its just I have a 1mm gap in my front teeth and a very little gap at my left premolar .

✿☮ⓀⒺ Ⓛ ⓁⓎ☮✿
ur icon looks like albert... r u him?

i had mine for only 9 months!!!! YEAH baby!!!!!!!! lolz jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk 8)

♪ʞɔoɹ ʇı ʇǝן♪
4 years and still have them..

9 months

Well, let me tell you. your case seems to be easy I'm sure it won't take long time. I think 6 months. In my case, it required approximately one year because one of my front teeth was behind one of canine tooth.

I had mine on for about a year and a half :) My teeth weren't bad either...the real pain in the butt is wearing the retainer every night after you get them off -.-

just got mine and my teeth underneath are already straight. when they were reaaaaaaaaally bad. sooo idk u prob only a year and a half at the most

Joy T
my friend has had them for a year but she still has them on...

Kelly S
am getting mine the 25 for 2 years, my sister has hers for 2 1/2 years so does my cousin most people have it for 2 years.

I had mine for about 3 years. You won't have to have yours on for very long. Although, I would advise asking your orthodontist what they plan to do. They will be the only one who can really tell you how long it will be. Good Luck. ^_^

i had mine for 2. they will tell you how long it will take when you go in to get them

I just got them last weekend I am going to have them for about 2 years good luck

i had to wear mine 2 years because of an overbite that was pretty bad. id say over a year for you but no more than 2

Katie C
probably 1-2 years or less. Gaps usually don't take long to close but I'll go ahead and warn you that it's going to hurt.

sophia g
about 2 years depends on how bad your teeth are

Your orthodontist should have told you how long your gonna have to wear them. If he/she hasn't you might want to ask them.
I have been wearing my braces for 2 years now and I get them off this year.

2 and ahalf yearss

just me.
2 years.

Enrique C. *9
about 2 and a half years

Smarty Pantz
Well my sister had hers from, 5th grade to her sophmore year in high school,
i had mine from 5th grade to 7th grade

I'm getting mine for a year and half to two years!

it depends on the person evryone is diffrent but the most common length to having them is two years but yeah some ppl have them for 6-9 months and some ppl have them 2-6 years

most have them for 2-3 years

there is a wide variation for everyone.
there is no average or normal time.

It usually depends on what your ortho says, some cases are worse then others but i had to wear mine for about 2 yrs.

from 5- 8 th grade :)))
i have a retainer now :)
it felt sooo weird when i first got my braces off lol :)

just a liberal
Three months so far.. I have braces on right now.

3 years
my teeth were crooked, but no gap.
gaps are actually easier than fixing crooked teeth, so it wouldn't take even 3 years

you'd eventually like wearing braces, it makes you look good :D
i was really sad when i had to take it off

but anyway, you wont be wearing them for long :)

I wore braces for 3 years, my twin boys wore their braces for 2 years

i had mine for about 31/2 years

***NEVER get white or clear bands cause white looks like food is stuck in ur braces and clear like it u eat ketchup or a lollipop or somethin, they stain

it doesnt hurt dont worry-it is just a long process and it tastes kinda bad

they give u a band on ur molars fiist, to see ur size and stuff

first they put this positioner thing is ur mouth, it makes your mouth stretch so they can see ur teeth, it will bother u for a minute or 2 but u will get used to it, u keep that thing during the WHOLE process

then there are these things that look like shots and stuff, i got really freaked out when i first saw them but actually, they dont go in ur mouth! this is the cement that they put on ur braces then they stick the braces on ur teeth

they do this the first time and every time u get them tightened:

they will put the rubber bands on ur braces with things that look like sisscors (they dont hurt) after that they put the wire-this is the most anoying part cause after they slip it in ur mouth, they have to cut it to make it fit right

then that is it!(the process is about 35 minutes)
ask ur doctor for dental wax, dental cotton balls, and rubber cover up

then for the first day or 2 ur teeth may be a little sensitive so stick with eating soup, pasta, pudding, jello, beans, yogurt, custard, fries, milkshakes, ice cream, and soft foods-avoid straws

Max M
a year

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