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How do I stop biting the inside of my mouth?
I bite the inside of my mouth fairly frequently in the same place. Its right behind and underneath my lower lip on the right side. It really hurts and once I bite it, I usually bite it again a couple times because it gets swollen so it sticks out more. Why do I always bite it in the same place. And what can I do to stop?
Additional Details
I'm not intentionally biting the inside of my mouth!!!
This is on accident when I'm eating or talking.

Help P
own will power...ask yourself, is it healthy??

Pocket Protectorate
I recommend the judicial and auspicious use of your own will power...

ive had the same problem so i tryed chewing gum and it worked,you should try and find a vice besides chewing on your mouth

do you have all your teeth? because i bit both sides of my mouth,i dont have back teeth..

asghar s
well i dont know the answer to this question but some famous person that knows these kinds of things told me that when u bite the inside of your lip or you sneeze more than 3 times in a row then it means that someone is talking bad about u.

You might have an overbite or an under bite ask your dentist about it, They might have to do something to pull your jaw forward or backward.

The Flurry of Dancing Flames
I had the same problem. Take Brussels Sprouts and leave them in vinegar for a day. Rub them against your inner cheeks and eat them. It leaves a foul taste in your moth when you do it for a few days. When you try to bite you will get that taste and you stop. If you are allergic to vinegar, marinated garlic then chopped up should do the trick.

I don't know what to tell you. I bite the inside of my mouth too, especially in my sleep.

mister solution
do you have over bite or irregular teeth formation if you do, then you have to ask your dentist for a solution. how long has these been happening? Because i had this before and it went away after awhile. when your eating, don't chew on the same place, move it around your mouth, this makes it easier and faster for you to swallow the food and not spend time chewing. if you still have some problems, you might want to ask your dentist or if my answer is not accurate for you.

hope i helped

Miss Kitty
Tell your dentist about your problem.
You may have an overbite or a crossbite, or an underbite.
I had a crossbite, so I had problems as well.
There is probably just an issue with the way your teeth are aligned.
Get it checked, and your dentist can help you.
It may require braces, but it will work.

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