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 what color of braces should i get.?
i want to know what color of braces would you pick for braces. for me 15 years old....

 Did You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??
I'm teething lol and I've heard that many people have their wisdom teeth removed, but I don't see why its neccessary....also when your wisdom teeth come through does it put some of ...

 Are you supposed to brush your teeth before or after eating breakfast?
I brush them after I eat breakfast simply because it keeps your breath fresher. Is that what you're supposed to do?...

 When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?
I am a current patient in one dental office where I had two dentists assigned to me in a three year span. The first one (a woman) did my teeth for two years and told me that she was "leaving ...

well getting braces in 3 days..=(..and really dont know what color to get...well im 13 dirty blonde hair ...blue green eyes..well if u got some asnwers plz let me know..thanks....

 Bulimia.... why does my breath stink....?
If I brush my teeth after i purge and i always have breath mints.
But like, it smells really acidy and weird.. =S
whys this?

Btw. Im getting help for my bulimia. I was just ...

 does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?

 Honestly, do you floss daily?
I try to floss when I have the time but sometimes get lazy and think brushing and mouthwash are enough....

 Â· Which is better- brushing your teeth before or after your eat breakfast?

 Will a dentist be able to tell if your bulimic?
Like without asking them, would they say anything? And would they just be able to tell that you throw up a lot, not like on purpose?
Additional Details
What if you brush your teeth after ...

 is it true that people can die from not brushing their teeth everyday?
yes i brush my teeth everyday but my friend said she had an uncle who died from it so i wanna know f its true!...

 Which toothpaste do you use? Be specific.?

 Which is most unattractive - crooked teeth or yellow & stained teeth?
Heya, just wondering which do you dislike more - teeth that are crooked/crowded or teeth which are yellowy or stained. And I don't just mean in a potential partner, just people in general. P...

 i know its not wise to do but whats the best way..?
.. to remove a tooth without going to the dentist?...

 i bit my lip and it hurts SOOOO much?
its unbarable, the pain, its hard to kiss my wife, or eat food, i just wanna sit all day with my lip hanging down, i tried putting oragel on it but it only lasts about a minute. what can i do to ...

 How often are you supposed to get a new toothbrush?
I saw an article on Yahoo! a few months back that said you should replace your toothbrush way more often than we think, like every month or two months or something. Does anyone remember the exact ...

 What's the best cure for mouth ulcers?
I keep getting them all the time and use Bonjella but it doesn't seem to do anything! :(...

 Should I get braces again? (look at my pic)?

I had braces back when I was probably in 6th grade, I am now going to be a senior in highschool...

As you can see my ...

 How can I have nice breath after eating?
I'm going to my boyfriends house tommorow for dinner, and we're having home made pizza lol yummy : )

But after we eat we'll probably be kissing and stuff I want to have nice ...

 How much did your braces cost?
My braces are costing $7,200!
I think there too expensive!

How can you get rid of a loose tooth easily?
it is just because the other tooth is growing in and i don't wanna go through the pain of getting it pulled or anything?

yea, keep wiggling it rapidly and it'll come out easily in no time

try wiggling it for about 5 to 10 minutes to get it really lose where it wont hurt when you try to pull it out a little

or try eating thats how one of my teeth came out

Ian Youngworth
If it isn't very loose, wait a few days, only wiggling a bit. After it gets a bit more loose, grip it tightly, and pull. if it fails, milk always eases the pain.

Pull it!:)

Marr <3
just swirl it around, it won't hurt. pull it out! haha

Mr. Cool
Chew gum, it will come out!

eat chewy candy

Eat an apple. :] Or play with it with your tongue... alot. Getting it pulled doesn't hurt, really. They usually numb you & that lasts for a while.

eat an apple or chew a piece of ice or the old fashion way and tie a piece of string around it and tie the other end to a door and the slam the door

Eat a chip or a pretzel, works like a charm.

keep wiggling it back and forth till it comes out.

yea i am gunna go with bordness and say pull it!!!

wiggle it a lot with your tongue

:) !
Its normal unless its not a baby tooth!
I always just wiggled mine with my tongue for about a day and it came out painlessly.

Wiggle it around.

are you a kid or somethin? Well anyways, I don't remember much from when my teeth were falling out as a kid... but I usually just let them come out, they came out easiest when I just let them come out. Sometimes theyd just fall out without any effort at all. Simple as that.

I usually wiggle it constantly, then when its loose enough I twist it so that it comes out.

Just give it some time to come out on it's own when you least expect it. It may come out when you bit into a slice of toast.

2amy eals
try an apple

Eat hard foods like an Apple or so

wiggle it around a lot, that workss sometimes wiggle and pull..
how loose is it?
cause it really depends on how loose it is.

Bill H

If a new one is coming up in its place, please be patient. Give mother nature some time.

if the tooth is already loose you should not need to have it pulled, it will fall out naturally as your permanent tooth pushes on it.

Jiggle the tooth until it comes out!

omg same thing happened to me yesterday!!!!! ok numb it with ice for about 4 min. Then try to twist it very smoothly around(it will not hurt i promise) Then softly pull when it is about 360% twisted :) there you go TOOTH FAIRY :)

you need to go to a dentist other wise the teeth can grow in wrong and it can unstraignten your teeth

put a wet cloth in the freezer for awhile... then when it is really cold put it over the gum where the loose tooth is - let it sit awhile until you gums get cold - and pinch... squeezing the tooth out of the socket (kind of like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube)

The coldness helps numb the gums (this only works well if the tooth is loose because it is a baby tooth that is coming out) if it is loose because of anyother reason then go see the dentist or you might damage your mouth.

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