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 POLL: what colour is your toothbrush ?
My toothbrush is red & pink :) what colour is yours?


 Does having teeth extractions hurt?
Im having premolar and canine taken out. I have heard that it hurst loads from some and some say it doesnt, if any one else has had the same teeth taken out can you say if it hurts or not? thanks!...

 Does it hurt when you get your braces off?
I'm getting mine off in July and kind of nervous....

 Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt? Or a route canal?
After you were numbed....

 I recently changed dentists & the new dentist took x-rays when my old ones were just done 2 yrs. ago. Typical?
Or are they just trying to get more $$ from me/insurance? My old dentist took x-rays every 3-5 yrs. but it seems they are all trying to sell you on cosmetic dentistry, pulling out old fillings to do ...

 How to get white teeth?
my sister is having yellow teeth. i need only home remedies....

 How often do you brush your teeth - be honest?
Me is 2x a day..
Forced Habbit as a kid.
How bout you?...

 Who can do fillings besides dentists?
I am very interested in dentistry... but I'm not sure if I want to do the whole dental school 'thing'. I don't want to be a hygienist or assistant, but would still like to be ...

 when my husband eats pineapple he gets little sores in his mouth,what is this?
When he eats pineapple he gets thease little sores inside his mouth, its painfull for him. have you ever heard of this, is he alergic? What can we use to treat this?...

 How much are braces ?
I'm about to get braces , and I told my mom I wanted them , and she said they were $6,000 . ARE THEY SERIOUSLY THAT EXPENSIVE ?...

 What's the best way to remove tea stains from teeth?
And please don't say stop drinking tea. That is unfortunately not an option anymore.....
Additional Details
haha...i do brush of course! but my crest total isn't cutting it ...

 will it hurt?
I might get braces in a month or so, im wondering how they do it and if it will hurt and stuff. and do you have to get a needle in your mouth?...

 What age do kids usually get braces?

 i am getting braces in 2 days........do they hurt?

 How bad does getting braces hurt?
How bad does getting your braces hurt.(like an exampl)
How bad does getting your braves of hurt?

Additional Details
its just a typo i meant braces ugh..-.-...

 Do getting braces hurt?
I`m gonna get braces next Wednesday (2/17/10). Does anyone knows if it will hurt, how long is the pain is gonna last, and how long does it take to get braces on? I`m kinda scared now....

 Braces or Spacers?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??…
I got spacers a few days ago. I didn't think that they hurt at all. Does that mean that my braces won't hurt. Which hurts more braces, or spacers?...

 All my top teeth are hurting what this mean?

 Do you think it is a good idea if I stop brushing my teeth, it takes up too much time?

 I WANT WHITE TEETH how do i get them without spending alot?
i don't have white teeth, i want them i don't have the sort of money to have it done at the dentist either, or the money to buy the self ones at the dentist either, is there any really good ...

How can I pull out a tooth myself?
Is there any why I can do this myself without going to a dentist?
It's a baby tooth so I don't think there is the problem of roots or anything..
Any suggestions as to how I can do this..
Or maybe make it easier, speed up the process, less painful, anything..
Additional Details
Thanks for the help thus far,
I suppose I should mention that I'm 15 and have braces and I'm trying to avoid getting the tooth pulled by the dentist..
I've thought about sticky lollies and toffee and stuff.. does it really work?
It's a molar ps.

punch it out

See your dentist and stop being silly.

get a really high powered machine gun and shoot at it until its completely gone...... or your dead.

Baby teeth do have roots, they start to reabsorb as the adult tooth moves towards eruption, so if you don't have an adult tooth to replace this tooth, the tooth you are trying to pull out will still have roots.

The most painless way to get it out is to have a dentist do it. Even if you do manage to get it out, you risk fracturing the tooth (most likely the roots will remain in the mouth). If this happens, you will have to have a dentist remove the broken root, which is a lot more uncomfortable than if they remove the whole thing in the first place. Also, sometimes the teeth fuse to bone (known as ankylosis), which is why a responsible dentist will always take a radiograph before attempting an extraction. If the tooth is ankylosed, it has to be surgically removed.
By doing it yourself you also risk infection and there will be quite a bit of blood.

Only baby teeth which are already loose can be encouraged to fall out (ie. wiggling it). There really is no safe way to extract your own tooth.

Claudia C
If it doesn't hurt, then you can just sit and move the tooth back and forward until it falls out.

If it hurts, you can either:
1. Use a classic one: Take a long thread, tie it against your tooth, and then the other end to the door, and wait for someone to open it.
2. Ask one of your parents to just rip it out.

Good Luck!

ok i think it might help :
- apple
- toffee
-sandwhich (i know wtf)
-fist (accidental)
are things that have taken my teeth

Liberated from the Midlands
Ha! I haven' though of this for years. When I was young, my dad would tie a cotton around it,and tie it to the handle of the door. Then slam the door. Worked like a charm.But why not wait until it is ready?

Maj Hewitt's Equestrian Acad

eat something really chewwy like a drumstick

I won't suggest pulling it out, as much as you dislike the dentist, go and let your guardian ask an x-ray for your jaw. There is a possibility that the baby tooth will remain if no adult tooth is beneath it.
I saw 20 years-old with baby teeth in their mouth in the practice.

**Remember the dentist can't proceed with his treatment without your guardian's approval and consent.

zach c
what i did to make it less painful was putting my face in a sink full of water, and brushed the tooth with a tooth brush hard enough to make it come out. this happened while my face was in the water.

lol is this your first tooth to come out!? It actually doesn't hurt as bad as you think it will as long as it is really loose and basically ready to fall out on its own. hmm no idea on how to make it "easier". I once bit hard chocolate when my baby tooth came out and it didn't hurt at all since it was so fast. Ice it down first maybe that will lessen the pain!

If it's a molar and not loose then let the dentist do it for you!!! There is no way you can painlessly pull out a molar yourself.

My cat drinks bong water
I'm impressed at how well you can use a computer and spell let alone put grammar together properly if you still have baby teeth, but just keep wiggling it.... when it is ready it will come out........play with it all the time though......

Bite into an apple and it may fall out.

tie one end of a string to the tooth, and tie the other end to a door
open the door.

Just mess with it with your tongue, and it will fall out in a day or two.

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