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sami-joe ♥
How can I have nice breath after eating?
I'm going to my boyfriends house tommorow for dinner, and we're having home made pizza lol yummy : )

But after we eat we'll probably be kissing and stuff I want to have nice breath.. how can I freshen my mouth without brushing my teeth? Or eating a mint? Because mints don't seem to work for me. I have pretty bad breath unless I just cleaned them and stuff.

Additional Details
Wow thanks alot for all the responces. I guess the only option is to try get a small bottle of mouth freshener and some breath mints seeing as I can't really take my toothbrush lol. I'll pick best answer later

the strongest mint that i know of is "Fisherman's Friend". Trust me, even just one of those will work a charm for you.

ivaaaa bay
toothpaste :)
handy toothepaste .
i d k lol .

Both eat Garlic then it won't matter how rank your breath is

just get some winterfresh stride it works fine for me sweetheart.

Chew ice breakers ice cube gum.

Bill C
Dentine Gum.

Small, easily gotten rid of, works on breath.

Problem solved, hope it helps.

Charles & Elizabeth C
Go to the drug store and pick up one of those travel size mouthwash, the stronger the better. You can easily tuck it in your purse. The really strong ones will definitely freshen your breath.



perhaps some binaca

Drink lots of water.
If you are really self conscience about it, bring a toothbrush with you and excuse yourself after dinner to go to the bathroom.
Brush your teeth. No one will know.

if hes eatign the pizza too, it shouldnt matter...youll both have smelly breath...lol...if you really want to have fresh breath, i would just pop some gum in after dinner...but if you do, hell still have the stinky breath...

Mii$z fR3$H
chew some gum
and get that mouth spray thingy lol


Mints, like Altoids.

there is a listerine spray that you can buy at walgreens or CVS pharmacy. Its pocket sized and it works its lke using mouth rinse. Only you dont gargle you just spray it in your mouth. I use it at school after lunch it really works! hope this helps =] best answer please

when you go to the bathroom rinse your mouth.

At 7 11, they have what are called "3 hour breath mints." They actually work really well! They're not hard to find. Good luck!

have a refreshment drink at hand, and when you feel your breath getting hot take a sip of the drink. your mouth should be refreshed with the new oder of the drink. (preferably not alcohol).

Craig B
The single most important tool you can use to freshen your breath is a tongue scraper. They sell them in drugstores or you can get them on the Internet. My favorite is BreathRX. You'll be amazed at what a difference it can make.


Celery, mint and/or parsley. Good Luck!

Soccer L
without brushing or eating a mint? I think you have no choice lol sry, but seriously your only choices are, after eating pizza, are brushing and motuhwash, or just eating a mint,

i'd just do a mint lol

Bring Trident.... I love it and it cleans your teeth and is sugarfree too!!!

Bring Floss,and ur tooth and tooth paste! go into bathroom without anyone noticing and dont make alot of noise when ur brushing but than again when ur bf hears that he will most likly to run into another bathroom and do the same lol

DO not use:
Mints because they wear away faster

-+sunshine+ -
brush your teeth?

just eat mints lol

Listerine pocket packs...

Jonelle D
well if you eat something really nasty you should have a tooth brush handy and if it is not bad just take a mint or a mint gum or a breath spray

remember that bad breath can be caused by a lot of things like lack of oral hygiene, dirty mouth, eating a garlicky meal, dry mouth, medications, smoking, gum disease and stomach related problems. to determine the cause, you need to speak to the dentist to get appropriate treatments.

the key to have fresh breath is to keep up and maintain good oral health through having a good program of good oral hygiene. for more tips on how to beat bad breath visit http://www.oramd.com

Trident or Orbit gum usually works for me.

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