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 braces? just got them today?
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i took to asprins before i went and six hours after. ...

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angieeee kay;]
How badly does braces hurt?
I've heard braces are painful after you get them on?
Does pain killers help?

ok Im not going to lie, they hurt somewhat bad for about a day or two and then your teeth will start to feel better and by about the fourth day, your teeth feel perfectly normal, the painkillers help only if the braces leave you with a nonstop ache, other then that they can lessen the soreness when you bite something but not much

They hurt for the first week or 2.
I've heard from some that pain killers help but not for too long.

I am in my last month of using Invisalign out of 30 weeks. I absolutely loved them. They are no where as painful as braces and are just super easy. If you a candidate for them, go for it!

im sure its not that bad, my 8 yr old has them and doesnt complain about them.

Jami J
there not that bad they do hurt though

Nope! (According to my friend) I dunno when I'm getting my braces (Cause I was supposed to get them today but my damn Ortho changed his mind and i got the Appliance, I was supposed to get last week)

Well anyway, where chap stick before you get them on. And eat soup for the first couple of days after. And yeah I think Pain Killers do help.

there not all that bad... at frist it might be a tad bit hurtfull but not really.. and yes pain killers help alot

Braces are painful everytime the orthodotist adjusts them. For me he would adjust them every 6 weeks, so every 6 weeks my teeth would hurt. But they don't hurt between dentist visits. The pain is not that bad, I don't think pain killers are neccessary.

It hurts a bit when you first get them on and when they are tightened. For the first day or so you can't eat anything you need to chew.
Painkillers do help and it really isn't so bad. I had braces for 4 years and only once it hurt so much that I couldn't go to school the next day. And that was only because of the rubber bands they wanted me to wear. Its not worse than a head ache.

Boosie Boo
hey my name is Caitlin and I myself have braces.All the rumors you are hearing are wrong.Braces don't hurt at all.Actually the process is really relaxing.You can still take a pain killer it wouldn't hurt.

♪ ♫ ℓσνє нιм ♪ ♫
REALLY bad the first week (i bearly eat)

after that they were fine. they hurt when tightened! + yea painkillers kill about 1/2 of the pain..

bye x

i have them right now and tonight i am getting my bottom but i don't really care because i don't think it hurts but you should take tylenol before you go so after there wont be any pain because it feels like your teeth are going to fall out but to me i dont think it hurts at all!

Elijah M
people say that they hurt when you get then put in

a few aspirins & u be ok. tightening only hurts for about a day then goes away till th next one.

Laura G
Braces are really no big deal. They dont really hurt at all... when you first get them on though sometimes they cut your lips and the inside of your mouth and your lips tend to get chapped... at least till you get used to them. and the only other thing that can be painful is if like on of your teeth are really messed up or turned it hurts at first for a little...

and yes pain killers do help... =)

its not so bad, painkillers help

Wheep Wheep Piggy Feet
There's some mild discomfort. No excruciating pain... the worst part is not being able to eat certain foods.

They can feel tight, but that's it, nothing super painful.

not usually at first it might hurt to chew some foods. i get sores in my mouth from them that's basically it

They don't hurt that bad. Really. You'll have some discomfort at first when they glue that brackets on your teeth, but your cheeks will get used to them within a week. Then once they put your wires on and actually start moving your teeth, you'll be sore again but it, too, will get better in about a week. And they only tighten your braces once every 6 weeks or so. You'll be fine! I'm 23 and I got mine back in November. Only about 6 more months to go! =) Good luck!

♥-Kɑtε-♥ ♥-Michεllε-♥
They can sometimes irritate ur gums. But a paracetamol will make it better.

Dont worry. the scaremongering stories are all fake.

it hurts like He** when you get them tightened.
but in the end your Smile will thank you

Its not painfull to get braces, it depends on what ones, train tracks are quite sore for a while,and you cant eat specific things, and the ones you can take out, are equally kinda sore, but you can take them out and eat whatever..
Its always hard to get used to talking in braces, you get a lisp kinda thing, but the end result is AWESOME =)

well...yeah i guess...mostly your teeth will just be sore for maybe a week and then it gets better from there. well atleast not until your nxt appointment. yeah pain killers do work!

i had braces for five years they hurt but its bearable just take advil or something to ease the pain and eat foods that arent hard to chew.. yogurt, applesauce.. freezepops will feel good on your teeth as well

you wont feel the pain for an hour or so after getting them... but then it will hurt A LOT. it will probobly hurt for a few days. i never used pain killers, but they would probly make it easier.

then each time you get them tightened they should hurt for a day or so.
but its worth it in the end.

Yes they are painful the first 2-3 days of having them adjusted/tightened. but after that you get used to them and will be able to eat normal things again. Painkillers like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and other name brands do help, if you have extreme pain your orthodontist will prescribe medication.

Sara S
Braces only hurt in th beginning, but dont worry the pain only lasts a couple of days and then its fine x

:) Just A Girl :(
They are not that bad. Don't worry.

it varies from person to person. my little sister said that when she got them on the pain wasn't that bad..it gets really bad when you go in and get them tightened. she couldn't eat solid foods for a few days. Pain killers will definitely help

Hey Angie,

From my experience braces like sort've like an annoying thing to deal with. It doesn't really hurt when you first get them on. What I found the three hardest things to deal with were: the expander, the tightening, and the rubberbands. These KILL since it's constantly getting changed and re-done. The expander was to expand my top part of the mouth for some reason (can't remember now) but after it's on for 2-3 weeks it gets way easier and doesn't hurt cause it does not get changed. But the rubberbands and tightening of the braces kill...I was always sore after an appointment and couldn't eat solid food for a few days. Like I said, it's just annoying to deal with. It's hard to brush the first few days too, but easier once you get the hang of it. And it's annoying when one of the brackets break because you have to go get it changed and it may delay the time of when you can take the braces off (this happened to me several times). You can't eat gum, but I skipped that rule. I find that if its not too sticky like gumballs because after a while they lose the taste and becomes like a rubberball in your mouth. Try to avoid hubba bubba, or hard-like candies such as jolly rancher. They'll break the brackets of the braces and need to be replaced. After the braces are removed you feel weird cause it's been there for so long! But in a way your happy cause you got some new nice kick a*s teeth. Also, depending on the seriousness of your teeth you may take it off sooner which spares the pain. You also may wear retainers before to get you ready for the braces. Or, you may wear it after (usually most kids with braces wear it after and some both before and after). The point of the retainers is to keep your teeth in place, and you'll wear that for at least 2 years. But no worries, you don't need any appointments or anything you just wear them for awhile and there removable, and sometimes inconvenient but way better than braces. All in all, I think it was definitely worth it. Oh and if your young it's better to get it now than if you were say, going to college or something. Hope I helped! :)

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