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 How can I have nice breath after eating?
I'm going to my boyfriends house tommorow for dinner, and we're having home made pizza lol yummy : )

But after we eat we'll probably be kissing and stuff I want to have nice ...

 How much did your braces cost?
My braces are costing $7,200!
I think there too expensive!

 What happens if a vampire bites somebody with AIDS or Hepatitis?

 AHHHHHHHHHH getting braces tomorrow:S:S:S:S?
OMFG im so scared to get braces 2morrow:'( im scared im gunna look be ugly and ppl are gunna make fun of me:'(

also are coloured braces just gay, cuz honestly i don wanna come ...

 what color??
im getting my braces off next month and cant decide what color to get my retainer as!! any suggestions???...

 how do i remove my braces myself(teeth)?

 tomrow im getting 12 cavities filled?
im very scared, it may not be all 12 tomrow it may be half tomrow half another day, can i please have some advice about what i should do! im very scared! :(
Additional Details
i brush my ...

 I'm scared my dentist will find out I'm bulimic?
I'm fourteen years old, and I am bulimic. I have a dentists appointment tomorrow, and I'm scared he or she will see that I have a disorder. Can they see this? Also, if they can tell, will ...

 A Question About Braces?
Im getting braces in 15 days, and i was wondering how long it will take to get them. I'm only getting my top teeth, though. Also, can someone explain what the metal thing that goes around the ...

 if some braces fell off from my teeth, will it mess up the process?
i havne't called my orthodontist to tell him this, cause im afraid he will get mad, but i have had my braces like this like for a month!:S:S:S:S wil it mess up the process!?...

 When I brush my teeth in the morning, I throw up....?
I have noticed that I have a sensitive gag reflex (at least that's what I think it is). Many mornings when I brush my teeth I gag and eventually throw up. Is this normal? What can I do for ...

 how much do the tooth ffairy leave these days?
my neice is staying the night with me and her tooth has just fallen out how much under the ...

 What color Braces should I get on Wednesday?
I already have braces. I shouldn't have them on fofr much longer. I might be gettign them off on Wed. or the next time after that. Right now I have Lime Green and Purple. I've had: Hot P...

 Could you tell me if i need braces?
I have an overbite and over lapping tooth do you think i could do with braces
please give me your opinion
thanks ! ...

 who puts on braces????
a dentist or an orthodontist or who i have know idea
Additional Details
i don't know whats up with all the thumbs ...

 Do I look bad with braces?? (Picture Inside)?
I got braces about three weeks ago and I HATE THEM!! SO I was just wondering what you guys thought about me with braces do I look okay with them?? and BTW I have not had time to take a picture so I ...

 My 9 year old sister won't brush her teeth no matter what my mom and I do! (More details inside)?
About one month ago I asked this question and tried the answerer's responses and it STILL didn't work. So I am asking this again...

OK so my 9 year old sister doesn't brush ...

 Is there gum you can chew with braces on?
I'm getting braces on in the spring of 2010 and i am addicted to gum! Now i was wondering if there was gum you can chew while you have braces on? If there is will you put up the brand name and ...

 I had a filling in my tooth yesturday and i still can't eat on the side of my mouth i had the filling.?
Is this normal? My tooth did not hurt before i had the filling....

 Hate how dentist makes small talk while I'm on the chair.?
Okay, I am going to the dentist in about an hour and I had to have this particular one because the man I prefer is booked out. This dentist however makes a lot of small talk, asking me about college ...

Honestly, do you floss daily?
I try to floss when I have the time but sometimes get lazy and think brushing and mouthwash are enough.

i really dont floss at all ... but i brush 5times a day... i only have one cavity

Not all the time, mostly when some meat gets stuck between my teeth.

Travel Mouse

no, but it's important to clean your tongue

no, I don't.. but I do floss about 4 times a week

Mr. Niceguy
Naa, I think they just want to sell you more crap for your dam teeth. Sometimes, I dont even think tooth paste does anything besides freshen breath. you could chew gum for that. Thats just my opinion.

probably 350 days out of the year. (brush and floss in the shower!)

no i dont psh.... brushing my teeth is already hard

Only at night before bed... but not every time I brush

No, but I do get it done atleast 3x/week

Er...I used to floss about twice a week and then when my mom said I had a dentist app. soon, I started to brush my teeth three times a day and floss once (or twice) a day, lol.

No, I don't but I do use Listerine daily and it has made a difference in my cleanings for the better. Listerine won't break up the plaque in between teeth like flossing does.

i faithfully floss every day, almost after ever meal.

I didn't, until I got cavities between all of my teeth! This can start happening to you later in life too, like mid to late-20's. I thought I was doing a good job just brushing until then. Mouthwash helps some though, be sure to swish it between your teeth if you can.

Now I floss all the time and no new cavities yet!

Yes, I dislike grossness and leaving stuff in between your teeth is gross.

B pyro

Yes, everyday. After lunch and before I go to sleep. It is a very good habbit to have and your gums will be pretty healthy.

Mr Mugwump
5+ times a week. They make those toothbrush handle type flossers that have replaceable heads......What a great invention... I enjoy flossing now

no, i haven't gotten into the habbit of doing it. i should though.

Picture Taker
Yup. But then again, I am reminded almost daily of what will happen if I don't!

And honestly... It's kind of like washing your hair. You know you SHOULD wash it every day and it looks and feels better if you DO wash it every day, but if you miss every now and then, you'll survive. Flossing works the same way, so don't lose too much sleep over it.

circa 1980
Actually, I do. Sometimes I only floss my front teeth....but I've gotten in such a habit, it only takes a minute. I do all of my teeth at leat once a week. I try to take care of my teeth b/c I had a abscessed tooth I had to get pulled in my back molars, and I never want to have that tooth pain ever again!!!

No but I fart daily.

i dont think i have flossed more than three times in my life

Heh.. I'm a dentist and I probably floss five times a week... SHOULD be everyday. I honestly know people who NEVER floss and have never had an interproximal (between the teeth) cavity. But this is like, "Oh, I had a great uncle who smoked 3 packs a day and died at 93 when he fell down the stairs." Every day is ideal....

In THEORY i've read that it takes up to 48 hrs for the decay causing bacteria to: 1 - ingest carbohydrate 2 - secrete acid and 3 - have the acid do damage to the enamel....

YES! Every day, sometimes more than once.
I have had gum disease and surgery on my gums. Brushing is not enough. Floss like your teeth depend on it, cause they do!

i only floss when theres something stuck in my teeth or i have a denist appointment

DGAF '<3

unfortunately no.....

addicted to piercings
actually yes! before going to work and before going to sleep.

yes i do, 3 times a day after every meal! It becomes a habbit now instead of smoking break i take brushing and flossing break at work :-)

No. It hurts and makes my gums bleed.

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