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*Dreamer* ~courage & strength!
hi! ok well im really anxious right now! Why? because im going to get my wisdom teeth pulled out my dentist and ortho have already told me that im going to need them taken out AND their coming in crooked so i have to go to an oral surgeon. Im only sixteen *tears* im scared and freaked. This tuesday im going to go in for a consultation i guess they are just going to check out my teeth then i am going to come back and get them taken out. My question is does having your wisdom teeth affect the way you talk? Because im in a school play and its going to happen on Nov. 24th (the play) and i want to be able to talk normally! should i wait till after the play to have it taken out? or should i just do it asap!? Help advice me please I've never gone through this before! Also my wisdom teeth are going out crookedly but they havent come out yet are they going to put me to sleep, surgery? Help!!????

The surgery itself is actually very easy. I wasn't put out completely, just local anesthetic and laughing gas. The laughing gas was sooooo awesome, they could have removed my eyeballs and I wouldn't have cared.

Recovering is a little more difficult. You'll be uncomfortable, swollen and possibly bruised for about 1 week. If I were you, and if the surgeon approves, I would put off the surgery until after the play.

It only affects your speech for like... 1 day. After the blood clots you'll be fine to talk because you won't have to put gauze in your mouth anymore. And it doesn't even really hurt because they put so much painkillers in you, and give you Vicodin when you go home.

Shayla! ♥
Calm down! you are going to be okay! *breathe in, breathe out*

okay, my 16 year old cousin recently got her wisdom teeth out.
the dentist people put her to sleep and they did the surgery. so she didnt feel a thing! dont worry. and then for the next week or so, she was very swollen in her face and she had to get a warm pad thing to put on her cheeks to help the swelling and pain.

good luck =]

oh and so to answer ur question, do it after the play (my opinion)

Jessica O
I had my wisdom teeth out when i was 14, it hurt a lot and i did not go to school for two weeks until the was pain gone, and just be glad that you are getting them out early

Rick W
As you know the condition is known as impacted. Your mouth will be a bit puffy after they are removed for a day or two, but you should be just fine for your plan (congrats on doing the play BTB).

I suspect they'll put you out to take the teeth and that's a very nifty way to do it. I don't like doctors and all that stuff, but that's the way they took mine. It's not fun, but not all that painful. You'll get some achy pain for about the same amount of time your mouth will be puffy, but you'll get through.

When you go in for your consult they'll tell you all about that stuff. Ask about how it will affect your playing ability.

Best to you.

oh wow.
Be brave ma'am
I'm not sure how they work. I am 24½ and I don't have any wisdom teeth.

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I was a bit freaked too. Mine were coming in almost parallel to my jawbone and that isn't good. Also, the nerve was wrapped around the jaw bone. Even more freaky was when the oral surgeon said I could have permanent nerve damage and not feel one side of my mouth. Anyway, I went in, was knocked out in about 5 seconds, walked out of the surgeon's office and was good enough to drive by that night. I had to have the other side done the following week, no problems, now 15 years later i still don't have any problems. Just relax, everything will be just fine.

Gina 7
Get them out while your young... I know sometimes they have to cut them out.. but you will be knocked out.. so you shouldnt feel anything. They will probably give you a strong pain pill with ibephohen. Good luck and dont be scared.. People like you have it done everyday. You will be put in a sleep.. but not a deep one.. you wont know whats going on while they do it. It takes about 1 hour.. My sister and niece have had it done. You will be drugged out of your mind.. lol
Dont wait to have it done.. get it over with ... and you will bleed the first day.. Thats normal.. its nothing to the dentist.. He pulls them out everyday... I have heard that some peoples chaw bone can break during the pulling ... but I wouldnt worry to much about that... It sounds like yours will have to be cut out and you will get stitches.
So it could be considered a small surgery.. nothing major.

I will be getting mine pulled soon too :)

Look at it this way, they will numb you, the longer you wait the more difficult they are to pull, the only negative par is that you cant eat any solids for a couple days. I hope you like soup :)

We will be going through this together, I'll be rooting for you when I get mine pulled :)

but yeah, wait after the play, unless you can get it oulled a week before the play.

oh honey!!! don't worry, its going to be fine. im getting my teeth out this thanksgiving and it wont be bad at all!!! it will be so easy! everyone gets surgery to get them out. they make you a little loopy before they put an iv in you to give you sleepy juice and u aren't going to feel a thing cuz ur so loopy and then so out of it. for a couple of days, you'll be swollen and your mouth will hurt but u'll get these really strong pain meds so u would feel a thing. after that, all goes back to normal! u'll be fine and nothing would have changed. don't be scared sweet, your doctor will explain all of it to you, it will be easy!

Julia A
I had the same thing done when I was 17, they don't put you out but if you let them know before hand how freaked out you are they can give you something to help calm you along with the other stuff they will give you. Also it does depend on how well the teeth come out on how much pain there is after. I was in pain for a week or so. So yes I'd wait till after the play.

Having your wisdom teeth removed really isn't that bad. I went through the same thing, having my orthodontist and dentist tell me to get them removed because it was ruining my orthodontic work. I had them removed when i was 17. I haven't noticed a change in the way I talk, nobody mentioned it to me either. I would also say you could get it done either before or after. Every person is different with their reactions. I had three teeth removed, had a small amount of swelling, and two days after I could eat regular foods. They do put you to sleep as well, if you watch any medical show they ask you to count back, I was about by the time I got to 8. haha

Good luck!
You're going to do wonderful!

Dari M
Your answer i would have them taken out as soon as possible i would wait until after the school play because your not going too be feeling too great i,m just being honest.Also yes your wisdom teet can make the rest of your teeth crooked i had mine out at your age and now ive got straight teeth.No your not going too be put too sleep.The entist will numb your gums and you won't feel a thing.Goodluck

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed when I was 18. It's really not that big of a deal. I saw an oral surgeon and was put under for the procedure. I didn't feel a thing. I was out almost immediately after having the IV put in me and slept through all of it. When I did wake up I didn't feel anything until the pain meds started wearing off. Your doctor will give you more meds to take at home for a few days to keep the pain at bay. You will need to change gauze and it's kind of nasty at first, but with each change there is less and less blood. I did get an infection in one of the pockets where a tooth was removed and had to go on an antibiotic. That did hurt, but it's not the end of the world. Just make sure you keep your mouth as clean as possible, get lots of rest and take as much time off school as you need to. In a week you should be back to your old self! Good luck.

jeremy h
I am just as anxious when it comes to the dentist! I got my wisdom teeth taken out last weekend and it was not as bad as I thought! You just need to make sure you give yourself a good 2-4 days before your play! I was able to talk perfectly normal by day 3. The first day you will probably just sleep and the second day you will sleep a lot still because of the pain pills and third day you can eat real food and not have to take any pain pill...well maybe only one but you should be fine. If I were you I would get it done asap but if they can't get you in by like Nov.18th I would say no and just wait. If your not having much pain right now it should be fine to wait it out! Good Luck!

Someone K
do not be scared.....most wisdom teeth come in impacted.. meaning they do not come all way through gums..they will put you to sleep..remove them.. you will have a week of healing to do..sometimes your cheeks swell up a bit but you use ice packs...they give you pain tablets....and after a week you are okay....its nothing to be scared about...except for that week of healing you have no problem with talking after.. its business as usual....just takes a week to heal...and keeping wisdom teeth that are not coming throuhg right can cause you trouble with alot later on..s o get them remove

you will be fine....get them out before they cause problems and tons of pain

Don't Ask Stupid Questions
Do it after the play as it can take a while to heal sometimes. And don't worry about it, it's not that big of a deal.


I had my wisdom teeth out. Mine, like yours, were not yet impacted, and so the surgery was a breeze. I went to a party the next day. You're gonna LOVE the nitrous oxide gas they give you to numb you. It's AWESOME stuff.

it will.Its gonna feel kinda like your jaw is closing almost.I had my two bottom taken out and it felt like the end of my jaw was going closer to the middle.Because it was swollen.But it didnt really hurt so dont be scared,

they usually dont put you under, they just numb you. if you get them out on friday morning, youll be fine by monday. ive had several friends get them out and theyre only bad off for a couple of days.

i never grew any wisdom teeth :D

My boyfriends sister had hers recently taken out, and she couldn't talk properly for about 5 days, because of pain and swelling.

She also got put to sleep for it, because she had crooked ones too.

Mrs. Nick Jonas™
oy! i wish u luck! i advize getting it after the play so your mouth isnt swolen in the play

Kaylin G
wait till your play is over with..dont freak out its really not that bad

Stop screaming and calm down. I had mine out when I was 16 as well, and it is not bad at all. Your mouth hurts for a couple weeks after, but as long as you follow all the surgeons instructions you will have no problems.

I don't remember anything except getting an IV in the room and then blurriness, and then waking up and being helped into a wheel chair and then my mom drove me home.

I was really nervous too, my first time getting knocked out, but it wasn't bad. Don't worry, I know its scary, but you will be fine. Just make sure you go with a trusted adult, because you will be out of it after the surgery.

Other than that, no worries. Just be sure to follow all the surgeons instructions. Don't eat 8 or 10 hours before the operation, take the anti-biotics, eat soft food, use an ice pack, and rinse your mouth with warm salt water. The surgeon will tell you when and how to do all this stuff. In a couple weeks your mouth will feel like it never happened.

As for your play. Depends when your surgery is. You are going to be quite disoriented and on strong medicines for a while. You shouldn't drive or do much of any for about a week and you are off the narcotic pain killers. I was on vicodin, and just totally out of it.

You don't have to worry about a thing.

They give you an anesthetic and something to calm you down so you don't feel a thing (no discomfort whatsoever) and you don't really care what's going on. You just feel relaxed.

Afterwards, your cheeks swell up and you can't feel anything so you need a parent to drive you home. Take napkins because you can't even feel whether you are drooling or not. Your cheeks just feel numb. No problem.

Then you do feel discomfort when you get home and sensation returns, but it's not a big deal. I don't actually remember how long it is that your jaw is swollen. A girl probably would care more about that than I did. It's having your wisdom teeth out. Everybody does it, so it's no big deal.

Once the swelling goes down, they are your back teeth, so it has no impact on speaking whatsoever, or eating or anything. You will have 28 teeth instead of 32. No difference.

But as I say I can't remember how long it takes for the swelling to go down. A few days?

I enjoyed the anesthesia. It was very relaxing. I swear. The only discomfort comes when you get back home.

My wisdom teeth were growing crookedly and it didn't make any difference at all.

I think you're allowed to eat ice cream or something when you get home so buy a nice treat and you'll have something to look forward to.

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