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 my son has refused 2 go the dentist 2day hes 3 and he has really bad toothache?
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 Is anyone out there gettin' as much?
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At school ...

 does getting your cavities fixed hurt?
im going to the dentist later and its my first time and i hav 3 cavities
do u guys think its a lot????
and does it hurt to get it fixed????...

 Does filling cavaties hurt?
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 Dry socket and smoking question!?
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 Hey,I m suffering from a bad habit of pressing teeth while I am asleep.?
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Does toothache ever go on it's own?

Additional Details
I cant afford to go to dentist, and I don't have an NHS dentist, as all are full, my dentist went PRIVATE and I could not afford to stay with them.

it can do..it usually means the tooth has died but it will still need treatment

It may come and go but will eventually get worse and worse. If you don't get a filling now you will need a root canal later as the decay gets worse - more expensive & more painful!! And if the root canal isn't done properly or in time you may need the whole tooth taken out.....bla...bla...bla. I have had similar troubles!!! Therefore my advise is to PLEASE PLEASE go to the dentist as soon as you can and nip this problem in the bud!

mine does, I just ignore it and it goes away, same with all pains really, I ignored my ex for long enough and he went away eventually!

Toothaches can go away on it's own. But if you do have a toothache now I would go to your dentist right away. The toothache means that you probably have a cavity and you need to get it filled right away. If you don't get it filled now it could get worse.

Always - if you willing to wait that long....

No it won't, if anything it could be worse for the healthy teeth - it's called a DOMINO EFFECT. If it's for you or a friend...please go and have it checked out immediately. You can't grow back teeth...protect the ones you have.

yes but if u want to wait til it does but it will always come back!xx

Mine does but I have got a dodgy nerve.

Depends on the reason for the pain? If the pain persists then you will have to dentist the bugger! you dont like dentists right?

not usually. it is best to see a dentist to avoid infection

it goes away and then comes back 10 times worse when all dentists are closed for a couple of days

Sometimes, but it will return, probably worse the next time.....have it seen to.

It depends. If it's caused by an infection which is closed, no, you would get an absessed tooth and it would continue to hurtuntil the dentist drills it to relieve the pressure. If you have a cavity, that pain can go away but it will eventually come back. If you have dental erosion, ie your gums are slightly receding and a bit of your root has recently becom exposed, your tooth will be sensitive for a while but that pain will eventually go away. (The erosion will still be there you will just desensitize.) If the pain is due to a new filling where metal is meeting new metal that pain will take a while but it will eventually also go away. Since the toothache going on it's own doesn't necessarily mean the problem is resolved, I would recommend you see a dentist.

Yes, but it tends to be temporary and then comes back with a vengence. Probably best to go to a dentist to avoid having to get an emergency appointment in the future. If it's mild, it could be a warning of something more serious to come if the problem is not dealt with. Go now - it will save you money and suffering in the long run.

no it is an infection you must seek medical attantion

OOO! I know! I know!
Not usually. Seek dental care.

Knew some one who did ignore finished up having half is jaw
removed through diseased bone.So do not ignore.
PS I didn`t,no teeth

Martin G
Not generally unless the nerve dies and that means your tooth has rotted away which probably means an absess.. which makes toothache seem like a picnic in terms of pain.

It hurts less to have the thing pulled and sound like the gopher from Winnie the Pooh

Rich Z
No it is an infection in a place that has such poor blood circulation that your body finds it hard to fight it. Result is that it gets worse until your whole jaw could puff up like a balloon.

Yes. Sometimes a tooth can ache from sensitive gums and react with pain that makes you wonder if it's a cavity. Or you could have a particle of food stuck down the gum next to it. I would floss good and gargle with warm salt water (very healing) when ever, and as frequent as you get the chance. if it doesn't ease up in a few days, call a dentist.

Sinead C
Only when the decay rots the nerve away or the tooth falls out, looking like a blackened shell... so it's kind of better to see the dentist before that happens. You'll have to suffer a lot of pain over a long period of time rather than a bit of pain over a short period of time if you don't see the dentist!

Picture Taker
Yes, they do, but they ALWAYS come back. Usually worse each time.

It can, but will probably return.

depends on the cause of the toothache. if it is a cavity it will come back with a vengeance.

ste l
thairs a dental hospital in newcastle its a massive
bulding you can walk in off the street and if you are in pain
thay will treat you and its free.
i dont no of any other places like it in the uk
but maybe thair are others, its like a training hospital
so you may get treatment from a student.
i went and had a tooth took out with no problems.
i dont think other answers have read your question
properly about not being able to pay high prices
so like i say dental hospital is free good luck

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