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 i recently just got braces july 16th and they are still hurting is it normal to be hurting this long?
are they supposed to feel loose? i also eat very soft things and they still hurt aahh!! can anyone help thanks =]...

 Getting teeth pulled out?
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 my son has refused 2 go the dentist 2day hes 3 and he has really bad toothache?
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Does it hurt when you get braces?
Does it hurt when you first get your braces?

My mom said I am going to get braces next month so I want other people's opinions on them.

Does it hurt when the dentist puts them on? How does he put them on? Glue?

I'm tired of asking my friends for their opinion 'cause all they can say is "Yes, it hurts like hell." =.=

Matty D
It's not that painful when the orthodontist is putting them on. It's uncomfortable. And it stays that way for the first day or two. But you'll get used to them fairly quickly.

I'm pretty sure the orthodontist uses some kind of cement to keep the brackets on your teeth.

they put it on With glue at first it'll hurt because ur teeth r getting used to eat but after like 4 days or so you'll feel better (: wouldn't u rather have straight teeth than crocked ones.

Adam L
It does hurt. My sister had them and came hoem crying every time they were tightened.

As for how they put them on im not sure. I would imagine some sort of glue.

hey man, unfortunately it does hurt a bit, but its not what you may think. your teeth may hurt the 2nd day that you've had them. It doesn't hurt one bit when you first get them(unless you have a crappy ortho). If you get all dosed u[p on pain killer then you'll be fine. Don't worry to much about it Yul be fine after a couple days.

It does not hurt when you actually get the braces put on your teeth. Yes, the orthodontist uses glue to attach the brackets.

I would recommend that you take some ibuprofen or tylenol soon after you get them on, only because after a few hours, they will probably give you a bit of a headache, and your teeth will be a little sore, but the pain is not excruciating pain. You can expect to also be a little sore each time they change out your wires (about once a month).
For me, the headache and soreness only lasted a couple of days, and tylenol was enough to kick it.

Rikki L
i i wanna know to so ill be waiting fir an anwser to im getting braces after they pull out this one tooth in the back

hi ran!!
the placement of braces doesn't hurt at all. they are just metal or ceramic pieces stuck on to the teeth with the help of a cement(glue).
what hurts is the pressure being applied to the teeth with the help of wires.
the teeth have a base in bone. any attempt to move the teeth will invoke a reaction from bone and tissues surrounding your teeth, isn't it?
Your body will react to it in form of pain. don't get afraid of it. your dentist will give you pain killers. take them regularly and pain wont cm to you.
the braces and wires present in the mouth will get adjusted to, in a few days.
and be happy. getting orthodontic treatment done nowadays is too cool.
all the best

Nicolas C
I got braces about a year ago, and they got removed a few months ago. No, it doesn't hurt, and yes they use glue, but you can't taste it.

- C H A R L O T T E ♠♡♠♡
no i have braces
and there ace (Y)
the dentist dude get the glue and does that
then sticks the squares on then gets the brace and pushes it till
it cicks in
and clips the back of it and make sure there are no sticky out bits

it doesnt hurt
im getting mine off soon

Princess Consuela
They use glue, and that's the worst part. The glue tastes bad, but it doesn't hurt. What hurts is after when they start moving your teeth, but getting them on is fine :)

I've had braces on twice, two years each time

I'm still wearing my braces.
It doesn't hurt at all when he puts them on, just a little glue, sticks some wires in and its done before you know it, however the next couple of days hurt like a mother because your mouth has to adjust to the change.
But be tough cause eventually it will be worth it. And if anyone makes fun of you, once you get your braces off, use crest whitening strips go to the person that made fun of you and smile.

It doesn't really hurt when they put them on. They use some type of glue and attach the metal brackets. Then they attach a metal wire that goes across all the teeth. They start hurting after the orthodontist has put them on. Your mouth will feel really tight and it will feel like your lips are being pushed out. For a few weeks, eating will hurt a little bit and you can feel your braces. Sometimes it feels like there is a bit of tugging. For me, braces only hurt for about the first 2 months whenever the orthodontist tightened the wire, and that was mainly whenever I ate food. Don't bite into stuff. That really hurts. Don't worry too much though, after a few visits to the orthodontist, it won't hurt anymore and you'll get used to them being in your mouth.

It doesn't hurt while getting them on. The worst part is when the actual wires go in...then it gets a little tight. It's just tight, not like sharp pain. Make sure you ask them to clip the ends well......when the poke it's really annoying! They usually do it anyways...but I'm really picky about it, so I have them clip it as far back as possible.

They put it on with this special cement/glue type stuff. It'll be fine! Just keep some Motrin/Tylenol...stuff like that on hand. The tightness can give you a headache.

Good Luck!

originalgrl :D
it doesn't hurt when they actually glue them on, it just hurts when they tighten them

No, it doesn't hurt at all when the orthodontist puts them ON. They will start to hurt about an hour after though.

Yeah, they do use a special glue to put them on. It's just a small little dab though, strong enough for the braces not to fall off while you eat but weak enough for your orthodontist to pry them off (painlessly) later on.

Don't worry though, your mouth won't hurt ALL the time. And even then they won't hurt THAT much. It's bearable. Just keep thinking about how great your smile is going to look once they're off.

=] or shall I say =D

Kate M
no i had them for years!
when they get put pn first they do cos they are pulling your teeth in but after about a week they are fine. stick to non-chewy foods for that time :) sometimes you get blisters too but get the dentist to give wax to put in the braces :) its ok...think of the finished product :)

Kelsey B
They do use a special glue thing yes. It hurts the first couple of days but then you get use to it. then you get them tightened and they hurt again and then you get use to it and so on a so forth. It's a never ending cycle until you get them off.

they put them on with glue, it feels really weird when you rite after you get them put on . Take a pain killer before you go and they wont hurt the first day.....that is what i did. eat soft foods because when you try to bite on something thats when it hurts..other wise it doesnt hurt really..

my friends that didnt take anything before they went said it hurt like 30 mins after they were put on ...... also its kinda painful when you go and get your colors switched ...

sorry to say it, but yes. It really hurts if you don't take advil or a pain killer before hand. With that, it's not too bad but the glue tastes like a bad sour apple candy. :/
The seccond day is the worst! You can hardly eat so get ready for soup and smoothies.... good luck!

Heather R
It doesnt hurt when you get them put on but the thing they put in your mouth to keep it open makes your mouth really sore. Its different for everyone but once there on and about an hour later they start to hurt really bad and for me it hurt for 2 weeks and so i just ate a lot of soup. it hurts more when they take them off because they use this drill thing to get rid of the glue leftover from the braces and they just yank the brakets off and your gums bleed
and once you have your braces on every time you go to get them tightened they hurt for a couple days after

Actually getting them on, like the procedure itself doesn't hurt at all. The bottoms might hurt after you get up from the chair. I just got my bottom ones on three days ago and the pain is FINALLY going away. (tips: cold things and pain-killers such as Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen help lots.)
It will hurt for a little while after... :( But try to keep your mind occupied. Within a week or two you'll be used to it. Make sure you take something before your visits. The hardest part is getting used to the new feeling and getting used to seeing yourself in them.

Your orthodontist will glue the brackets on will cement. Then he will dry it with a blue light. To be honest with you the blue light is very relaxing. :D It's nothing to worry about. I had my eyes closed the whole time so I couldn't really see what they were doing.

Good Luck&Best Wishes! I hope you have a good experience with Braces!! :D
Please contact me if you have ANY questions! I know how weird it can be when you don't know what to expect. :/

Getting the braces on doesn't hurt at all really. They use a cement glue stuff. They just get sore sometimes.
After a while when you get them tightened or get a heavier wire it gets sore for a couple of days.

I'm getting my braces on Monday! I've already had them, yes at first it hurts at first but then they are fine. They say no eating certain foods like popcorn, but I sill ate it anyway. No sugar gum.

No, it doesn't hurt when they actually put them on, they put they brackets on with a substance called cement (no it is not actual cement). It is a grayish color.

But first they do impressions and spacers. Impressions are when they get gooey feeling stuff and make prints of your teeth for the braces. Spacers are thick rubber bands, they put between your teeth to get them a tiny straighter before your braces, these kind of hurt, I got mine last Friday and they were sore, but know there fine.

Good Luck On Getting Braces!

It doesn't hurt as bad when they put them on with glue. Just after it starts to hurt it feels really tight. But it tends to go away after a few days. But when you go to get your wires changed once a month again it feels really tight.

~Southern Delight~
Its more uncomfortable than anything. Sitting there with your mouth wide open for a long time. They have cement that they put on your teeth to hold them in place. Then they put the wire through the tiny holes. They will tighten them frequently. After the fact your mouth and teeth will be quite sore and hard to put any pressure on them. But it is not unbearable.

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