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 what color rubberbnds (for braces) should i get?
i will have them before school starts.
and i was think of light and dark green.
because i am a going to wear a light and dark green shirt.
the first day of school.
with blue jeans....

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 I just got my braces on today and they HURT!!!?
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 in 45 minutes im getting braces?
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and in 45 minutes iom getting braces :(
can anyone give me some tips for what to expect, stuff for the pain, etc?
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- I have brown eyes.
- I'm kinda tan right now i guess.
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Does getting braces hurt?
I am getting braces next week and I an twelve years old. I know lots of people get them and they probably don't hurt or whatever, but I just want to know! I will give you 25 points if you give me a nice good answer!!! :)Thanks
Additional Details
I am getting braces next week and I an twelve years old. I know lots of people get them and they probably don't hurt or whatever, but I just want to know! I will give you 10 points if you give me a nice good answer!!! :)Thanks

Maybe Someday
It hurt a bit at the begning but then you get used to it

hey im 12 too! i just got them im april! see when they put them one they dnt hurt. they feel funny. then it bothers u too eat. then they get sore. then worse after day after day for about 4 days. then u can eat the same and u get used to them. honestly the spacers you get before them hurt worse. so dnt worry...

Dani D
You can't give 25 points... And yes, braces hurt, but they aren't too bad. It hurts more when they tighten them than anything else, but the end result is so worth it! Don't forget to wear your retainer after your braces are taken off!

Simply Shannon!♥ ツ™
Well it doesnt hurt when you get them on.
It just hurts like an hour after you get them on
It will hurt for a couple days to a week.
You could use alieve or a painkiller like that to help.
Btw you have to keep your mouth open for a very long time while they are putting them on and your mouth gets really dryed out.
and it will feel weird to eat certian foods until u get used to it.
i remember when i 1st got mine i couldnt even eat french fries well!!

i reconmend eating mashed potatoes and soup and stuff until your mouth stops hurts.

They are a little bit sore when you bite down at first, but after a while it goes away.

I am 15 years old and got braces when I was 12. When I got my braces on the first time it did not hurt at all, my mouth felt funny and my gums were sore when I bit into something. The 2nd day it hurt like crazy! but don't worry after about a week I was so used to them I didn't even notice I had braces. There is nothing to worry about. I even liked having braces plus in the end you have beautiful straight teeth!

Hope this answered you question and don't worry you will be fine!

Angus Young
its only uncomfortable for a few days after wards but its not unbarable

I hear it is sore at 1s, but after you get use them they're a breeze!

not getting them.

but having them.

♥ƒaℓℓєη Ληgєℓ♥
Not when they get put in .But when you eat certain things.Also when u move Your mouth.it tends to sting.

it doesnt hurt while you get them on but later on in the day or week when your teeth start to shift, they feel tense and everything you eat feels harder than it acually is. but that doesnt last long at all, just take some advil or something and that helps. i got my braces when im 12 and im getting them off by the end of this school year ! :D good luck!

nope it doesnt hurt.... a week after i got my braces on i got all four wisdom teeth removed! :S

Hello, dear
It doesn't hurt as much as people make out
When you first get them in it may be hard to eat but that will get better within a few days
it's fine

They don't hurt getting them put on. Your mouth will feel fine for about an for and a half, and then you teeth will start to ache for the next 3 to 5 days. Then you get used to them.

*Almost Famous*
No, dont be scared, i got braces when i was ten. Just to tell you, it takes really really long to get them on, it took 2 hours for me. But anyways, the only part that kind of hurts is when they stretch your mouth out really wide and you have to have it like that for a long time, but besides that, its a easy process and its worth it in the end because you have strait teeth =D but just to tell you, the night after you get them on your gums will hurt but just take some medicine and it will feel better, oh and also, when your eating it may be a little hard cause if you eat your braces hurt but that only lasts for a week or so.

no i had braces before and i was little i was like i think about 10 and no it didn't hurt

Auntie A
Don't want to lie to you but it hurts some to get them on. Not to worry - it's never as bad as you think it's going to be. Ask your mom to give you some tylenol before you go. Usually they will only do the tops at the first appointment. It's cake to get the bottoms on after the tops - you know just what to expect.

Believe me - it hurts alot more if you don't get them on (having to live with crooked teeth) or if you wait until you are older (when most already are done with the braces). This is the perfect time - everyone either has them or is getting them or is secretly wanting them- you have lots of sympathy at school. Best of all you'll get them off either by your freshman year or so. Just remember to brush real good so your teeth are nice and white when you get the braces off. Good luck!

Kylie E
my sis got em when she was 12 and she couldn't stand them!they hurt her so bad! so yeah they hurt but ulll get used to them

Im not gonna lie to u- they hurt me but I also had headgear at the same time and i have always been sensitive to pain
just take a pain killer BEFORE the pain starts because first it really doesn't hurt
but don't worry, i tend to over do it when it comes to pain, my sister had no problem at all (and don't worry, i remember this girl at school tried to freak me out, and she succeeded, don't let that happen to u)
Good Luck!

hmm, well it's different for everyone so you might not get pain. i was 12 when i got mine on too and i got the top ones on first and it didn't really hurt the first day but the second day i had excruciating pain, where my mouth was piratically throbbing. mine also really hurt when i get them tightened. if they don't tighten them when you first get them on it will be easier for the first time that you do because it takes a matter of getting used to. you might not be able to eat hard foods for a day or two because it will hurt too much since your teeth are shifting, but that's about it. i hope this helps you. :)

Luv My Pony!
They dont hurt when they get on but for the first few days they will hurt like hell. When I got mine on all I could eat was soup, ice cream things like that for like 3 days.

Patricia B
They make your mouth a little sore since your teeth are being pushed around, but I don't remember it being too hard. THere are some brackets that go around your teeth that they cement to your teeth and it takes a little bit to push them around the teeth, but it's not like breaking an arm or something as painful like that.

For the first week or two your teeth will ache but it isn't so bad. When they put thicker wires in about every month your teeth will move and you will feel it. So there is some pain. but nothing to worry about the pain usually goes away in a day or so.

To tell you the truth, it's nothing to be afraid/worried of. Braces are just a stepping stone in life that make people have straight teeth - you can look at it as pain for beauty. But answering your question now, it hurts on your first 3 or 4 days [Well, for me]. You'll complain about it for a long time, but hey - there's nothing you can do because your parents spent a few thousands on those pearly whites. So yeah its not comfortable when you first get it. But eating hot/warm soup soothe the pain. Have fun with your braces :)

im 15 and im about to take my braces off but yeh thats not the point. when i first got them it didnt hurt when i got out of the doctor, i even ate burger king but when i got home and it was getting dark i couldnt handle the pain in my mouth. the first week hurts badly. i suggest you get an advil bottle. by the way it does hurt to everybody. my sister was laughing at me because i had pain in my mouth and a month later she got braces and she was in pain lol! i was laughing at her then. then my brother got his 2 months later, he couldnt eat normal food for a week. straight up soup lol but dont get your hopes down. its worth it at the end =] hope u enjoy having those metals in your mouth, its uncomfortable at first but you'll get used to it.

it does hurt your teeth but no soooooo much

No, they do NOT hurt while getting them on.

There may be some soreness after, but not for more than a couple of days. Take some Children's Tylenol, and you will be fine.

When you are getting them put on, some orthodontists use this thing called "Mr. Smiley" to keep your mouth open, and it may hurt a little bit if your lips are dry because they stretch out. Just drink some water before you go, and put on some chap-stick. :P

If you put the dental wax on your teeth, it will prevent the braces from cutting your gums at night. Drink a lot, don't try chewy food (like pizza) for a while, and brush well!

they don't hurt to get them on (maybe a bit uncomfortable because you have to sit there with your mouth wide open for like 20 min)...its afterwards that hurts, but don't worry, you'll get through it like millions before you have (just eat liquidy foods for a week or so) :)
good luck!

Italian Stallion
you cant give more than 10 points sorry. and it doesnt hurt

Lora S
I got braces about a year and a half ago, and they do hurt when you first get them on and for the next few days (3-4 days). But after that you'll forget they're there!
But when you have to get them tightened every so often that hurts just like the first time - only for a few days.
But the whole process (Having them put on, having the wires tightened, etc.) is quick, easy and pain free.
Good Luck!

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