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Stephon M
Does everyone have to get wisdom teeth pulled?
I have wisdom teeth that grew in a few years back, and they never crowded my teeth or were in any pain, and the dentist never said anything about them. Should they still be pulled?

I never had problems with mine; I've had them for about ten years.

if they are growing in straight and will not crowd your bite no.

No, if they didn't cause you any problems then there's no reason to get them pulled.

Ima foo
No, everyone is different. some people never get their wisdom teeth in. Your dentist will only pull them out if your mouth is too small to fit them.

no only if they hurt or become a problem dont woz

Bobby D
no but a lot of ppl do

No, not everyone needs there wisdom teeth pulled. In most situations where corrective dentistry, such as braces, has been paid for, dentists will recommend that they are removed to ensure they do not reverse the work that has already been paid for. If you dentist has recently taken x-rays and has not recommended removal, you will probably be fine. Next time you see your dentist, just ask if they recommend removal.

No not everybody has to have it done. But most do

Terry O
If there is enough room in your mouth and there is no pain from chewing then you don't need to fix it if it isn't broken.

ron e
They don't need to be removed unless they are causing you problems. That being said everyone who joins the military will get them removed, I think it's practice for military dentists or some such.

Mine ever grew in.

unless they bother you

my dad had his pulled and he was in a ton of pain! i think he had two pulled and they knocked him out and we got to keep them :p

No. If a dentist tells you that you need it pulled get a second opinion before you do. Even though having them extracted is not nearly as painful as it use to be, if you keep them clean and there are no air pockets or decay keep them leave them. A lot of dentist will send you through surgery needlessly just to make a few extra bucks off you especially if you have insurance.

No, if they are not pushing your other teeth or causing any pain, there is no reason to remove them. Wisdom teeth are generally removed when they come in crooked, don't fit in the person's jaw or cause a lot of discomfort because they misalign the other teeth. My wisdom teeth came in with no pain and only minor shifting of my lower teeth and I've not had them removed.

All the way May
it is not a necessity to get them pulled but some say that later in life they could be a burden. Most people who have impacted wisdom teeth tend to have more problems and get theirs pulled.

Linz P
mine too but i don't have to get them pulled it a work of art lol?

C Jam
I didn't get mine pulled and now they are going to have to do thousands of dollars of surgery to remove them from my jaw. I won't worry about them, though, unless they start giving you problems.

No, not unless they cause extreme pain

Trinity K
No not everyones wisdom teeth grow through. Some people also live there lives with there wisdom teeth as there a few lucky people where they are painless. Most wisdom teeth are removed when they affect and cause pain to other teeth, also known as coming in sideways, due to the way the commonly grow. Most adults have four wisdom teeth, but it is possible to have more or fewer.

They don't always have to be pulled. My dad still has his wisdom teeth and he's 66. Mine were impacted and the dentist said that they didn't have to come out, but the peace corps had other ideas. They require everyone to get their wisdom teeth out because if there are problems overseas, it would be much more problematic.

i hope not


sultan of meatloaf
not all but some have impactions which are painful and a lot of times they rot because you can't brush them

You don't need them pulled unless they are bothering you. My mom, dad, brother, and sister all have their wisdom teeth. I know plenty of other people that have them. I wasn't lucky enough to keep mine. They were impacted. I had to have all four wisdom teeth surgically removed. They were causing mouth pain and starting to crowd my lower teeth. It is very painful to have them pulled. It hurts worse to have them surgically removed. Keep them as long as you can. The dentist would have said something if their was a problem and they needed removing.

Nic C
No everybody does not have to. Only if there is no room for them or some other problem

You only have to get them pulled when the grow in funny and push into your other teeth otherwise they sometimes do grow out and are just another two teeth that work fine. Some people never have them grow in while others never even knew what they were.

only if you cant reach them with a tooth brush or if they grew in on there sides

Stephy w
no, not unless your experiencing discomfort, or they are causing the teeth near them to decay. If you have the room for them in your mouth, its find to keep them. Also if you begin to have jaw discomfort, they could be causing cysts to grow in your jaw.

Not everyone have to get them pulled, if they grow correctly. Some have to pull them off because sometimes they grow crooked, or don't want to come out completely... I had that problem, my wisdom teeth wouldn't come out and my mouth was completely swollen, but I only had to pull to of my wisdom teeth out.

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