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 Tooth ache question.......?
My tooth is effing killing me. It's my wisdom tooth and it's only one. I can't get it pulled because lack of health care so I was wondering. What is best on a tooth ache like cream or ...

 Questions about teeth x-ray? I think it might be cavity....?
When the dentist took an x-ray of my teeth i noticed that most teeth has these funny bright white spots. Lol. Ok so i know this is confusing but i dont know how to explain it. Like when the x-ray ...

 Teen Teeth Whitening? Please help.?
Okay, I brush my teeth every night and morning, and they are still yellow- gray. How can I whiten my teeth a little without buying stuff? Is there any special food or drink I can do for it?

 I need a natural teeth whitener but something easy?
I searched it, but they're all complicated for me. I'm 13 and it's hard for me to get some of the ingredients for teeth whiteners(my parents will get curious if I ask them to buy the ...

 Retainer issues help!?
I stopped wearing my retainer and lower teeth got crooked then I started back and it was tight then stopped for a while. I can see teeth as crooked buy put retainer back on but iit doesnt fit tight ...

 How do I stop biting the inside of my mouth?
I bite the inside of my mouth fairly frequently in the same place. Its right behind and underneath my lower lip on the right side. It really hurts and once I bite it, I usually bite it again a couple ...

 Girls get teeth sanded down to make strait line?
It looks very nice....

Does anyone know the secret to tonsil stones, and getting rid of them?
I've been looking around for ways to get rid of these, but the options seem to be buying products. I came across a sort of online book that had 'secret home remedies', but I don't have the money to pay 27 dollars to learn how to get rid of my tonsil stones. Does anyone know the secrets of this book, or good ways to get rid of tonsil stones?

I Ride Fix'd
i dont know

maybe through surgerey. Taking out your tonsils.

Franco D
the real solution to Tonsil stones and 'prevent Tonsil stones forever


Emasculated Britain
I am afraid the formation of these, and infection causing tonsillitis is a natural process.

The simplest ways to prevent tonsillitis are gargling with a simple solution of warm salt water, or diluted TCP.

Yes, Gargle with a strong mouthwash solution. The cause of these stones are actually caused by food that gets trapped in your tonsils. This food then remains there and starts to rot, often causing bad breath as well. Sometimes, they can cause infection which will spread to tissue and swell. This would be treated with an antbiotic. But gargling with the solution such as Listerine will dislodge the stone by shrinking it.

Kandie Kay



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