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 Does toothache ever go on it's own?

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I cant afford to go to dentist, and I don't have an NHS dentist, as all are full, my dentist went PRIVATE and I could not afford to stay with them....

 Why won't my dentist help?
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 please help people who have or had braces!!!!!!!!!!?
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 Why do dentist's always have bad breath?

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 Is this unhealthy....?
I chew atleast 5 pieces of sugarfree gum everyday. Is this unhealthy?
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yes im positive its sugar free
and its not annoying i dont chew it loudly or anything (:...

 can normal family dentistz tell you if you need braces?
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 I want whiter teeth.?
I'd like to know some ways I can whiten my teeth.
None of that toothpaste crap works, and I can't use
whitening strips.

Did I mention I have braces? >=/

 What's good for a toothaches?

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Am going to dentist when I can get ...

 I'm getting braces soon!! Arghh!!?
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I just wanted to know, do they hurt?
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Does it hurt to get them on?
How long is the process of getting braces?
What will it feel like afterwards?
And when does the braces move your teeth?

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 Can i ask my dentist not to do X-Ray to fix my tooth?
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 i recently just got braces july 16th and they are still hurting is it normal to be hurting this long?
are they supposed to feel loose? i also eat very soft things and they still hurt aahh!! can anyone help thanks =]...

 Getting teeth pulled out?
I'm going to get braces soon and will get some teeth out as well. Will getting my teeth pulled out hurt? If I get my teeth pulled out then what do they do with it? Can someone please help me ...

i have a big hole in my tooth and i'm 2 scared 2 get it checked out so wot should i do plzz help ...

 my son has refused 2 go the dentist 2day hes 3 and he has really bad toothache?
we got to the dentists room, he wasn't having any of it, he had a full blown tantrum and the dentist sent us away and told us 2 re book! he wont eat or drink and he complains in sore all the ...

 I'm Having Braces... TOMORROW!?
Does it hurt?? What is the process of having them fixed on like??...

divine 1^[]^1 angel
Do you brush your teeth everyday?
common be honest. what make you skip brushing your teeth the day you didn't.

If you don't brush last thing at night then while your mouth is quiet the bugs come out to play and wreak havoc on your teeth. The image of my mouth being bug central for 8 hours is more than I can handle - no matter how tired I am I brush my teeth 2-3 times a day!

Jack Lover
yes of course dont you always 3 or 4 times a day or more i would never skip brushing my teeth do u brush?

Of course yes, I brush my teeth at least 4-5 times a day, I have braces and you really need to keep those teeth clean. I brush and floss after every meal. You have to unless you want really smelly breath. You definently have to brush before you go to bed, all those different bacterias like to sit inside your mouth and cause bad breath. The reason people have bad breath in the morning is because your mouth is closed for a long time, your mouth gets really dry and when you wake up you have this bad taste in your mouth. That's a good time to brush your teeth, right before going to school or heading off to work. If you cant find time to brush before going to work keep a bottle of mouth wash, tooth brush and tooth paste in the car or purse. Just try and find a time to brush. Your hygenist will bug you if you dont brush, they bug my brother all the time, (he hates brushing his teeth), I keep telling him one of these times when he goes back to the dentist he is going to have a cavity. But he wont listen to me, he always says that he is tired. I hope this advice helps you , GOOD LUCK!!

Rancid Disciple
Omgs I'm like the only person that has not brushed for a period of time and am willing to say why!
ok well sometimes I don't brush for a day or a week or even a month! well its because I don't have tooth brushes at the ends of my fingers. I am an adventurous homelesish dude! (kind of hippyish) and I sometimes need to leave a place and wont have time to grab my trusty tooth brush and buying a new one takes time and money as well

also its kind of out of place to brush your hair and teeth and sleep outside so the fact that I do it at all kinda makes me a pretty boy :p

Leslie I
Gross! I brush my teeth at least twice a day & sometimes 3 times. And for goodness sakes...floss! Some folks have the funkiest breath & part of that has to do with not flossing.

twice maybe three times

Darth Scorn
Usually twice.

Yes...Especially because I have braces.

YES! Of course I brush them everyday! Day and night even. With mouthwash and dental floss. For those of you who don't, boo you! :) :)

of course 3times a day


Actually yes I do and not just once, but a minimum of two times. Right before bed is the most important and seems to be the time most skipped! Nothing would make me not brush except extreme illness or death!

sammi a

yes, three times a day

Twice a day... never skip it. NEVER in my life!

of course i do!
at LEAST 2 times a day, morning and night. and sometimes after lunch too and after i eat sweets and i floss every time.
not brushing your teeth everyday is pretty nasty. i cant stand when people dont brush everyday and their breath reeks!
your mouth is a sesspool for bacteria. if you dont brush, that bacteria builds up and multiplies and you end up with some pretty stanky breath and you will have a bad taste in your mouth all the time. yuckk.

eatonwrite aka dryBri
I sometimes miss a day, sometimes brush several times a day. depends what I am doing...I am not very organized.

I haven't brushed today yet---will do so now---thanks for the reminder---star

* StAy BeAuTiFuL*

A little Southern Comfort
I do brush everyday! I feel weird without it!

★ Vaginal Discount ★
ught oh...um probly like once if my teeth and boyfrind r lucky

Every once in awhile I don't get to brushing my teeth. Mostly when this happens I'm sick or my daily routine has been interrupted in a fairly big way.

My dental hygenist told me if I can only brush my teeth once a day it should be right before bed due to bacteria that love to grow in a moist closed space (the mouth is shut most of the time).

yeah I try to twice a day so my teeth will look white and I won't have bad breath...but sometimes when I go over to a friend's house I'll forget my toothbrush.........so I don't get to brush my teeth

i woke up late and had to go to work.....

Ryan B
no but i should all my teeth have a filling but my front ones

To-Dream-of-Wolves ^. .^ ©
unless I'm so sick I can't even get out of bed. yes I brush at least once a day.

even when I'm tired I never miss brushing my teeth

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