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Terri M
Do teeth braces hurt?
Hi im getting spacers in May and im freaked out.
And my friend said that you dont always need spacers is that true and how do i know if i need them or not?

the only honest answer i can give you is yes...they do hurt.

John B
Braces hurt when they do the tightening. I had braces 30 years ago. Each time they were tightened, to move the teeth if hurt for afew days. I could only eat soft foods. The pain stopped after a day or two. Braces are worth it, they can make a big difference in your life. They hurt for awhile, but the rewards last a life time.

Yes, you need spacers. Braces do hurt, but not the kind of pain you might be thinking. It's just plain uncomfortable. You have a lot of pressure on your teeth and the brackets shred up the inside of your mouth at first. It's bearable, I wouldn't worry about it.


Myster Enigma
Teeth braces don't hurt but when you wear them they can get caught in your gums which stings a bit. ASk your dentist if you need spacers what does your friend know lol

The dentist will have to tell you if you need spacers or not. It depends on your xrays. I had braces for a year and a half and you have nothing to worry about. The worst part is not getting to eat corn on the cob or milkduds or popcorn. There is a little pressure when they tighten them but other than that its pain free. Good luck on your new smile

hannah C
I had them befor. When u get them on u feel weird and think everyone is starring at u but there not. And when u get them on and tightened it does hurt but i would recommend eating soft foods like soup or rice.

well, spacers only hurt for a little while, after that their virtually painless. and as braces, i just got mine off, but braces hurt the first time u get them off for about 2-3 weeks, after that (when you get them tightened) they only hurt for about 2 days to a week... but not much.

Try me
They do for the first four days, but after that they won't hurt until you visit the orthodontist again. But don't be worried or scared, there's not severe pain. It's simply bothersome. And it all pays off in the end.

Braces do not hurt too badly. They pull on your teeth and do hurt some, but not too bad. I did not have to have spacers, but my brother did, your dentist will be able to tell you that.

i didnt need spacers
my friend needed spacers
braces hurt my mouth when i had them
they dont hurt my friends mouth

its different but yea i hated them
they hurt so much i coudnt even eat
and my teeth wasnt badly crooked!

Not Your Average Girl
They Hurt so bad.
I couldn't eat for a first few days
If they told you you need them, You do.

I have braces myself and spacers are usually for people that their teeth are all kinda cramped up together or you have more teeth causing them move in diferent ways , resulting in your teeth going to a whole lot of directions. It is also as the same word says it "spacers" they work to seperate your teeth so that it would be a tad more comfortable to put your braces on . Everybody has to go through that , its part one of the oh so many "braces" stages ,for some people their teeth may not be as bad so they can be with the spacers a minimum of atleast a week.
PS:I don't want to frighten you or anything but from my own experience , it will not hurt when they put them . BUT when they are already in by the pass maybe 2 hourse ,be prepared to eat chicken broth and really really mashed potatoes for all the time you have the spacers.

Mai X
spacers dont hurt at all, and your friend may be right because spacers are used to create gaps in your teeth so the braces will fit on, you dont even feel them (mine looked like little blue staples) and anyone who says real braces hurt are lying because i had them and they didnt hurt once :P

Okay, I've had braces twice. Both times I had spacers, so I'm positive you have to have them. They hurt sooo bad for like, 3 days, then the pain lessens in time. They really aren't so bad though, and you get used to them fast. Don't worry about it though, because the results are fantastic! [=

yes, for the first week or two. after that you wont feel any pain.

well i had spacers before my braces and they hurt like crazy! but a wendy's frosty definatly helped me =) . after i got my spacers off and my braces on they really didn't hurt me at all. the spacers did all the work i guess but my teeth were crowded. if your braces do end up hurting here is a trick. they put a wire on your braces and the temperature of your mouth (warm) heats up the metal and forces it back to its regular shape..which will be your new straight teeth. if you take a braces wire and crumple it then put it in hot water it will go back to its original shape. so when you first get your braces remember to my lots of cold foods such as ice cream and maybe cold pudding. i ate alot of cold pudding and it felt good. once they tighten your braces though it hurts but not till the point where your like bawling your eyes out. it is just sore.

Most people need spacers, they don't hurt that bad, you shouldn't be worried.
Braces hurt after you get them on.. but only for a few days and its not agonizing pain, you can take medicine if you want

Don't worry, if they hurt that bad ppl wouldn't be getting them, and you would hear screaming when you walked in to the office.. i never have lol

acually, it all depends on how your mouth is
some of my friends say they hurt,
i personally dont feel anything,
dont be freaked out,
they put glue on your teeth
and if your teeth start hurting get some orajel.

The dentist will decide if you need them or not. Spacers do not hurt, it just feels like you have food stuck in your teeth. When you get braces, those don't hurt either. It just depends. Some people say it hurts but, if you ask me it really doesn't. Maybe the first month it might hurt a bit.. but it's never to the point where you want to explode. If it does cut your mouth, they have special wax you can put on your braces. You can apply it whenever you want.

most people will need spacers if they're getting braces. your othadontist will let you nkow if you need the spacers or not.

Annette G
only your orthodonist can answer that for you. if you don't have enough room in your gums to fix your teeth, then you do need spacers, but like i said, only your orthodonist can tell you that for sure. and yes, your gums will hurt when you get braces, only because your teeth are being moved every time you go in for an adjustment. advil helps

yep first week u will find even drinking water painful
but after its fine
and the results are great trust me :)

scorpio x
Yeah I think alot too, I remember my sister was cryong like every night. It doesn't hurt forever tough, I think it's just when your teeth are realigning and your gums get really sore.

Spacers don't hurt as much as braces, but after i got my braces in, i couldn't even chew bread. But after about 4-9 days they usually stop hurting. I had braces when i was in third grade, and i just got them again because i didn't wear my retainer. (I'm in eighth grade now)Usually after a week or so you won't feel any pain, except occasional soars that develop because the braces are rubbing on the inside of your mouth, but you can get wax from the dentist or from the pharmacy for about a dollar.

Hi there. They only hurt when the braces are tightened. And that doesn't really hurt; it's just a little uncomfortable.

You probably aren't going to know if you need spacers, but your orthodontist will tell you. They have way more knowledge about braces and your particular case than anyone on Yahoo! Answers.

:-) Good luck!

Well,You don't always need spacers,but you will get them if you are getting braces.

not everyone need spacers, my friend had them and said they hurt like crazy. but u will get used to them lol srry to freak u out!!!!

when you first get them it hurts for a while because you're not used to it and it also hurts when they tighten them like every month or so, but other than that its not that bad.

There is a little soreness but only at first.

your orthodontist will tell you if you need spacers or not
and getting a brace does not really hurt, after they put it on the day after it will ache a little bit but that it really.
and it will ache a little bit when they tighten it.
nothing to worry about, it will all be worth it in the end when you have a great smile :D

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