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 Braces!!??!! does it hurt?
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 How badly does braces hurt?
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 What color braces should i get?
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 What Color Braces Should I Get?
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p.s. will i look ugly or pretty with braces?


 how do i take my braces off?
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 braces? just got them today?
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 Colors!!! (braces)?
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 colors for braces, if you don't know anything about colors on braces LEAVE NOW!?
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Do braces hurt, tell the truth! ?
Do they, i'm getting them?!

Yes, but they are totally 100% worth it because the pain is temporary and straight teeth are for life. Trust me, you will look back on it when you are older and be really greatful that you got them! Braces mainly hurt when you get them adjusted, after that the pain subsides.

Kim L
yes alot

hurts when they put them on those first days... u can't really chew... stock up on icecream, oatmeal, tender pasta, milkshakes, bananas, jello, etc.
the most annoying thing about them is that food gets stuck in them adn it can get embarressing.
hint though: when ur orthodontist says don't eat frozen candy bars or candy bars w/ caramel, definately don't eat frozen snickers bars. (i lost 3 brackets in 1 bite, thankfully i had like 2 more months b4 i got mine off so it didn't matter, but still)
when u get them off, it is uncomfortable but doesn't really hurt, it doesn't take very long either
once u regularly go to get ur braces tightened though, that hurts a little but mostly just soreness in ur teeth.
(when i say it hurts, it is a dull pain, not anything like breaking a bone, or spraining something, much less)
just remember ur teeth are gonna be amazing in the end!
good luck :)

Wally Phillip Sanchez
They do hurt initially and when they are tightened, but they are not super painful. It's worth it to have straight teeth.

i did not think they hurt that bad, but my teeth were pretty streight i only got them because of an overbite

in the beginning (like the first week or two) they hurt really, really badly. it's going to be a little hard to eat certain foods too. after that though, they are a breeze, and sometimes you forget you have them.

i had them for about 2 years and i just recently got them off. it was well worth it!

good luck!

Petula B
yea when they first put them on they do because your teeth are sensitive they also hurt when they get tightened for the first couple of months but once your teeth get closer to the final stage it hurts less

Ahnaf A
Braces hurt for the first 5 days.(Minimum I guess). You also have to eat soft food for a couple of days.

Yes! especially when you first get them. Theyll hurt for a few days. But its not unbearable, just a little sore. And when you get new wires they usually hurt for a few hours after you get them changed.

Haha no. They just feel uncomfortable at first because your teeth are being a little pulled on. It's mostly just...different, so you notice it.

Mine only hurt because I had another appliance in them. The only thing that can really hurt is when the metal hits your gums, but they give you special wax to put on them so they don't cut you. You get used to it.

Best advice I can give you though is to wear your retainer when you get them off. I didn't, and my teeth are all messed up again.

Ah U
It's like a tiny, tiny man is bunching you in the mouth very lightly or very forcefully, depending on the rime of day.

When you get to 1 1/2 years, you'll want to kill yourself.

Confused Teenager!! <3
the spacers are what killed me.
the braces only hurt me for like a day and it wasn't even that bad.

TIP: only chew sugarless gum and wear a lot of chapstick.

hell to the yeh! I forgot to mention that they hurt really bad when they put the spacers in(if you need them), when the braces first go on and then when they change the wires. Oh my goodness.
I got some braces on my bottom teeth back in 2006; I wanted to call Dr.Kervorkian! and I am serious my mouth hurt for a whole month but the smile after wards is really worth it. Get the permanent retainer also not the molly because they break.

yeah, but usually only when they get tightened

pls,pls,pls don't pass me by
yep ! then it will ware off and then you will have to get them tightened and it wil hurt again.. pain for beauty

Blue-eyed Beauty
Your mouth is going to hurt. Maybe some when they put them on, but mostly when you get your braces adjusted & wire tightened.
Definitely take pain meds & eat soft foods.

Good luck and it's sooooooooooo worth it!!!

according to my bffl she said they hurt like HELL :P

Last Action Gyro
yea, when they first put them, and then even more when they take them off. Wearing them is not so bad though.

They hurt when they are first put on. Also when they get tightened but the pain is only minimal. If you take some advil or ib profen the pain will go away. Look on the brightside! Straight Teeth!

They are excruciating the first 2 days and then the pain dulls down and eventually goes away. They hurt when they tighten them but not nearly as bad as when they put them on. Just buckle down the first few days and after that it's easy going :)

I have to warn you. I got 13 cavities after having my braces taken off. I had never had a cavity in my life before. It was not from not brushing/flossing properly because I brushed very well. The glue removal, scraping and dental tools they used wore off the enamel on my teeth and I also have ugly permanent white spots all over my teeth. They are discolored in the spots where the glue is stuck. Thanks to my terrible dentist and the metal braces I had, my teeth are now ruined and it was not worth fixing the little gap I had. It has been one cavity after another and I am desperately trying to fix my teeth and its extremely expensive. Seriously. If you are getting braces PLEASE don't get the metal kind. Please get the invisaline kind, this is safer.

This is a warning from me a former brace patient! Please don't blindly trust what your dentist says like I did. Metal braces are NOT good for your teeth.

Brooke B
mine didnt

Don't listen to anyone, they don't know anything. You barely notice braces after a few days after you get them. Yes, they do hurt after the day you get them. You can't feel them when they put them on.

mystic k
im getting mine tightened tomorrow....
it depends on your pain tolerance, generally......when they get tightened, youll have trouble sleeping, wont be able to chew, and will want to bite things really hard for a couple days...
its not un-liveable tho. i dont complain much.

They do get a little sore because the braces are moving your teeth around.
When the orthodonist tightens your braces (usually once a month) they tend to get sore. But, taking some tylenol usually helps ease up the pain. :)

They do hurt, in a way. I'd say it's more of a discomfort than an actual pain, though. I was surprised how bumpy they were, when I first got braces. I thought they would be smoother, I guess. They leave sores and scars inside your mouth. But the orthodontist should give you some wax to put over them, and that helps a lot. Whenever you go for a new appointment, and they make adjustments, and tighten them, your face kind of feels like you have a headache all over, but Tylenol helps that a lot. I was very happy with my results. I got them when I was 40 years old, and had them almost 4 years. If I had to decide whether or not to do it again, I would definitely do it, because not only did they make my teeth look nicer, they made my mouth feel more comfortable, once the work was all done.

Jenღ's2play10nis [dancingirl
When you first get them, I'm going to be honest, they do hurt a lot. But after you have had them for awhile they stop hurting. And then they only hurt when you go to get them tightened. But other than that they do not hurt too much, but just think, when you get them off you will have a straight, nice smile. Hope I helped!

yes. you'll want them off immediately.

they don't "always hurt" but 9 out of 10 times they hurt like hell, i never got them (thank god) but my brother did and he was in so much pain when it happened, and it would sometimes hurt or a bit at other times, but don't worry you get used to them pretty fast, just don't get worked up about it, it wont be for long and then you'll be right as rain.
cheer up.
(btw i think braces are really cute)

Chingo chango
Get invisilign there clear and amazing and no pain


At first yes but not all the time...they only hurt when you get them put on or adjusted.

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