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Do braces hurt alot?Im SCARED?
im getting braces soon and im really scared! How does it feel? What should i do when they hurt? What is a good color for the braces?

for NARNIA.!!
dude their just braces get over it. u shouldnt be scared. uhh i would get hot pink and terquoise. cause thats cool.

Micaela C
it only hurts when they tighten them and when the wire pokes ur gums. don't worry. it's worth it -- the outcome's great

ight HELL YEA THEY HURT!..i take 3 advils everytime i get it tightened... when u first get it, stuff ur lips with something soft so the metal doesn't hurt.. nd if ur old then dont get colored..jus get silver..but if u r young then get ur color

bryan h
probably... but so what?

They are very painful and you have to be careful what you eat and drink. They take about a couple of years to come off too!

it hurts the first couple days. if it becomes unbearable put some wax on the parts that r hurting u... well it depends n what colors you like.. but DO NOT get yellow cuz it makes your teeth look all unhealthy...

good luck ^-^ (i have them right now)

Leanne L
Braces do not hurt when they put them on, the next day you mouth will be a little sore, and will be for about 3 days. Just take ibuprophen and you'll be fine, and eat foods that are soft or easy to chew. I like the colors Dark blue and Light blue, they make your teeth look whiter.

They hurt only for the first few days - weeks, but you'll somehow get used to them. Don't worry! You'll be fine!
Take some deep breaths now!

don't worry.it doesn't hurt that much. it just a little sore. if they hurt u could drink sum pain reliever. it feels weird at first but u'll get used to it. when i got braces i got pink and sky blue

braces dont hurt except when u get them tightened.
u can take advil if it hurts.
any color u want.

Yahoo Man
They might feel like they're pinching your lips but that's normal. It should go away within a few days after you get your braces on.

No, they don't hurt. When you get them on it is just a long process. You don't really feel anything but a lot of pressure on your teeth. And after a hour or so it kind of hurts. You wont be able to eat solid food for a while, as long as you stay away from solids and gum you will be fine. If it does hurt just take some kind of pain medication. Advil, Tylenol or something else that you use.
My first colors were light blue, Dark blue and blue green. Haha I liked them so much it is what I get everytime. One time I got pink and white, and it looked funny. Dont get white because it chages color. And black just looks dirty from far away. Dont get colors according to the holidays coming up... Cuz you have to keep the colors on for like a month.

lol no they dont
but for a few days after you get them on, your teeth will be sore.
the color you choose is your own choice.
but dont get white, because they will get dirty easily. =]

umm pink and black are good colors
braces hurt when you first get them, its no biggie, they'll feel a little sore you just gotta get used to them

they hurt, I wont lie, but it's nothing to be scared of. NEVER get the color yellow, green or white. yellow & green look like you have stuff in your teeth, & white makes your teeth look yellow. Black is surprisinf a less noticable color, as opposed to like red which pops out of your mouth.

For the first few days, it is a little uncomfortable because your teeth are getting used to it. But then you don't even feel it. Don't be nervous, once you are wearing them you'll forget what it feels like to not wear braces.

After you get them off, you'll be thankful.

Regular metal is the best color.

Ryan B
It feels like little pegs on your teeth touching your lips.

Take Advil or Aspirin 1/2 hour before and for the next few days after, especially before you sleep.

No, don't worry.

| Sabrina Betch<3 |
I've had braces before and got them off a few weeks ago ^_^

They hurt the first one or two days you get them but after, you get used to them. Whenever you get your braces tightened it hurts for 1-2 days but again, the pain goes away.

But soon you'll get your braces off and your teeth will be beautiful!

Oh and we have the same name! Sabrina! :DDD

Lol. There is nothing to worry about. I just got my braces too and they don't hurt at ALL!! (: Just listen to what the ortho people tell you and you'll be fine (: if they do hurt eat soft foods and put braces wax on them. My braces are a lime green and glow in the dark! Get green that glow in the dark. They are awesome!(:

♥♥good luck!!

Toni C
when you first get your braces put on the procedure does not hurt.but honestly a day or two will pass and you teeth will become sore.time will pass and then they will start to feel better again.you will then have to go back to the dentist and he will tighten the wires just a little bit.then a day or two will go by and they will be sore again.this will go on until the time they are taken off.you will learn to get use to it.when thy hurt eat lite.on the color it is completely up to you.i hope this is some help to you.good luck!

Frying pan!
There so extremely painful, it's all stabby stabby, cut, shank, rip...Good luck.

Don't we all hate Mondays.
trust me- it doesnt hurt at all. i was so nervous, and before i knew it. they were on and i didnt even know they put them on. they will be sore for a day or two, but its fine. everytime u get them tightened it will be sore for about a day. but trust me, its no big deal. and you'll have straight teeth!!!

Braces hurt the first couple days after you get them and then when you tighten them. A good color for braces is either clear or black. That way they match with everything you wear.

kenny n
I had braces for 5 years, they wernt that bad and its def worth it. im sure everyone who has had them would get them again. and you can change the colors whenever you want so thats cool.

Summer Snowball-Fight!!!!
they only hurt around when you first get them on and days they are tightened. its really not that bad.

get orange and black for halloween! =)

NAW, i have braces, it doesnt "hurt", but it does feel weird like the first week, and like the first 2 days you cannot really eat anything. but soon yes it will hurt becasue your teeth are moving, so yepp. and i ONLY get silver or "gray".


they feel weird for the first week or two. but after that, you hardly notice they're there. take Tylenol or Advil BEFORE you get them put on. (i'd say 30 minutes before) and then take it after (at the appropriate dosage time). and for colors, AVOID: yellow, white, clear, orange.
yellow=makes your teeth look dirty
clear=you can see the fod that gets stuck behind your braces
orange=same reason as yellow.

hope this helps.
best answer?

they didn't have colored braces when i had them so i can't help you there, but they are not that painful. after you first get them on, your teeth are a little sore. and every time they get adjusted it can be a little sore too. just be careful eating, cause it is such a pain when food gets stuck in them. i avoided apples in particular.

It will be ok, you will be sore at first because they are new to you. But after awhile you get used to them and then its weird when they take them OFF. =)

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