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Do braces hurt? 10 points!!!!!!! please answer!?
i'm getting braces really really soon, so does it hurt when they are putting them on? i know it hurts after because your mouth is sore.... but what about the actual procedure? sorry to be so repetitive... but thanks!

10 points for the answer!!

for me not really. They put two things in your mouth to hold it open and another thing to stop your tongue from touching you teeth. The put glue and then press the braces on to them the use a light to dry it. the bands even that bad all you do is bite down. After is the worst because the wire at the end poke your gums so just put the wax they give you on. Finally let your mouth build up strength against the brackets and eventually you wont need wax. So just relax the impressions were the worst and that should have already been done. good luck arent

When theyre putting them on they don't at all. So thats nothing to worry about. You won't feel anything. To me its the easiest step rather than getting moulds.

Once its like an hour after braces for probably 3 days you'll feel sore and pain. Take pain relievers..

not when they are putting them on just after
the only thing is they put this thing to keep your mouth open but it doesnt hurt
and it doesnt hurt bad enough to put you to sleep

1) it doesn't hurt at all to get them! i would take motrin or advil about an hour before you get them on, just to prevent any pain you may feel. but it really shouldn't hurt.
2) yeah, your mouth is gonna be sore for a few days after you get them on, but it doesn't last :)
the actual procedure doesn't hurt at all! dont worry about a thing :) and just look forward to how beautiful your smile will be afterward!

Captain Gaga
The actual procedure, no. It's a bit enduring and long but it doesn't hurt. You will be in uncomfortable positions like your mouth being opened up extremely wide for about 5 minutes or more, when they're putting on the braces. Your mouth later on will be sore, your teeth/gums will hurt, and you'll get some scratches in your mouth because of the metal being in your mouth.

It only hurts AFTER they tighten it.

<3 Butch Aggie <3
braces don't hurt when the orthadontist puts it on. It's basically just a special kind of glue. You will probably feel much more different and your braces will hurt for about 3-4 days. Like after two weeks, you'll be able to eat anything hard but you have to get them into little tiny pieces.

Braces hurt somtimes. They dont hurt right when you get them on but later that day they will be VERY soar depending on your teeth. When you get your braces tightened on your checkups they will be a little soar. but usually a week after you get them on they will stop hurting. Braces are very worth it. They made my teeth striaght

When the braces are first put on they don't hurt at all. For the next couple of hours they don't hurt either. Eventually you will start feeling some pain around areas where your teeth are seriously crooked or where the wire might be digging into the gum. Just use some advil to ease the pain. Also make sure you eat very soft food. But make sure the food isnt hot because when its hot it makes the braces tighten which makes it hurt. So stick to icecream, applesauce, warm soup (not hot) things of that nature.

i ♥::♫dk baby♫::♥
It hurts like the first 2 days when you get them. When they put them on it doesn't really hurt just like tiny bit. relax girl it won't hurt at the actual procedure. :)

Josh S
i didn't think it was to bad honestly, the worst part was the soreness of the mouth after they tighten them, but it isn't pain it more of a sort thing. but all in All it isn't bad, and trust me iam a baby when it comes to that stuff

katie colfer;D
Nope, not when they're putting them on. It might hurt for the next few days, hurt to chew, it could rub against your lips or cheek, but they will give you wax in case. My reccomendation would be to take some sort of pain medication BEFORE you go to the dentist. Good luck(:

Jordan n
your mouth will be frozen but it will still hurt and feel num for awhile after the frezzing gose away it will hurt alot for about 1 week. after the week it wont hurt that much it will be irratating becasue your body will have to get use to the pressure on the teeth. For awhile there will be alot of things you wont be able to eat such as toffy and other candies! Braces are worth it becasue at the end you will have beautiful teeth!

thankyou for reading my response hope this helped.


It hurts... all of it. My brother got some pain medication and took it. Ask your doctor for something to help the pain if advil doesn't work, be persistant because it is a lot of pressure on your mouth. I got headaches and luckily my mom had some left over vikatin. It goes away in a few days though until they get tightned and then it hurts again.

NO-- no matter what kind of braces you get, they use dental cement to put the braces on your teeth and they put the wire through the braces which creates pressure, which hurts a little. but putting sandy-like glue on your teeth does not hurt, but the apparatus they use is a little intimidating but it doesnt hurt...
--good luck :)

Holly Ringwald
no. they stretch and pull on your lips a little bit but other than that no.

The Kernel
Initially, yes. You'll want to rip your jaw off. Painfully, you will have to suffer the next month or two with sore teeth and food getting stuck in your braces. In time you will learn how to deal. After a while, you will forget they are even on and start chewing gum and drinking pop...WRONG. Avoid. Lastly, it will hurt every time your dentist tightens them. But when you get them off...you're teeth feel all slippery, OOOooo. Fun times!

When they're putting them on it might feel just tight. Nothing too bad. However, when you go home your mouth will begin to feel really sore but I advise you to take ibuprofen or a pain reliever before this.

The actual procedure really doesn't hurt. It's just the after effect til your mouth gets used to it.

Goodluck& Congrats

They hurt if you move ina certain direction. When you get them tightened theyll be a bit soar, but nothing to cry over, but when you first get them on you cant eat a thing because pushing them together to chew hurts liek a *****, other than that they're painless when you dont have ot get em tightened.

Talia Thestra
yes it doesn't hurt for like the first half hour or so and then it starts to hurt and then the next morning it's like HELL. But just stock up on mashed potatoes cause thats pretty much all you are going to be able to eat.

Jk H
they only hurt a little bit for the first couple of days. and it doesnt hhurt unless youre trying to eat something, but besides, its not really pain most of the time, its just a little discomfort because youre not used to it but you'll get used to it- probably within the first couple of days. good luck!

Karen N
oh. not when you're getting them on. no.


b-ball cutie<3
it doesnt hurt while they're putting them on. but after it gets rlly SORE!!!

joe b
the procedure is annoying but there is no pain. the first week that you have them your mouth gets sore when eating and brushing. it is the same when you get them tightened.

The actual procedure isn't painful, just the aftereffects.

No worries!

john m
no not as bad as one believes

Handsome Dan
It's not that bad, it's uncomfortable more than painful.

it actually doesn't hurt when they're being put on...the after effects hurt worse. it'll just be sore for the next 3 days and youll need to take pain medicine. there may be a few tears, but after those 3 days...you'll practically forget you even have braces.

and afterwards, youll have beautiful teeth! :3

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