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Derby, from Planet Gakkouky
Do I need braces? *Pics*?
My teeth are straight but I have a gap in my two front teeth and little gaps between my bottom teeth. I hate it. I hardly ever smile in pictures because of it. Everyone always asks me when I don't smile in pics...I mean, come on, how hard is it figure out??? Anyway, does it look like I need braces or is there anyone way I can close the gaps?



Also, is it normal to have pointy "vampire" teeth like I do?

Omg stop feeling sorry for yourself they are fine they look like everybody elses. Everybody has vampire teeth

You have a little bit of an overbite and your teeth are a little too far apart. I'd say you'd need braces, but not a full set for four years or something like that.

I have those pointy vampire teeth thingies too. They're normal. It's for tearing into meat.

Not at all.

Go Wash Your Mouth Out Young Man
Here's the problem: you can never tell. My teeth looked pretty perfect too, but when I asked my dentist, she said that I will! It's hard to tell on your own so I suggest asking ur dentist.

Hope I helped :D

Quin D
Your teeth are not that bad but I would ask you dentist about braces. I would get braces for the gaps. Make sure you brush well when you have braces of you will have problems later like I do.

Alea !
braces might help , yes . mabey you could get that invisalign thing . idk , talk to your dentist .

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)
when you wisdom teeth come in between 17-24. these spaces should close.
The dentist can polish away the sharp points w/o shots and very quickly.

If you don't smile in pics and you're uncomfortable, get braces.

Ted Crilly
everybodys canines are pointed, thats normal. braces are your only option regards closing the gaps, make an appointment with an orthodondist. Some people get crowns and vineers to close gaps but in your case they would be too wide and that would look huge.

I think your teeth are fine.

Live Laugh Love Blonde <3
nah, you don't NEED braces, your teeth are pretty good, but you might want to get them if things get worse. let them be for now.

i don't think you need braces :) but if it takes a serious toll on your confidence then you should get them for yourself!

Mark R
i would say

ask the dentist

I used to have a gap between my two front teeth but it went a way as my teeth developed. I think braces might be unnecessary, since your teeth are straight. Try a retainer , they are less of a hassle and they are less noticeable.
Hope this helps.

Miranda L
I wouldn't say NEED them but maybe ask your dentist...
they are the true pros to tell you the answer to your problem.

true faith
If I were you, I would get braces just to fix the gap.

you could get braces, but i don't think it will take that long to close the gap! your teeth look normal to me they don't look vampire teeth lol. i don't really think you could close the gaps....

Aurelys S
My two front teeth are worse but if you're just worried about the spaces you could always look into Invisaline and yes the "vampire" teeth are normal, i think they're called incisors and that's what we use to bite into food like apples and such

Tuur De Boulle
for me it looks not really abnormal, I have seen very much people who had much more ugly teeth.

For me your teeth are nice.

i think its to early to tell you should let them move in to place on their own first and if your still not happy talk to your dentist about fixing them...

Sean D
well your teeth dont look that bad...sure u could get braces but u dont desperately need them...and it is common to have vampire teeth like that...so do i

Dee H
your teeth are no that bad

sorry , but yes i think you need braces

but they aretn that bad , you will probobly only need them for like 6 months or so!!!

answer mine please!!

Olena K
Well, the answer depends on you. If I were you, i probably would get braces.

You see, I'm a "brace face", and they really aren't that comfy. But, Beauty desrves pain. I've gaps too, and that was the reason i got braces, even though they didn't really bother me. As you said - you hate your smile - yes, you do need braces if you want to change your teeth! it's that simple :)

hope i helped :)

You don't NEED braces, but they might help your smile look better. Ask your dentist about retainers or other appliances that might straighten your teeth out a bit without the long term commitment (or expense) of braces.

yea...just to fix the gap
you wouldn't need them for long

It's not terrible, it's up to you if you want to fix it or not.

i personally like your teeth
the slight imperfections makes it your smile

Masonic Knight
maybe those invisiligns will work on you

?'m Here For You.♥
Uh. I have that also. Like my front teeth. But it's because of something else.. Your teeth aren't that bad. I don't think.

In your case, a retainer might suffice. You should consult an orthodontist, but a retainer is very preferable. Also, you could consider Invisaline inserts, which are completely clear and slowly move your teeth into a better position. If you have the money to do it, an orthodontist can definitely improve your smile. Not only is it cosmetic, but your jaw and teeth will close in a better position that prevents grinding, wearing, etc. If you schedule a visit to an orthodontist, he or she will likely be able to answer all your questions right away for free or a small copay if you have insurance.

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