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I'm Bored...................
Did You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??
I'm teething lol and I've heard that many people have their wisdom teeth removed, but I don't see why its neccessary....also when your wisdom teeth come through does it put some of your other teeth out of line??

emma m
yes all four at the same time. ouch!

hermione speaks
Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth out, but I would say that most do. This is because they can push your teeth out of alignment because our jaws are rarely big enough to accomodate them all. They can be really hard to clean because they're so far back in in your mouth, so you can get cavities. Some people's wisdom teeth come in at weird angles. My lower ones were growing toward my chin along my jawline instead of up into my mouth, so they had to come out because they were going to wreck the roots of my other molars. Also, every time my wisdom teeth tried to come in, tops or bottoms, it really hurt, so I wanted them gone. It wasn't even that bad having them out, so if your dentist thinks it's necessary, it's worth it.

book girl
i had to have mine removed before i got braces. my wisdom teeth were impacted (stuck under gum) if they would have broken through they could have moved my teeth back the way they were before I had braces. but if you're wisdom teeth have already broken through, i don't think they'd bother your other teeth.

i had all my teeth removed so had 2 get wisdom ones out aswell so my falsers could fit in

Madame M
My dentist said I'd have problems when they came in, so I had them removed all at once -- under local anesthetic! And they were more of a problem than she thought they were, so it took several hours!

My lucky sister, therefore, got hers done with a real oral surgeon, and had a much easier recovery.

I dunno. People got their wisdom teeth for millions of years -- but then again, up until a generation or so ago, the guy with an aching tooth and a head all wrapped up in a cloth was a big joke that everyone understood. If you trust your dentist, go with what s/he recommends.

For teething pain, use your favorite pain reliever, and sometimes it helps to chew on something hard and cold (like ice cubes) where you are teething. You may feel really sleepy, and have a lot of drool, and possibly bathroom problems, but that's normal.

Some people don't have to have the surgery. The pain can be pretty intense with surgery, but it's over in a week. Teething, OTOH, can go on for weeks.

wish had mine removed, currently in agony as my wisdom teeth are infected and cant open my mouth and on many drugs!
get them out before they get like this! i wouldnt wish this pain on my worst enemy! good luck!
my buggers will be coming out as soon as im allowed to have them removed!

I have not gotten my teeth removed, however usualy they are taken out before they come in fully. the reason you get them is because back during the cave days they were nessecary, now they are not, so they take them out because they can be quite painful if not. Alothough the process of getting them taken out is painul you are asleep and do not feel them. It is however the recovery that is most painful. Yet many get over it in just a few days. Goodluck, don't be scared!

Kelly V
it can push you teeth forward
but mine grew in just fine
no problems
all depends on your genetics

I havent had them removed yet but I have been told that I will have to and I know I will (I do not have room in my mouth for them)

When I was on active duty, I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time. I Could feel two of them, but not the other two. It was weird! I think that if they arent removed they will probably cause some sort of alignment problems with your jaws... Check with your dentist to be sure...

3 Most people dont have room in their month for them....I still have one...

I had mine removed when I was 18. They would come through the gum and then go back in, and this went on for several months. Your dentist decides whether they come out or not, some people's can grow in normally but some people's mouths are too crowded. You'll have to go get an Xray taken. Good luck!

♥new baby born xmas eve
i had my wisdom tooth removed and it was definitely necessary!! The pain comes and goes for a very long time, One time i was in agony and had approx 6 hours sleep in four days. The pain was worse than giving birth,......

Ingrid S
it's not a nice thing!! i have the 4 removed the first 2 when is was 13 and the other 2 this year on July (i am 25) the only good thing is that i had 2 days-off at work!!! an advice: do not think too much of this before the surgery

No... I did not have my wisdom teeth removed... Thanx to the good genetics LOL... ;-D

FYI, wisdom teeth are extracted for two general reasons:

1- The wisdom teeth have already become impacted

2- The wisdom teeth could potentially become problematic if not extracted.

Potential problems caused by the presence of properly grown-in wisdom teeth include infections caused by food particles easily trapped in the jaw area behind the wisdom teeth where regular brushing and flossing is difficult and not effective. Such infections may be frequent, and cause considerable pain and medical danger. The extraction of wisdom teeth can be a difficult surgical procedure, and should only be performed by dental professionals with proper training and experience performing such extractions.


getting wisdom teeth pulled is sometimes necessary to prevent the crowding of other teeth. i had that problem...if i had left mine in, it would have ruined six years of braces and orthodontic work! some people are fine keeping them. all depends on your mouth.


mine were removed because they were impacted. If you're not having any 'teething' problems then they're fine, however if your teeth are already sitting very tightly together in a neat pearly row then yes wisdom teeth can sometimes force the others to be out of perfect alignment.

Yes, I had them removed. There is a chance they could become impacted (?) and have to be removed anyway. I chose to have them out before that became an issue.

Never had mine removed.

It can put some of other teeth out of line, especially when it's growing sideways.
Yes I have one of mine dug up when I was 16. It was growing sideways, and pushing other teeth out of line. It's loot was deeply in the jaw bone, but its head was peeping. I had it removed by a dentist who my mum used to work for as a dental nurse. She recommended him, because he's brilliant at plucking teeth out.
I still remember the night before the operation, when mum told me how it's going to be carried out to the details. That was totally unnecessary. It included cutting the gum open, breaking the tooth into 3 pieces and drilling the jaw bone, but I'm not gonna tell you much as you might want to have yours removed.
My the other one has grown in the same way recently, but I've been keeping it for now. Next time when I go home, I'll ask the same dentist to deal with it for me, as he was actually good.

John B
I had mine removed because they were impacted--growing forward instead of up.

Mopar Muscle Gal
I had to have all 4 of mine removed
2 impacted
2 crowding other teeth

it all depends upon if there's enough room for them to come in and if they actually come in correctly. I had both problems....too many teeth and the wisdon teeth came in at an angle, so I should have had mine removed.

I would ask my dentist and go from there.


No, it is not always necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed. Only if they are crooked or are going to make some teeth moved.

I had my wisdom teeth out at fifteen. It is generally an easy procedure, done in the dentist office. You are put to sleep and when you wake up your mouth is packed with gauze. It takes about a week of healing and then you are all set. I had all four out at once, and only needed Tylenol 3 for the pain. Because your wisdom teeth are so large, it generally would cause shifting of your other teeth.
Best of luck to you.

I had my wisdom teeth out because they were irritating the tissue at the back of my mouth. I had to have a friend take me in, wait and then take me home because of the sleeping gas. I got to have Strawberry air, but I wouldn't recommend a flavor if you have the choice (I didn't want to see another strawberry for months!!!)...it didn't hurt for long, and my teeth aren't mis-aligned.

I had all 4 removed in hospital at the same time - The bottom ones were compacted and there wasn't enough room for the top ones to come through - It really hurt and I had a nasty reaction to the anaesthetic :o(

Ted O
I had all 4 of mine removed. They were not coming in through my gums like normal teeth. They were coming in sideways pushing on the roots of my molars. They had to cut mine out. Not fun. This being said, no you do not have to have your wisdom teeth removed. Go to a reputable dentist and get an x-ray. He/she should be able to tell you if your wisdom teeth wil crowd your others.

Yes, I had mine removed just because it makes the most sense. Better to be proactive and stave off any problems you may have in the future. Especially it is wise if you are on your parent's insurance, as I was at the time. Furthermore, everyone who travels to Antarctica needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. I just never know when that is going to occur, so I figured it was probably a good idea to be prepared! :) Plus, it is good to have it done while you are still young and your jaw is not yet as firm. It is actually a very pleasant, painless experience. When they put me under I felt an absolute feeling of euphoria. Hopefully you will choose to go through with the procedure. You definitely will not regret it, and your smile will thank you! Just be sure to eat plenty of homemade chicken noodle soup afterwards. Good luck!

Suzanne L
You only need to have them out if they are causing you problems, if not, leave well alone. They can cause overcrowding of your other teeth if there is not enough room for them, but again not much to worry about really.

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