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 How long did you wear your braces?
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 I am very busy, so to save time, I am only going to brush my teeth once per week. Is this a good idea?
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 Braces pain! HELPPPPP?
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 do braces hurt when they put them on u?

 If you've had your wisdom teeth surgically removed...?
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Could you tell me if i need braces?
I have an overbite and over lapping tooth do you think i could do with braces
please give me your opinion
thanks ! x

it depends how bad your overbite is...if you feel like you need them then go for it....its all up to you and if you feel confident about how you look

Hannah the Princess
everyone gets braces now. i would ask your doctor though.

Leah H
yea the braces help with the overlapping tooth also the overbite. i had braces for 2 years to help and now my teeth are perfect. x

Why not? I'm Lexi! ♥
u should get braces my bff has a small overbite and is getting them 'cuz she needs them. hope that helpz.

if you think you need them and you can afford them go for it!

I had an overbite (lower jaw too far back) but that was easly corrected with a retainer, not fixed braces (although i also had them for crooked teeth and was glad i got them) you need to get an overbite sorted or your bottom teeth end up pushing the gum back behind your upper teeth which causes long term damage. The retainer i had kept my bottom jaw forward so new bone could grow behind my jaw keeping it forward.

Army StaR
I have a really bad over bite and I dont think I need braces, everyone in my family has an overbite and we don't need them.

I'm getting braces though because some of my teeth are a lil crooked etc,

But overbite is no problem honestly but its all in your opinion,

Have a nice day,

uh yeah. that's usually why people get them

Hug me
my sister have that problem last year but after she have braces she doesn't have that kind of problem anymore.

over bite- yeah i had one for that.
over lapping tooth- depending on how bad it is you may need to have it removed,

ask your dentist and they'll put you onto an authodentist and then they'll talk to you and find out whether you need them or not :)

mister M
one of my friends has an overlapping tooth and they have had braces fittes so i presume so, but it depends. ask your dentist

Nelly D
Go to a dentist and ask him

Johnny D
Ask your orthodontist; it's their job!

***LuLu ***
Yeah, you should get some, it will make your smile alot prettier and build your confidence to laugh all the time. :-)

it depends on how severe your overbite and overlapping tooth are! i have 2 teeth which are pushed back but my dentist told me that in order to straighten them, i would have to have teeth removed or all my teeth would become out of place. best bet is to have a check up with the dentist and if he reckons you need a brace then he'll transfer you to the orthodontist. :)

If you have the money than why not the earlier the better.

If you are unhappy with the overbite, then yes. If it doesn't bother you, then no.

probibly so. i had to get braces for an overbite. with the overlapping tooth, i'd say probibly so. their not so bad =) no worries. If your worried about metel in your mouth, go for invisaline

Lilly D
Well your teeth are meant to have a slight overbite.
And it actualy now depends on how wonky or w.e the teeth are.
but seem as its jst the 2 teeth for you, you probably wouldn't need to.go to your dentist and ask them.
My teeth are pretty wonky on the bottom. like 4 of them are. and dont need braces, they arnt wonky enough apparently. so im going private and paying a huge amount to have braces and get them sorted.

That's not really for us to decide, particularly as we have no photographic evidence. If you're concerned or self-conscious, have a chat with your dentist and he will refer you to an orthodontist where you'll have your brace fitted. He will need to ensure that your head has stopped growing first though. Good luck!

Sazie E
I read in a magazine the other day that there is this new thing out called invisible braces...dont no where you could buy them but they sound like a ceaper option thats if they are any good lol

Here is the best opinion you will get:

Go to a dentist or an orthodontist who can actually LOOK at your teeth!

erika f
That's really more a question for your doctor. If you can afford it i do it though.

if you have the money and your teeth don't look perfect, it's totally worth it.

Jessie K
Ask your dentist

Random strangers' opinions are worth nothing. Only an orthodontist who has examined you can accurately answer that.

you need then i have the same problem :

ask your dentist to refer you to an orthodontist and they will decide

ttoorrii (:
braces would work.

Overlapping teeth need braces. Overbite requires major major surgery.

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