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 braces? just got them today?
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 How often do you replace your toothbrush?
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 Just got braces and need help!!!!!!?
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 how can i take better care of my teeth?
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 Braces teeth pain?
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Chewing gum with braces...?
What would happen if I chew gum with braces??Will anyone else notice I was chewing gum??
Thanks =]

haha no just dont chew bubble gum. any other gum is fine. and whatever they say not to eat.. Ice cubes .. taco chips .. EAT THEM lol they dont do anything!

you should get the kind that people chew when they have dentures like freedent or something.... but regular gum will probably be fine too

if u have braces and u want to chew gum u shud chew trident

If its sugar-free you're fine. The sugary gum gets stuck in your braces. Well duhh people are gonna notice you chewing gum! haha

i have braces and i chew gum all the time and dont have any problems.........do it

I never had any problems with it. Every once in a while, you might get a little stuck in your braces, but it's not that big of a deal.

:) lovelovelove (:
Just get sugar-free cauz it doesnt stick

The best gum to use while wearing braces is "Freedent"
It's non-stick which makes it better for your teeth/braces.
It's also sugar-free I believe

s d
i am 12 and i am getting braces this december. my orothodontist said i am allowed to chew sugar free gum such as extra. if you chewed non-sugur free gum it would get stuck in between your braces!

♥-----> Bridge Gets Irratated
If your chew gum with braces, you wire parts may come out or your bands may come out. BAD IDEA!!! I think people will notice, cuz i do. who cares if people notice??

Victoria M
Well I have braces and when I chew gum I just push it up against the roof of my mouth. Most of the kids i know that chew gum with braces have a lot of dental expenses. So I wouldn't try it.
Good Luck!

i have braces now and i still chew gum all the time!
just eat the sugar free stuff so you dont have any problems if you get it stuck to ur braces
but you shldnt have the problem
but i have to be careful now cos when im in class i usually chew gum and if im asked somethin by teacher i moved it up between my gums and lip to hide it but now i cant cos it stuck all over braces :P
but thats only happened once
so you should be ok unless you are stupid like me :L

Chasity V
try to get the sugar free gum though

You're not suppos to chew gum but almost everyone does it. When I had my braces I chewed gum and you couldn't notice. If you are concered about people noticing just chech your teeth in a mirror or ask a friend if they noticed. It's only food that gets stuck in braces. Just don't chew gum with a retainer in! lol

no its fine i chewed gum everyday when i had braces and nothing happened. it'll stick in the back if your wire is poking but it comes off easily.


well if your smacking it they will notice! but yes you can as long as its sugar free. o and try stride gum and you can eat the wrapper so it wont stick.

haha dont worry chew gum all the time with my braces... i even eat popcorn and laffy taffy and that stuff and all that crap about "it will break them" is BS

It's fine to chew gum but you have to chew sugar free gum.

Try non stick gum. When i had braces i chewed regular gum and an elastic pop ed of. so i used non stick it works grate.

Brand: dentin its meant for den-cures, and braces find it in the grocery store and in drug stores.

Hope this helped :)

Carrie D
No, they won't notice. As long as it's sugar free it won't even stick to your braces.

I always chew gum with braces it usually doesn`t get stuck but if it does it can be a bother to get out.

☮ ♡ ☺
Well, it depends on your orthodontist. Mine only allows me to chew sugar free gum, while other orthodontists do not allow you to chew gum at all. Mine says that if you chew gum, it helps your teeth come together faster. He may be right, but I don't know, I am not an orthodontist! LOL

It's considered not to chew gum because it could cause some small problems like getting it trapped between your wires. I have braces right now and I eat and chew anything I want.

Sarah V
um nothing really happens
ive had braces for like 3 years and i always chew gum and NOTHING has ever happened to me haha

Don't worry about other people. YOU will notice when the gum gets horribly stuck to your braces and is impossible to get out.

jeff hardy #1 fan boy

If you chew gum, make sure not to chew Bubble Gum. Sugarless gum is less sticky and won't stick to braces as easily. They always say not to chew gum, but I sometimes do. It hasn't done anything yet, but sometimes even the sugarless gum attaches to the brackets and it hard to come off.

Use caution when chewing gum.

they tell you not to chew gum when you have braces, but when i did have them..i chewed gum all of the time, and had no problems..i'm not suggesting you do it, but be careful if you choose to!

haha no. its fine. i ate anything i wanted when i had braces

It CAN damage your braces. You might have to go to your orthodontist more often to repair them. It is absolutely worth it to not chew gum that way your braces can come off sooner.

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