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Cheek/lip chewing - how to stop?
I have done this since I was little, it's a constant thing that I do. It feels like I spend more time chewing than not chewing.
When I realise I'm doing it I try to tell myself to stop and I set goals like, "I'll get to the end of this hour without chewing" but as soon as I'm not thinking about it I start up again. Most of the time I do it without realising.

How can I stop? I'm sick of my mouth being sore all the time.
Additional Details
Sorry, I forgot to mention I can't do the gum thing because it is banned at college.

chew gum instead.
- it freshens your breath
- and in your case, stops your mouth being sore.

Look, im 22 and i have done it all my life...my mother does it....and i've even noticed my 4 year old son has started doing it too! the only thing i can think of while you are chewin is think how crazy you look! LOL! for real, i see other people doin it and i just think, wow, is that how crazy i look. i know you said you cant chew gum, but maybe peppermints or the small jolly ranchers..good luck!

Pierce you lip.
Thats how i stopped. The lip gets swollen and it hurts to much
to put any pressure on your lip. It will heal in a week or two
but by then it should be easier to stop. and if it doesn't work..
pierce to other side! lol

I like Greg's idea about putting money in a jar every time you do it.

I had this problem as well and so far its been almost a year since i havent chewed...The reason we keep chewing is because whenever you give it sometime to heal, the old gum kind of dries up into a whitish skin and you always feel the need to bite that piece off not realizing that once you bite that piece, you start chewing on it again for who knows how long! The only way to get over this is to really avoid chewing on it for about a week straight and then it will heal and you will have nothing to chew...This is how i got over my problem of chewing the gum! Good luck

Andy G
Drink vinegar when you've chewed

mr magic
think first

use a rubber band around you wrist and ping it when you chew. this may help you to stop.x

Xx sarah baybee xX
you can buy this lip cream/balm stuff to put on your lips and it tastes disgusting, nd that will put you off chewing your lips because it tastes horrible :S
If that dosent help, then go to a doctor :)
hope I helped
good luck

(O \ ! / O) 67 Bug boi
After you chew drink Lemon juice.

i used to do the same and i was told to chew gum..it works =] x

I`m doing it now, and did`nt realise until I started reading your question. I was told by my doctor its boredom and tiredness. I`m not so sure about the boredom. As for stopping it, When I am aware, I stop, then find myself doing it again. Have you noticed anyone else doing it, because it looks dreadful. Go stand in front of the mirror and start chewing! you will see what I mean. Never heard about TMJ though.

put money in a jar when ever you do it, until you stop

I do the same too, its a really annoying habit when you can't stop and then you are left with the inside of your mouth all sore and bleeding, >.< i do it usually when i'm bored.. its best to either chew gum, though, people dislike chewing gum, maybe you are one of those people?... like me, i just drink either cold water or i get people to slap me when they catch me doing it, then i stop. x) hope i helped! :) and just so you know, it may take some time to stop, but you will eventually. :)

i do it as well but it doesn't sound as bad as your condition
just concentrate on writing/drawing

you'll get over it soon

put hot hot chilli powder around it. that'll stop it

Joey V
i do the same thing chew gum and cold water

There are some lip balms out there that taste nasty if they touch anywhere inside the area of the mouth (CVS pharmacy brand will do the trick). Put lip balm on your lips which will help them heal faster from the biting, and it will give you a nasty taste in your mouth everytime you bite the lips. Sooner or later you will stop.

:) Pizzaapiee
chew your pen lid :)

I used to do this all the time! I can't do it anymore since my dentist filed down my bottom teeth- I can't reach.

Eternal Empire
I do the same thing, not the cheek thing but I constantly chew my lip.

katie sue woowoo xx
maybe you should have an elastic band on your wrist and every-time you do it ping the band on your wrist or get your tongues Periced :P

You have extra mental energy. You can alternatively channel this energy into dissolving a sugarless whatever, tucked into your cheek, without biting it.

The Lovlie Duck
i admit i do this too. And i know how annoying it can be because it hurts to eat. But try and work out why you do it. I mean like is it purely habit or did it come from somewhere and its a way of coping? I know i do it when im really stressed and feel down. Maby theres something like that with you? Only a thought.

Anyway try eating salt and vinegar crisp. Stings like mad! but you will learn quick enough.

This is a common problem with habits- they actually become things you do with your subconscious mind if you do them for too long. Ok the low down is, it's not good health wise. You are damaging the surface and could be doing even worse damage to your veins. You could, (or may) have end up with varicose veins as a result of them being constantly damaged so they end up swelling up. Long term damage can cause blood pockets to build up which can lead to bleeding and infection. My mum used to chew her lip and she ended up with a lump of veins filled with blood that eventually popped and wouldn' t stop bleeding for hours- she too had done it for years and she still has a purple lump in her lip, but when it bleed so bad it gave her a incentive to stop- but don't wait for that kind of incentive.
It might sound over the top, but people with habits and phobias often benefit from councilling- I had to have it due to my fear of needles and it does help. The only problem with habits, is often the way people find easiest to stop is only by starting another one in its place- such as you could keep moving your tongue around inside your mouth around your lips and cheeks instead of using your teeth, but its better to try to do it other ways to prevent growing more habits, though if it works to find a 'better' and less damaging alternative it can be a good starting point then work from there, as if you've had this habit a long time it will naturally take longer to break off. Habits are often based around the urge to constantly move, or fidget- so finding a way to prevent this urge is the way forward- taking your mind off it, setting yourself timed awards can help, but talking to someone who can listen and advise you would be most benefitual.

Devon G
I chew gum because I can't stop eating everything lol.........
Maybe it can work for you to stop chewing on you cheeks and lips

ughh ! i do this too! I went to the dentist to go get a cleaning and the dentist asked me why I bite my cheek. she said people who do that alot end up alot of times having the places were you bite turn into cancerous alkot of times. l try to stop but when im thinkn of stressed, i still do it.

Every time you notice yourself doing this slap yourself. You'll learn quickly, believe me.

1. Every time you catch yourself doing it, discontinue. You'll have to make yourself conscious of it.

2. Try to practice placing your tongue between your top and bottom teeth. That helps !

3. You can use a custom made hard occlusal guard most of the time of the day.

4. You can also use bleaching trays (very thin and clear) during the day when you go to school. It won't be that noticeable.

5. You can also talk to your dentist about a :dental positioner". It trains your muscle to relax :


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