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 braces on 2 days ago, what can i bring to eat at the movie?
Since i'm pretty sure popcorn is not an option, what is something i could bring to munch on at the movies? my teeth are still a little sensitive. thank you!...

 i dont know what the hell happend to me?
i dont know why my girl friend wants to breakup with me and she says she loves me and i did a lot for her i dont know how to break up i dumped my other gf for her and i didnt mass aruond with ...

 POLL: what colour is your toothbrush ?
My toothbrush is red & pink :) what colour is yours?


 Does having teeth extractions hurt?
Im having premolar and canine taken out. I have heard that it hurst loads from some and some say it doesnt, if any one else has had the same teeth taken out can you say if it hurts or not? thanks!...

 Does it hurt when you get your braces off?
I'm getting mine off in July and kind of nervous....

 Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt? Or a route canal?
After you were numbed....

 I recently changed dentists & the new dentist took x-rays when my old ones were just done 2 yrs. ago. Typical?
Or are they just trying to get more $$ from me/insurance? My old dentist took x-rays every 3-5 yrs. but it seems they are all trying to sell you on cosmetic dentistry, pulling out old fillings to do ...

 How to get white teeth?
my sister is having yellow teeth. i need only home remedies....

 How often do you brush your teeth - be honest?
Me is 2x a day..
Forced Habbit as a kid.
How bout you?...

 Who can do fillings besides dentists?
I am very interested in dentistry... but I'm not sure if I want to do the whole dental school 'thing'. I don't want to be a hygienist or assistant, but would still like to be ...

 when my husband eats pineapple he gets little sores in his mouth,what is this?
When he eats pineapple he gets thease little sores inside his mouth, its painfull for him. have you ever heard of this, is he alergic? What can we use to treat this?...

 How much are braces ?
I'm about to get braces , and I told my mom I wanted them , and she said they were $6,000 . ARE THEY SERIOUSLY THAT EXPENSIVE ?...

 What's the best way to remove tea stains from teeth?
And please don't say stop drinking tea. That is unfortunately not an option anymore.....
Additional Details
haha...i do brush of course! but my crest total isn't cutting it ...

 will it hurt?
I might get braces in a month or so, im wondering how they do it and if it will hurt and stuff. and do you have to get a needle in your mouth?...

 What age do kids usually get braces?

 i am getting braces in 2 days........do they hurt?

 How bad does getting braces hurt?
How bad does getting your braces hurt.(like an exampl)
How bad does getting your braves of hurt?

Additional Details
its just a typo i meant braces ugh..-.-...

 Do getting braces hurt?
I`m gonna get braces next Wednesday (2/17/10). Does anyone knows if it will hurt, how long is the pain is gonna last, and how long does it take to get braces on? I`m kinda scared now....

 Braces or Spacers?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??…
I got spacers a few days ago. I didn't think that they hurt at all. Does that mean that my braces won't hurt. Which hurts more braces, or spacers?...

 All my top teeth are hurting what this mean?

Can you use too much mouthwash?
I have flouridated mouthwash (ACTS I think). It says only use it once a day. I've been using it alot. I think i might have a cavity in my wisdom tooth and it's freaking me out. I don't want to get it out cause I'm paranoid. Can they do a filling in a wisdom tooth?

Anyway, I want to know if I can use too much of that mouthwash. I also use a toothpaste with extra flouride. Is all of this good for my teeth?

Additional Details
Thanks for all the help. I was worried about getting the filling done in the wisdom tooth because its not completely out and its sort of jammed against my other tooth.

But I'm completely paranoid about getting it out. In my head thats not even an option, I'm way too scared. So if they can fill it thats what I want.

lam bro
Yes it is bad. You kill the cherms but you kill also the good ones.
You can do filling at any tooth

ya wanna RUIN yur teeth?

its corrosive

dunt overdo

und dunt bleach the teeth

its toxic i say

it will ruin your nerves

jahiem j
I would not use it more than 3 times a day. If you eat 3 times a day use it after each meal. good luck

Yes they can do a filling in a wisdom tooth. Follow the directions on the bottle, but first talk to your dentist about your risk for dental decay.
If you are using this product excessively, you may be doing more harm than good. Alcohol based mouthwashes will dry out the tissues in your mouth, which actually will lead to tooth decay. You would be better off using something that promotes the flow of saliva, such as a sugar-free gum or sugar-free mints.
Once you're past the age of 8, you are no longer at risk for developing dental fluorosis (excessive fluoride during tooth development).

If you have a cavity that is bothering you, then all the fluoride in the world won't make it go away. You need dental treatment, or the decay can spread throughout the tooth and into other teeth. Tooth decay, or "Caries Disease" is a bacterial infection. You have to have the bacteria (decay) removed in order to treat it.

yes, to much of any thing can be bad

Evil Monkey
they say that because it can cause what's called Colorado brown stain(dental fluorosis). i believe there was a area in colorado that was flourinating the water supply and people were getting brown spots on there teeth, it turned out that the teeth were actually healthy but too much flourine causes brown spots to occur.

also some mouthwash contains alcohol(25% sometimes) they say dont drink it or over wash to cover themselves on liability so someone doesnt blame an accident on them for not warning them.

If you're using it as directed you'll be fine - just use it once a day otherwise you are using it too much.

As far as filling a wisdom tooth, yes they can fill it just like any other molar. If it's hurting you, go see your dentist and he/she will tell you if you have a cavity.

Help is on the way...
i don't think u should use that much, to much of anything is not good for u, getting a tooth pulled is not that bad when it's a wisdom tooth, try a toothpaste without the sugar, people go nuts over this toothpaste, it's called cashew nut-flavored toothpaste. sounds nutty but it's true. cavities are a big concern in my house hold, Unfortunately u may not want to see a dentists, but u should before it gets really bad..

I think using too much of anything is bad.

Jessie. (:
don't forget to floss!

mh c y
Yes. Too much can ruin your teeth.


Excessive use of mouthwash increases the probability of irritation or tissue sensitization; this is particularly true of cinnamon-flavored products such as Lavoris or those with high alcohol content, which would include almost all of them. Even though the risk is relatively small, when considered with the limited utility of these products, there is little therapeutic justification for their use.

Using too much mouthwash can be bad. You can actually kill all the good bacteria in your mouth, allowing the bad bacteria to invade your mouth. Using too much mouthwash can also dry out your mouth.

It is possible to do a filling on your wisdom tooth. Having wisdom tooth can be hard to mantain since it is all the way back of your mouth.

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