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Did I mention I have braces? >=/

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snow as we are here in Ohio? and how much do you think you've gotten today?
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No amberly I don't think we would be that lucky for it to stop anytime soon!!

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***** please
Can you french kiss if one person has braces and the other doesn't?
I'm getting braces in a couple days, and my gf doesn't have them. I've heard about 2 people with braces kissing and getting stuck. Can anything bad like that happen if 1 person has them and the other doesn't?

wow are you five?

um no?

I prefer that

It'll be fine.

Joe Kamel
yea if you want to get your gums cut up

she could cut her tongue, but if she loves you enough she'll go through the pain :]

Don't worry.Braces aren't sharp and you don't french with your teeth! At least not me :)

yes you can. my boyfriend had braces and its no different trust me lol. he got them off like a week ago and he still kisses amazingly [: oh and making out is the same deal.

Bruno V
no, you can kiss her with braces or without braces it will be ok

yes you can. (im speakinq from experience!]--my ex boyfriend had braces & i did'nt. i was a little query about it too but when we kissed, it was normal. so yes darlinq, you can have a ball ! lol.

nothing bad should happen, just make sure your braces aren't rusty so your gf doesn't get tetanus

yes you can just don't bite her lip it won't feel good i promise avoid your teeth having contact with any part of her xD

it'll be fine.
It'll be a little weird for a while but you'll both get used to them.

babyymama !
yes you can french !

Sierra Sinks Ships™
Well they wouldn't get stuck but if you tried your gf might get like scratched or something along those lines.

No, your braces have nothing to attach.

Not really. IF you're not careful you may cut their lip, but thats about the worse. You may also cause discomfort, but it should be fine.

If their braces got caught on each other then they must be awful at kissing. I have had braces for 5 years (yeah, its been hell). but regardless, I had my first kiss with them... and countless more since.
Nothing bad will happen at all. I promise!

Well, my friend is getting braces and she has asked this same question to a lot of people. YES, you CAN get stuck to someone if they have braces too, if they DONT have braces then you CAN NOT get stuck. Goodluck.

John M
Ask your dentist, Bennett. And if she's HOT, ask her to SHOW you.

That girl
No silly
don't let there tongue touch the braces...
bad experience...

haah nothing will happen.. you cant even really tell when your kissing that there's braces..

Your fine but I have heard of people getting their gums cut a little.

Uh if you are good at kissing, no!

When I had my braces, over the course of a year I kissed 7 different guys and none of them said they had their gums cut up, and 1 of those guys had braces as well.

If you make out properly, she shouldnt even notice

you will be totally fine, promise =). itll probably be akward at first because youre not used to your braces but, you wont get stuck!! lol

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