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Can the infection from a tooth that has a had 2 root canals & an apicectomy spread to the surrounding teeth?
The teeth next to the rotten tooth are now hurting, but they don't have any cavities! So it begs the question. Any input is much appreciated.
Additional Details
i'm overwhelmed by the answers, and have more questions, but i can't address this until the weekend as i'm working 2 jobs and am too busy! I appreciate all the feedback.

I do know that if you let infection keep going without anibiotics, it will spread to other parts of your body, esp your ear and it can hurt your bones surrounding the teeth and cause bone disease. I know someone that didn't have any problems and suddenly they found loose teeth and later found out she had bone disease and had to pull all of them. That's an extreme case but you need to get the rotten teeth pulled because it is not able to be salvaged and plus you want to keep any other surrounding teeth. When they pull the rotton tooth, it gets rid of any diseased tissue. I would suggest you get it pulled immediately. Should only be 100 without insurance, less if you have.

Hi, speaking as a dentist; after root filling and apicectomy it can be very difficult to permanently clear up infection. On examining the x rays of such an area,and looking at the symptoms presented, one can assess whether it is best to retain the tooth or extract it.
Do not be confused by, or buy books from, anybody with an axe to grind and a reputation to make.

Doctor J
Hi Jen. The infection spreads into and via the bone. This condition is now called NICO - Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis. Sadly, most dentists do NOT understand this process/condition.

This is basically a bone infection (osteomyelitis) with chronic, low-grade inflammation which affects the local nerves - producing and mimicking 'tooth pain'.

I have just finished a series of 7 surgeries to treat a life-time of this type of 'dental pain' that went undiagnosed by numerous dentists. Mine stemmed from extensive dental work as a child and multiple crowns and root canals as an adult. My "bad teeth" were a result of undiagnosed Celiac Disease.

Demand a referral to a specialist who diagnoses and treats "cavitations".

You need to understand that this condition is very 'controversial'. Most dentists do not 'believe' in it. It is hard for health care professionals to accept that the work they do may be doing great harm!

There are a couple of books available at Amazon.com that discuss this condition. One is called "Root Canal Cover-up" by George Meinig, DDS, FACD.

Best wishes and good luck.

"Dr J" is absolutely correct in his analysis. In addition to the NICO, just the anesthetic they use to deaden the area for the tooth they are working on can cause the infection to spread to other adjacent teeth. The teeth infections can be insidious because there is low to no blood flow in many areas of the mouth. The so called "modern dentistry" has lot of problems associated with the chemicals they use to the equipment. Just having infection in one tooth can spread to all other parts of the mouth cavity. Good equipment is expensive and many dentist just don't have the money or the interest in upgrading their practice to accommodate the high quality equipment required to do the top notch job.

For example the hypochlorite solution they use to sanitize only kills about 30% of the germs associated with creating infections. A good quality sanitizing laser will kill 99.99% of all the germs when used, but it is very expensive piece of equipment. It's always interesting to me to hear all the excuses as to why the hypochlorite solution is used rather than the laser, but the bottom line is that it always comes down to economics.

All amalgam fillings have infection under them. The amalgam contains over 50% LIQUID mercury that leaches out over time in the form of mercury vapor that goes to the liver and is converted to mercuric ions that end up in the brain and destroy the Tubulon Matrix as it tries to form around the neurodendrites, causing dendrite entanglements that are associated with Alzheimer's disease.

The metal in fillings, etc. block the ability to see infections in x-rays used by dentists. When amalgams are removed, there are always infections found, contrary to what the ADA and dentists will tell you.

The NICO problem is controversial by dentists because they have not been trained to recognize what it looks like in dental x-rays. The infections of NICO reflex to many parts of the body depending upon which tooth is affected and like the other gentlemen mentioned, it spreads to other bone. Many tumors, cancers, etc. can be traced directly to these infections in the mouth.

The gutta percha used by many dentists to fill root canals does not completely fill the canals. It is a latex type material and many infections are found in the root tip of the canals filled with this junk. Dentists will defend using this to their death because it's easy to use and accepted, but every case I seen where it is used in root canals, NICO is present.

A quality product called EndoCAL10 is highly recommended because it expands and fills the canals as it sets. When this is used, NO infections have been found like that of gutta percha. Many dentists say that the EndoCAL10 causes roots to be damaged due to the expansion, but if ANY of that happens it's due to inexperience of the dentist, not the product. Just ask yourself why is this product being used in Canada, Europe and many countries with great success for over 20 years, including the U.S. that has been using it now since it was FDA approved in 2000. And then ask yourself why would a dentist want to use gutta percha knowing that it does not fill all the canals and generates infections such as NICO?

And just like any business involving health, there will always be so called "scientific studies" that will give opinions on any of these subjects, but the results of good dentistry is self evident in the health of the patient, but bad dentistry is also quite evident and rampant in the U.S. The fact is, that infections that are found in the mouth are impossible to be fixed by the body's immune system in many cases, due to the low to no blood flow in that area of the body and you need a good quality dentist that knows what he's doing to make sure you will maintain good health, not just in your mouth, but the rest of the body.

Any infection in the body, depletes the body of minerals and until you fix those infections, your body will be deficient in those necessary minerals.

Ask your dentist the following questions. If he can't answer positive to ALL of them, get a new dentist:

1. Does he use digital x-rays and not analog x-rays that produce 10 times the radiation?
2. Does he use Septocaine as the anesthetic? Lidocaine and Carbocaine are extremely toxic and can compound infections in other teeth.
3. Does your dentist use a rubber dam to prevent toxins and garbage from entering your body?
4. Does your dentist use an exhaust system to dispose of the toxic mercury vapor and other materials from getting into the room and you?
5. Does your dentist use medical grade tubing to supply you with purified air to your nostrils?
6. Does your dentist use dye staining to determine where decay is exactly on your tooth?
7. Does your dentist use a dental laser to disinfect?
8. Does your dentist use low-fusing ceramics or ceramic/hybrids to replace fillings?
9. Does your dentist use a light curing device to permanently bond a new inlay or crown?

There is a testing technique that I have found to be better than the best dental equipment testing, called QRA that can find infections, even when dentist cannot with their equipment. This method has never been wrong in terms of finding infections. Keep in mind, that any trauma to a tooth or even the surrounding teeth can cause teeth to die. Typically 3 traumas can cause teeth to die, so if you had two root canals and apicectomy done to the rotten tooth, the surrounding teeth are at risk.

Good luck with all this. It's not a perfect world and so called "modern dentistry" is plagued with misinformation and an organization, ADA, that is more interested in keeping dentist at status quo than understanding and correcting many of the bad practices and instrumentation dentists use on people. They have a "standard of care" that tells dentists, for example, that they can lose their license if they tell patients to have their amalgams out for health purposes. It's that bad.

good luck

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