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Can anyone help me with my BRACES!?!?
I got braces yesterday and i'm in more pain today!Can anyone tell me what can i eat or what can make this pain go way?"/

Carlee C
Well I am getting braces next week so i really don't want to talk about pain but what color are yours??

Take over the counter pain medications and eat pudding, ice cream, custurd, yogurt, and maybe a soft sandwich if you think you can handle it.

Sorry lass, just have to tough it out for a few days! Feel better!

Take pain killers and eat soup and ice cream.

Also, when you go in to have the braces tightened take 2-3 Tylenol before the appointment because your mouth is going to be sore afterwards.

ツCocoPopsツ=Smooth Criminal >
I had the same problem it KILLS! Only eat very soft foods eg soup, soggy cereals,drink a lot of milk try and swallow noodles and pasta. Don't try and eat some things like soft toast because that really hurts! Put your teeth on cold things like ice cream, it will hurt at first but it will make it numb. Hope you feel better :) x

Kelly S
eat macoroni

lots and lots of pain relievers
the pain is extreme
but don't worry... it's only for about a week
eat liquids like soups and extreme dont try to get anything like cookies or hard candy because it'll hurt even more
hope i could help!

I've had my braces for over a year now, and i remember the pain just stick to Liquid foods and the pain should go away in 1-2 days anyway if it dosn't go away within a week go back to the dentist. try painkillers.

sgt pepper
one the best things to do is, take some tylenol right before you leave to go to the orthodontists office
than, i know that it is "against the rules" but as soon as you get out of the orthdontists chew gum for the rest of the day, it makes you not sore in the morning
the best kind of gum, in my opinion is that new trident extra care, it comes in a green pack or a blue pack
if you want to be extra careful though, chew freedent gum you can find it in most pharmacy stores, like wallgreens or cvs

good luck

when my mom first got braces all she ate was basically oatmeal..i have braces too so i know what its like

nikki moo
you can buy wax for your braces and that'll take the pressure off the braces pushing against your mouth. i know they hurt like hell at first but it doesn't take too long to get used to, just try stick to soft food and liquids.

i know how you feel, because i got braces last year but i don't think you can do anything about the pain. you will just have to wait until it goes away (in four or five days)and try to eat a lot of ice-cream. that really helps.and also take some tylenol.

take tylenol that works the best. When I got mine on i had alot of smoothies to make me feel better lol

heatherr s
Take some Tylenol, and just eat soft foods or if you eat something just brush your teeth afterward. Food will get caught and you'll need to clean your mouth a lot.

Grand Inquisitor
ohhh the joys of braces!!

dont worry hun...try jelly, dont eat anything with nuts or any meats...they get stuck in your teeth.. obviously eat very soft things.

i used to put it into my mouth beyond my teeth and kind of squish it with my tongue(gross i know- cant believe i just said that!)

so...jelly, soup, ice cream(its cold-numbing effect), pain killers!!!!! anything that can be disolved(chocolate)...nothing that needs to be chewed(no steak sorry!)

it will go away soon dear...give it about a week...the worst pain i found was when they actually put it on....never again!!

it goes away, and doesnt hurt after that..be strong;)

take one ibporfuen(however that is spelled) (the painkiller stuff) that relly helps and i have my mom make me chichen noodle soup or , eat some yougurt or, some pudding (us a plastic spoon) if the metal hits your tooth on accident it kills. you can also eat ice cream for desert with some really chochlately syrup. THat is pretty much it unless you have some other really mushy foods you would rather have.and listen to some music it takes you mind off it.

Yeah that was like me when I had my braces. It doesn't really hurt to eat the first day. But it will hurt the next two days and be difficult to eat. But don't worry, after 2 days the pain will go away and you would be able to eat more food.

I would say eat stuff like

(pot noodle)

just eat some ice cream/ice cream shake, thats all i did
or you could try taking some asprin.

Go Wash Your Mouth Out Young Man
everything hurts
try eating anything soft
or even drink yoghurt...
and instead of using normal toothpaste, use Sensodyne! It helps a lot

or the easy way out is to take an advil but it's not very healthy so I wouldn't reccomend it!

♥♥!!Dirty Diana!!♥♥
The pain will do away soon and you might want to try some pain medicine, or pain medicine for kids(if you are one). There is nothing really that can take the pain away but not moving your mouth. Try not to talk that much or chew that much..trust me it makes it worse. Some pain medicine that you might want is Tylenol. The pain reliver. Make sure that you get the pain reliver, not the cold, or alergies product.

Do warm salt water garggal every 1 hour .
take a pain killer.
Eat non solid food and what ever you eat make sure you brush .
Belive me hot water with salt in it really helps .
Try it .

Eat soup, but for God's sake don't eat noodles! Until you're better at eating with braces on, the strands will get wrapped around the brackets and you'll slowly suffocate.
Try any over-the-counter pain meds, like Tylenol or Advil.

Take some aspirin to make the pain go away. Since the braces are pulling your teeth, they become slightly loose, so when you eat it hurts. Take my advice eat no matter how much it hurt because the more you eat the more your teeth settle into place, and feel better.

put some wax on your braces it helps them not scrape your gums and if its huring after that take out wax eat some icecream and put in wax it always works for me

Stick to very soft foods, soup, bananas, anything that you can break up small enough to put into your mouth and 'mush' up against the roof of your mouth without having to use your teeth.
This may sound silly but...if you have any plastic cutlery/glasses use them instead of metal ones because if you accidnetally bang the spoon or whatever against your teeth...well you can imagine!! I found straws very useful!!
try taking really cold water and just holding it in your mouth for a while and then spit it out, its distracting from the pain!
I spent a lot of the time puffing out my cheeks to keep them away from my braces, but now i just use wax on the brackets that have those 'hooks' on, and my lips can just kinda slide over the hooks without getting caught or cut up on them!
Ice cream and other cold things are said to be quite helpful with numbing, or you could always use the numbing 'gel' stuff you can get a chemists...whenever i go to the dentist i get the bubblegum one stuffed into my mouth before i get an injection...which put me off it slightly!
Aside from that, i'm not sure what else to suggest since i only had top brackets put on at the front for the time being, so i was able to chew at the back pretty soon after.
Don't attempt to floss for the 1st few days...its not worth the pain but do brush carefully with a really soft toothbrush so as not to inflame your gums anymore than they are at the moment!!
Hope this helps!!!

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