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Rawr! Its_Reenie.
Bulimia.... why does my breath stink....?
If I brush my teeth after i purge and i always have breath mints.
But like, it smells really acidy and weird.. =S
whys this?

Btw. Im getting help for my bulimia. I was just wondering.


Because your stomach acid is rotting your mouth. Stop purging and you will no longer have that problem.

try using a lot of mouth wash. that should help. if you teeth are worn from the acid trying act mouthwash it helps to restore them.

maybe its the mouth wash you use. i suggest that you should get listeriene . it works:) trustt me:)!

because, of your teeth.
when you purdge and be sick, the acid from your stomach is also in the sick, and erods your teeth

you will eventually have black roothen teeth :(

stop purdgeing, good look!

Ok its good that youre getting help. It probably stinks because the acid is stuck in your teeth and those hard to reach places. I dont know. Sorry!!!! :(

Well cause you vomit. And thats not good for your teeth and stuff.

Diamond Dog
Probalby because your insides are not well & the smell is coming from your gut.

If you are getting help, it will improve.

Because there is constant stomach acid in not only your mouth but esophagus.

Fortune Teller
Because you throw up! That's bringing up stomach acid and all the food you ate that day..If you think about it, it's really gross.

its because of the acid and stuff...and i am so sorry for all the insensitive answers....the dumbass people who dont have eating disorders could never even imagine what its like...im glad your getting help...i am trying to get help as well

The vomit is acidic so the stench would linger in your throat and mouth, mints and toothpaste can only do so much.

Oh My MJ • Haley ;D
i guess its just the bile and the food. =p
i purge too because i have anorexia/PD and i chew sugar-free gum. it really works, i chew extra peppermint.

When you throw up, you're throwing up acid, too...I think.... And it's good your getting help. :) I get help, too, but not for an eating disorder. For another disorder--OCD (obsesive compulsive dissorder). Anyway, yeah, and breath mints are small, and brushing your teeth is just, well, brushing your teeth. You can't get deep enough into your throat for either.

Rachel C
The acid is still in your mouth and on your tongue. It's eroding your teeth and causing the smell.

Bad breath occurs when you suffer from bulimia simply because vomit is full of bacteria that remains on your tongue, teeth , and inside of your mouth.

Anna Maria Catamarine
Your breath sticks becaus ethe acid is still in your mouth, it's a commonly known fact that people who have bulemia have stinky breath and possibly lose their teeth and their toungue may start to rot

Your Friendly Jewish Accountant
Your stomach is rotten as is your esophagus. What you're smelling is decaying flesh.

Glad to hear that you're getting help, dear.

because puke is stomach acids! so yes it def will be acidy. Breath mints dont help everything..lol. I wouldnt be purging in the 1st place but in ur case, brush ur teeth after! use floride...ect...

Please answer! REALLY need opinon! Im sure some ppl can relate:



Choclat Puddin
Because not only is acid coating your teeth but it is probably in your throat too. I'm not exactly sure but that's my guess.


I'm surprised there was so little out there.what I think is one needs to use very carefully oral hygiene. It might be that your electrolyte levels are off. Too much in the way of laxatives will cause that. See your doctor. Thank God your getting help, May we both find a better way to control weight.

Mrs. J*son
It smells like acid because it is! The acid in your stomach helps with digestion. When you throw up, the acid that is mixed with the food comes up as well.

Also, partially digested food wouldn't smell to great coming back up.

Congratulations on seeking help for your eating disorder. Stay focused and you can do it!!

If you say so
Because you are bringing up stomach acids which will not only give you bad breath but rot your teeth too.

It is from the acid in your stomach, it is coming up and rupturing your esophagus. Basically, you're making your insides wear away.

Good Luck, it will be a fight, I hope you can win.

the acidy smell is the reflux you puke...so when you puke it goes trhough your throat and then your mouth thats when the smell comes in!!

good luck !!!

and am happpppppyyyyy to hear that your getting help!!!!
i wish the most success!!!

Michael T.
Well. your stomach is acidic. When you purge you purge food as well as the stomach fluids, which are acidic. They smell bad and "acidy". They also corrode your teeth!

that's great you're getting help..you should. try to purge less often, it's not good. and brushing your teeth doesn't always get rid of bad breath..just cleans your teeth most of the time..but try brushing your tongue...that's where the bad breath comes from. also, don't use breath mints...they do nothing but hide the icky smell...and they don't always get it all. you could try mouth-wash if you want..but it may not work to the full extent. usually dentists are the first people to detect bulimia because after purging many times, your teeth start to rott, so be careful, hun! good luck!

it's because the acid is burning your throat and teeth.

Leigh O
You could brush all day long, but the acids from you stomach stay in you mouth/on your teeth. Your teeth will suffer greatly if you don't quit.

Good Luck! Honestly!

You have puke breath because you puke all the time. Knock it off.

Two reasons:
1) the bacteria collects in the back of your throat where the brushing won't reach; sometimes mouthwash will help, but generally if you are using it that far back, it will trigger your gag reflex, which defeats the whole point.
2) The acid from your stomach is eroding your teeth, creating new places for bacteria to thrive. Toothpaste will clean out the current bacteria from the areas you can reach, but it doesn't neutralize the acid or prevent new bacteria from the air from attaching to your teeth, particularly in the acid-created pockets.

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