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My braces are costing $7,200!
I think there too expensive!

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 AHHHHHHHHHH getting braces tomorrow:S:S:S:S?
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also are coloured braces just gay, cuz honestly i don wanna come ...

 what color??
im getting my braces off next month and cant decide what color to get my retainer as!! any suggestions???...

 how do i remove my braces myself(teeth)?

 tomrow im getting 12 cavities filled?
im very scared, it may not be all 12 tomrow it may be half tomrow half another day, can i please have some advice about what i should do! im very scared! :(
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i brush my ...

 I'm scared my dentist will find out I'm bulimic?
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 A Question About Braces?
Im getting braces in 15 days, and i was wondering how long it will take to get them. I'm only getting my top teeth, though. Also, can someone explain what the metal thing that goes around the ...

 if some braces fell off from my teeth, will it mess up the process?
i havne't called my orthodontist to tell him this, cause im afraid he will get mad, but i have had my braces like this like for a month!:S:S:S:S wil it mess up the process!?...

Braces teeth pain?
ok i got braces today...and my teeth are hurting bad...for some reason especially my front 4....they almost feel loose but they aren't...what is up with that...oh and how long after they get put on can u expect lots of pain
Additional Details
I have been taking ibuprofen every 3 hours but it isn't helping

Like a week at first. But it will get better.
Some advice. Wear your retainer... you will regret it if you dont.
Braces are the best thing that happened to me. So the pain was worth it.

a week but it should stop in a week:}

i remember getting braces it hurts a lot and nothing helps. the teeth are supposed to feel loose, and they will hurt for up to two weeks after, and they will start hurting right away sorry i know it hurts a lot.

So far from where you are
The pain can last quite a while for some people. My sister got them the day before Thanksgiving...haha, pretty not cool seeing as she couldn't eat. They do hurt though, from what I hear, I haven't gotten them yet but am getting them over spring break...ah!

well, i usually had pain the first few days after each appointment that the orthodontist tightened them. take same tylenol and only drink milkshakes or smoothies right after. i know the pain; it's sore and throbbing! but it will all be worth it in the end! :)

its natural for braces to hurt for the first week or so. It will go away soon, but for the pain drink really cold water as often as you can. i think it kinda numbs your mouth a bit. I really dunno, but it works.
If the pain is really bad then try panadol or nuerofen.

Alicia ♡
Probably for the next 1-2 days you'll feel pain. Its like that every time you get them tightened. My advice is to take one or two advils right BEFORE you go to orthodontist, then by the time your done the pain will be less severe. Just stick it out kid and just picture yourself in like 5 years (probably less) with a nice set of pearly whites!!

Pamela C
Take advil or motrin every 4 to 6 hours, it really helps alot! The pain will be bad for about 2 days.. and then each time you go back for an adjustment, I recommend taking the ibuprofen before you go to the orthodontist, that way you have nipped the pain before you get it..
dont' worry.. you will survive.. those teeth hurt because they are moving so you have a super smile someday soon.
Keep smiling and don't forget to floss.. now that is a pain!

your teeth are loose your braces are forcibly moving them...

hurting is good it means there is progress... it will go away in about a week until then eat foods that don't require chewing

no pain no gain

Ohhhhh man... I remember that pain. I feel for ya. It will be pretty sore for the first few days, but you will get used to it. I know that's a weird thing to say, but the idea of braces is to move your teeth, so they are kind of moving all the time. You get used to it, don't worry. Take some tylenol, and if the pain doesn't at least lessen after a few days, call the orthodontist and ask if maybe it should still be that bad or if they can prescribe some painkillers.
Good luck!

your teeth are hurting cus they r moving
your not used to it so its weird
and you can expect lots of pain if you dont take pain killers
but eventually you will get used to it
and it will be so normal that when you get them off it feels just as weird as when you got them put on

From my experience, braces always hurt the worst during the first week or 2. This is when you start to get used to this outside pressure on your teeth. After that, it doesn't get worse, but you do get periodic tightenings, which is less painful than the first week. Hope your teeth turn out nice and even!

Ok buddy your teeth right now are sore because its your first day on having them. Your teeth are not use to them you know. So try to relax it will all go away after a couple of days give it about a week or two the most. At first your going to have trouble eating so eat like liquid foods and also your braces are going to start scratching your inner lip so watch it but dont worry wax helps. After all this your all good intil they tighten your wires. good luck

Joel T
I had braces for 5 years and I hated going to the orthdontist for them to tighten them up. Your teeth hurt because they are being forced to move to where they need to be. I would eat soup as the pain can be real intense and took advil for the pain. Wait till the start putting in the elastics that go from the front of your mouth to the back . It hurts something fierce. The pain should subside in a couple of days to a slight pressure and nothing at all in a week.

It's the feeling of your teeth being moved and tight that is making your front four teeth feel loose.

The extreme pain should end in about three days, but it will continue to bother you for a week or two. Then, you'll probably get used to the feeling of braces. :) Hope you feel better.

it'll hurt/be tender for like a week
but it will get better
rinse your mouth with warm salt water
and take some like tylenol or advil
have fun
eat some ice cream!

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its normal cause youre not used to it. give it a week or two

smiles are amazing
i give it a week and make sure to take pain killers, the pain will go away thoug and once you get them off you will look sooooo fine. like i had my in seven grade and got them off at the end of seventh and i got so many complaments, like the guys with fall in love with you. ahah it worked for me.but seriously teeth are a main attraction.

they feel loose because they are getting pulled to another position. i rember when i had them the first month the pain was horrible. but after the pain was hardly noticeable. so you well get used to it.

take some tylonel or other type of painkiller. eat soft stuff (like smoothies, etc)

braces should hurt for about a week or 2 after u get them. i had braces for a while. I HATED THEM!! they would make these small adjustments and my teeth would hurt bad.

Joanna S
It will be sore/uncomfortable for the next 3 days or so. Take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Chew gum to help relieve the soreness. I've had braces on for about 7 months now and everytime it gets tightened (monthly), it gets sore for about 2-3 days

I never got pain. :)
Honestly, I miss my braces.
They should only last about a week/couple days
Gradually getting less painful.

i have braces now..and i remember when i first got them i had the same loose feeling....its b/c the braces are casing ur teeth to shift and move so it can be straight...it feels tight in between ur teeth but loose altogther...dont worry this is normal and it happenes to everyone...it will be ok after 2 to 3 days ..a week at the most...for the first time u get braces.. the pain that is,,,
for me it was 2 days...and slowly i was able to eat normal again...u know if u cant eat normally if u try to bite ur fingertip and it hurts like hell...sry abt the rambling...but i hopee this helped. after a while when u get used to the braces.. it wont bother u at all..u may get a tight or loose feeling everytime u go and get ur braces tightened..

you will feel sore for about a week , maybe longer since you jus tgot them. it will progressively get better though.

Mark A
Ok, you're taking this one from a pro. I've been in these badboys for 9 years...more time in them that out of them (in my whole life...it's sad. My teeth aren't crooked, I just grow so dang fast.)

It's really not that bad. It's pretty intense pain for a day or two...and then moderate pain on the third or fourth day, and on the fifth day it's usually fine. I suggest eating soft foods for your meals (applesauce, pasta, etc.) You won't be able to eat anything hard those first few days.

You can expect this cycle after you get your braces re-tightened too.

Shhh...it's a secret!
they feel like that because you just got that and your teeth are moving!

Andrew C
it'll take some time to get used to them. trust me. that feeling you have should subside within a month, give or take some days. it's cuz your teeth are being moved. so anyways, for a couple weeks, start off by eating stuff that you don't have to chew much and gradually go up to foods that you can chew. that'll give your teeth time to adjust to the pressure of the braces and chewing. also do this everytime they tighten the braces (they do this so you're teeth straightening will progress). trust me, i've gone through that not too long ago. so again, just give it time and that feeling will subside.

also, you're teeth won't really hurt on their own. it's just when they meet when you talk or chew. i don't really know why, they just do. (i had a lisp for a while when i had my braces! haha!) but again, like with the food, it just takes time to get used to. after first getting braces, you're teeth will be pressured, and talking/chewing makes it feel worse, and that's the pain you will feel. but don't worry. the pain isn't "coma-inducing". you'll be able to withstand it (unless you can't tolerate pain at all).

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