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Braces pain! HELPPPPP?
today i got my braces. and itss givingg mee soo muchhh paaiiinn!!! i cant stand itt. how long would this go on for? anndd what can i use to take away dha paiinn! Plssss helppp and thanks !

xXMiss KXx
Oragel might help?

Niha A
OMG i just got my braces of 2 weeks ago!!!yahh its gonna hurt for about 3 days after it gets tightend. but tylonol and motrin make it better! :D

♥ =) ♥
ohh mann i had that same problem when i got mine, it will take a few days to get used to it and the pain will eventually go away like a 5 days or a week or so you can use wax that they give you but it really doesnt help at all. Try Tylenol or a medicine that reduces pain

Vegetarian 4 Life☮
I got braces 2 months ago and when I got them on it hurt so bad. But in a couple of days they didn't really hurt. But in about 2 weeks after having them you won't even know they're there. Just eat Jello and soft foods. Also use wax on your braces, that might help.

Hope I helped :]

They are supposed to hurt! there pulling your teeth together! It will get less painful over time as they get closer to were there supposed to be. But for the first few weeks they will hurt.

It'll be like that for around 3 days. Within
those 3 days, you should only be eating soft food. You could also bite on cotton swabs to ease the pain... Don't worry, when the pain's gone, you won't even know you have braces.

advil. when i got my braces on advil helped alot. and its goin to hurt, thers no way to fix that. but advil does help.

i got mine today too!! mine didnt hurt for about an hour then they started killing all my friends ahve them and they said the pain was really bad but it you get used to them after 2-3 days im living on smoothies at eh moment lol!! but they said all take something like nurofen or advil but if that doesnt work try taking a nap for an hour or 2
by the way if they gave you tubes of wax use [email protected] they help a great deal!!!

hope this helps !!!


first 4-6 months will be your hell. Advils/ Tylenol will be your best friend. Dont take it too much or else youll get addicted it to them lol. Take them as instructed on bottle, (like 1-2 per 4 hour? i believe)

After the 4-6 month periods you wont feel a thing even after each tightening

it depends on how bad your teeth were before you got the braces. my teeth weren't too out of place but it hurt for about 3 days. go for ice cream or soft foods! i couldn't eat anything solid until about the 3rd day. hope i helped!

had braces for 5 1/2 years and all that helps is like advil or alive.
you cant really do anything about it.

Oh poor you, i just got mine off = ] just think of the end result.

It'll probably go on for another week. Every day the pain will get less though and you'll be able to chew again.

Take some tylenol , and try doing something to take your mind off of it =]

feel better!

taken forever
It won't last for more than a few days so in the meantime all you can do is take painkillers.

Allie H
Look, I have braces and face it, they're going to be really painful for a week or 2. I know this may sound gross, but try to eat really soft stuff like soup and oatmeal. Believe me this helps a LOT! I tried to eat chips once and it hurt so stick to soft stuff. Its ok it doesn't last long.

I'm sorry. I've been there and done that. It does get better and when the time come to get the braces off, you'll enjoy that day.

Rebecca J
Your pain should go away within 3/4 days ish.
Well it did for me, but my teeth were already pretty straight.
They were supposed to give you wax, if your brackets were bothering you.
Other than that, ice-cream and frozen yogurt do the trick.

takes about 3 to 5 days. and it will hurt every time you get them tightened. but to help it try to just eat soup for those days or soft foods and drink ice water

mine hurt for like a week really badly but then it starts to go away. it takes a while to stop hurting. you can take advil or something like that to make it go away. also don't eat hard foods. it kills.

Victoria R
Take advil or anything of that source.
It will hurt for the first few days then it should go away.
Before your next appt take some advil so you won't hurt
as bad when they tighten them.

I don't have braces but 2 of my friends do. They said the pain only lasts for a day or 2 then it's gone. but it does hurt a little to get your colors changed.

Warm food/drinks, this loosens and releases the brace's tension, try to relax your mouth and don't move your jaw too much, don't eat cold foods as these stiffen it and makes it worse.

The pain will be gone in up to 3 days, don't worry it will be much better soon,
I've been through it and I know, its horrible, but just relax, drink/eat warm foods and drinks. It will get better I promise!

And If it is digging in they should've given you some wax. Get a small blob of the wax and roll it gently between two fingers to soften it, once it is soft, press it on to the irritating part of the brace, press it down firmly and securely and dont fiddle with it or take it off.

Good luck and dont worry, it WILL get better, i PROMISE.

From Kitty xx

ev l
it goes on for about 4-6 days. you can deal with it! i could! i got my braces off last year! haha!

ADVIL! make sure your parents know, and don't take too many in a day, but it works best for pain, get the liquid gels, they work the fastest

i use wax in the places that it hurts and ir really helps.

and it will go on forever believe me i had them.

ok well i just got my braces off before christmas!!! I know what your talking about!! ok so for me it was about a week that my teeth hurt but then it will go away because your teeth will get used to it.. also a little heads up evrytime you go back to the orthodentist and they mess with your teeth you will feel this same pain again!!! o and i always took advil ar a pain medicine but it never really does anyhing to help........hope this helped

Phillip I
It wears off after like a week, but for me it was only bad for the second day, the it just got better.

Kilian O'Brien
use some tylenol or advil thats what i used to take away the pain when i first got mine... the pain will probably go on for about 3-5 days hope that helped :)

- bonjour.♥
oh my gosh! i totally wrote an amazing article about this one once. give me five seconds, and i'll get back to you with it!


ohh don't worry. for the first couple of days they hurt A LOT. your teeth feel like they're going to fall out and it kills to brush your teeth. and it cuts up the side of your mouth so you think you're gonna start bleeding.
oh the joys. thank goodness i'm about to be finished! five years is plenty long enough! =]

i always liked these;

ice cream
macaroni and cheese
ham/turkey slices
actually, any type of pasta
bread and butter
cranberry sauce
green beans
etc. etc.

i've also found that you can mush up harder food, like chips, with your tongue, and then all you have to do is swallow the little pieces. i did that from time to time when i was really desperate for some doritos! ;]

it hurts really bad at first, i know. sometimes putting anbesol (is that what it's called) on your gums can make them feel a lot better, but you've gotta duke it out! after a few days it will get much better, and your gums will stop bleeding.. but then three weeks later you just have them tightened again and back comes the pain.
but you know, your new teeth will be absolutely beautiful.
when you're shoveling down your scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes, just think of those pearly whites to come!
and all the good apples and corn on the cobs to eat. yumm

i'm so excited to finally enjoy a candied apple again! five years is waay too long. what do they taste like, anyway????

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