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p.s. will i look ugly or pretty with braces?


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Sarena H
Braces!!??!! does it hurt?
do braces hurt? people say they do people say they don't i'm getting braces soon but that's only because my back teeth have a little over bite my teeth are really strait besides that..Anyways does it hurt?

well, people say it hurts because it is a different feeling and they are not used to it.
It may hurt for kids more than it does for adults because they have stronger teeth, but let me tell u, it feels REALLY weird when you get them off!

getting braces on dont hurt
its about the week after they do
take tylenol if you need to
and you mihgt need to get elastics after a while of treatment
like i did :)
but braces arent so bad i miss mine
but i love my new teeth :)

They hurt when they are expanded for brackets, tightened (each orthodontist visit is when that happens) and after elastics are put on for a few days.

Other than that they feel fine. They would only ache for a day or two after changes happen.

not really when they put them in but they hurt ALOT after, i was off skool for a few day and eating was very painful, if you accidently bang ur teeth together that really hurts, i was oftern in tears when i did that, i needed to wear a gum shield when i did pe (games) at skool 2.
its the 2nd most painful thing iv ever had 2 go throu, (the most painful being childbirth!)

oh and after you have them taken off, if they giv u a retainer and tell u 2 wear it at night til ur 21, DO IT, i didnt and they went goofy again, (not as much tho) so all that pain was for nothing!!

sorry of im scaring u just telling the truth!

Death to False Metal
They don't completely hurt, but they make your teeth numb like a son of a b*tch on your first week or so. But then you'll soon get used to them and they will feel like they aren't even there...that is if you rub your lips against them...but other than that they only make your teeth numb and it hurts to eat, so try to eat soft stuff for the first week, then you should be fine after that.

When you first get them on, it does hurt for a little while. And everytime you get them tightened, it will hurt for about a day or too. But no worries, it's an awesome excuse to eat things like ice cream and jello.

They hurt the day after you get them, then about a week after. After a week it feels normal.

It's really annoying having them put on, not too painful, the worst part is the plastic thing they stick in your mouth to stretch your lips out too damn much! But that pain subsides in a few minutes. It's just a very long process, it was well over an hour (possibly over 2 hours).
The day after their put on they hurt quite a bit, its hard to eat, but that pain only lasts about a day.
Don't eat corn on the cob while you have braces its the worst!
And be sure to where your retainer as told by your Orthodontist, I stopped wering mine too early and my bottom teath became crooked within only a few months of not having it my retainer in at night : (

its not really the process of getting them put on that hurts, i had them for 6 years since i was in fourth grade, and the most painful thing is the soreness after getting them on and after getting them tightened. also you gotta make sure that they cut off ALL of the extra wire that comes out in the back other wise it will scratch and cut the inside of your cheek...it always did that to me, but they gave me wax to put on it, so ask about that too.

i've heard people say it does, like because the metal pushes everything together. I'm getting mine this summer so wish me luck!

Ok, when they put them on it feels really awkward, but there isn't really pain. It doesn't really hurt until they need to tighten the braces. This pain starts a few hours after they have tightened them, and feels like you have a toothache, except all of your teeth ache. But I found that after each time they tightened them, it hurts a little less. Oh, and also - sometimes is is a bit painful to eat after having braces tightened, but don't worry, because it only takes like a day or two for your teeth to stop aching, then everything is pretty much back to normal. Painkillers usually help, and I'd recommend taking some if you really feel the pain is too much. Anyway, don't worry too much, it's all worth it in the end and good luck!

Yes. But you get used tot them but when you first get them it hurts to let your teeth touch.

ohemgee =P
i have tons of friends with braces and they all said that when they put the brace on them IT HURTS SOOO FREAKING BAD just kidding lol! they all said it didnt hurt at all! but the first 2-5 days (depending who u are) hurt because your not used to it. But then eventually you get used it and you'll be fine! trust me! =) good luck!

Yes they do hurt. When they put them on, you wont feel...much. But for the next couple of days your teeth will be so sore. But pretty soon you will get use to them. Do be afraid of them. And trust me, It's totally worth it.

Grace Kelly :)
they dont hurt at all when your getting them on unless you're getting head gear then it hurts when they are pushing and saying BITE HERE NOW! BITE PLZZ BITE! very frusterating. it hurst AFTER. right after i got my braces on i was like this doesnt hurt at all! but then i bit into a cheeseburger and almost cried.... be carefully-- you might loose lots of weight which is the good part :) better smile and all too. good luck!

oh yah and herps hurt and head gear and getting them tightened and taking them off. hehe.... lots of hard work just follow the rules.... u can chew popcorn and chew gum and eat ice they are being stupid if them say u cant!!

--hope i helped, Grace Kelly :)

Billy Bob Bubbles
they will throb for a bit, but u wont notice it after about 1-2 days.

Courtney~mechanic_girl ♥♥♥
Not as bad as you would think. when you first get them on you wont be able to eat anything, because your going to be sore and it will feel awkward. Don't freak out, this feeling will go away soon. take some aspirin and in about a week it will feel completley normal. Eveytime you get them tightened it will probably hurt for a few days afterwards, but its nothing drastic, you don't have anything to worry about. Look forward to that gorgeous smile that you will have after you get them off. its worth it!

it will hurt Altot just after tightening them but if you drink loads of cold water and take a tab ofaspirinn it will do wonders. plus, the result is worth it! good luck!

nope it just feels really strange. I had to get braces 3 times

Im sorry but yes you will go through some pain from time to time, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Heck yeah! They hurt so bad you have trouble eating anything soild for a week after. The rest of the night after you get them you shouldnt feel any pain but the next morning you will be in pain so pig out the night before!

NOOOOOOO!! but There is Some Small Pain, When You Get Them But They Wear Down.. That The Next Day it'll be Better.

I Worried The Same Thing When I Was Going to Get Them Too... But I Got Them And They Didn't Hurt At All.. Its Just Takes Time to Put Them On..Which I Didn't Like.. Lol

But imma Get Them Off in 11 Days!!!!!! Yea ME!! Lol Good- Luck With Getting Them!

Well it was all fine the first few hours.
Then later on in the day , i can honestly say its the most pain i have EVER been in. And it lasted like a week. Omg i have piercings and tattoo and you name it. But wow it hurt :[
And when you have to get them tightened , it kills.

Asilynn Marie
freakin yeah thay do! my bff has them, and im gettting them soon. it depends on how tight they need to be, if you have loose wires (thay can poke you) and how long you will hav e'm. thay only hurt for the first 2 weeks about, than you get used to them.

Yes they do hurt. Especially on days that they tighten them. I would always have the worst headaches. Best you can do is take some Tylenol and follow all their rules and be done with it ASAP.

***[email protected]$3Y***
well i have braces and when they put them on you dont feel anything put later on in the day they do hurt and you can only eat soft foods and stuff and that goe on for like 2-3 weeks but thats it after that it feels like yo dont have braces on.

Having braces myself (and having them tightened yesterday, ouch), I can say it depends. If your teeth aren't that crooked/crowded, I would say that it wouldn't hurt as much. However, you'll probably feel pressure on your gums after a few hours when you first get them on. It'll hurt (but not excruciating, believe me) for a few days after your appointment each time, but you'll be fine after. You could take a few pain relievers, which is what I always do. I just had mine tightened yesterday and I do feel a lot of pressure, but It'll be better by tomorrow!

In the end, it's worth it. Your teeth will look so much better, even through this pressure. Good luck haha!

when they move it does its only aching pain for about 5 hours .

&hearts Marie &hearts
The process of getting the braces doesn't hurt a bit. the part that does hurt is when they tighten the wires because they pull your teeth together, but that usually fades in a day or so. overall, its really not that bad. =)

it doesn't hurt.

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