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 Question about Mouth Piercings?
I'm asking people who have asked dentists etc. or kno from experience. For lip and tongue piercings, what are all the risks for your gums and teeth etc. Also does it affect you tongue's ...

 are you suppose to floss before you brush your teeth or after?

 is it true that if you don't wear a retainer your teeth will go back crooked?
okay so i have braces on right now and in 2 years when i get my retainer how long will i have to wear it my cousin says u have to wear it for the rest of ur life which is so not true so how long do u ...

 How Painful is it having a tooth out?
I have to have a perfectly healthy baby tooth out so the adult tooth underneath can come through. Will it be painful?...

 I just pulled my tooth out with some pliers, I can't afford the dentist, How do I stop this non stop bleeding?

 Need help on choosing a color for my braces?
What color do you think I should get for my braces? I don't want to get a clear one as well as a white one because it gets all yellow after a while so any suggestions for which color I should ...

 IS there any at home remedies for a abscessed tooth? I am in alot of pain and no dental insurance :(?

Im getting braces this month and want all the info on them!! what are spacers? ALSO I HAVE SOME MOLLARS THAT ARE BABY TEETH STILL WILL IT MESS UP MY BRACES?? thanks all info on pain and facts would ...

 is it supposed to hurt when your wisdom teeth are coming in?

Additional Details
im sure they arent impacted.but it even hurts to swallow.the other side didnt hurt that bad....

 is it dangerous to sleep with retainers on teeth?
cuz i just wear at home but sleep with ...

 For how long do you brush your teeth?

 is it normal to have 1 wisdom teeth?
i havnt got all four yet only one. and the one that is growing now is not fully grown. only oneside is coming out so it looks like a straight line meaning its njot fully developed yet. should i wait ...

 I am terrified to go to the dentist, What can I do before appt.'s to calm my nerves?

 breath smells!!!!!!!!!!!?
is there any way to make your smell good in the morning, even after i brush my teeth my breath smells,,,beside listerine mouth wash becuase i cant take that in the plane and next day i dnt want my ...

 i am 16. what should i do.?
i have yellow marks on my front two teeth, inside of the tooth. they are instrinsic (always been there, part of the natural tooth) and i need to change my teeth as i can't smile. would it be ...

 Is laughing gas used for pulling wisdom teeth?
If not, is anything else used to numb the pain.

Also, how is laughing gas put into the body(is it injected or inhaled or something)

Lastly, does getting a regular tooth pulled ...

 Root Canal?
ok im going to the dentist tommorow for a root canal..does it hurt that bad? im going to get the gas, but does it hurt after u wake up?...

 NEVER gotten a CAVITY FILLED! help! and wisdom teeth pulled!!?
ok im gonna get my first cavitys a week before my 16th birthday!! i have never had a cavity before this and now i have 2 small ones!! im so nervous! i know the procedure so i wanna know about the SHOT...

 although i brush my teeth regularly my teeth are not as white as i would like them! Any ideas??

 What is okay to drink when you have braces?
I got braces a few months ago. I went to the dentists for the first time in 6 months today and he said that drinking gatorade and powerade and other drinks like that is bad but he didn't really ...

Braces Help!!!?
does anyone know how much they will cost?
i have one tooth that is on the top on my gums and it needs to come down. and she said something that my mouth does not have enough room!!

so can anyone guess how much they r?
Additional Details

Miss Independant.
orderpends the work needed to be done and also your age!
ask your dentist!


it depends if you have insurance or not.

my insurance covered half the price for my braces, so we only paid around $2,500 for them (monthly was around $200) and i had them for about three years?
*these are just estimations*

..and good luck hun, braces are going to be painful! but it's going to pay off in the end. i promise. :)

Daddy Drew
Ive had some girlfriends with that same problem, it always seems to happen to the cute ones, I don't know why. Its orthopedic surgery and you will have quite a few costs. Try to see what kind of payment help you can get from insurance companies. Either with the insurance company you have now or maybe check a temp one as well. Good luck cutie!

mine were 2000.....good luck with that,,,;[

Wendy F
it depends on what orthodonist u get se i had a european one that does not have his american liscense but still had his british oneand he did my braces for 1,520 and he tightened it every two weeks i was done in i year and 6 months and guess what he came to my house when i needed him

it depends, but mine were 5000$

mine were 3000 after insurance...$4000 before and i had them for 2 years

a lot like $400 dollars and im not jk cuz my sis had them


I have them, and i am getting them off like in 2 months. They cost a couple of grand. (2,000-7,000) depending on how much work you need done.

Hope i helped! :)

Amanda Krystan
it depends how much you need.
do you need your whole mouth with braces.
go to your dentist, they will tell you.
and it also depends on if you have insurance or not.
if not, they reach up to $10,000.
if you have insurance coverage they are up to $5,000-$6000
depends on how much your insurance covers-if you have it.

If worst comes to worst..
They may have to remove the tooth in your gumm..

They had to do that for my brother...but his teeth were VERY bad, so I doubt they'll have to do that to you.

that depends where it is

it will cost a lot of moeny and I hope it will not hert an that is very bad and it must bug

Good luck with the tooth in the gums. I had one in my gums and I hope for your sake that it is not a baby tooth. I'm gonna warn you it hurts like Hell.

kay kay
it depends on how much work is needed to be done starting off with pulling teeth. the average going price is 5 to 6 grand

please answer my questions
I think they are like $4,000

Mr Puppet
Depends on the kind of insurance you have. I had mine for free. My sister for 2 grand after insurance. You probably can make an appointment to see them and they can tell you themselves.

LG Rhythm
mine were $5000.00

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