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just audrey
Braces??????????????? --Read--?
Help me!!
-Read Below-

ok, can somebody tell me these questions?
cuz i really need to know them for later, and i want to be prepared for when i do..please answer?

1. what colors look best?

2.how do they change the wires?

3. how long do they hurt when they change the wire?

(last) 4. give me certain web sites to look at about that!

Thanx, please answer all of them!

Thanx again,

jessica m
i have to get braces to but @ the end of this month

1. what colors look best?
Pink, purple, green. Anything that you think is cool. But the colors I've listed are most used.

2.how do they change the wires?
They pull it out from this thing that they stick on your teeth from the back.

3. how long do they hurt when they change the wire?
It depends. Usually if they make them 'tight' (sometimes they go easy) it take 2 or 3 days.

(last) 4. give me certain web sites to look at about that!


Don't get clear, yellow, or black....I like that bright colors. I always got like hot pick and torquoise looks good....
It always hurt me for about 2 days after they changed my wire but it depends on how big of a wire they put on too

1. well for boys i think blue looks good..for girls i think pink,green,blue and yellow look great

2.when they change your wires..its pain free i promise! all the do is take out your old wire and make it tighter or sometimes get a new wire...and then they slide it in your mouth..pain free

3.after getting your wires changed it will hurt for maybe like a day..or if you have a really low pain thressle then it might be 1-3 days...take advil if it hurts horrible.


The great king
im getting braces to well good luck

just get one solid color not two different ones and dont get yellow or white

they just take the wire out and put another in

for like 3 days..have fun with that

1. I find that the best color is a very light gray. It sort of blends and isn't so crazy looking, a point to consider if you work in a professional setting. Never get clear! Clear changes to the color of food that you eat so if you eat mustard your teeth/braces will look gross and yellow.

2. When you start getting your wires changed they take off the little color bands around the braces and do some measurements. At some point your wire will probably get slightly thicker. Once the measurements are done they work them back around your braces and set them back into your brackets at the back then they hold 'em in place by replacing the little colored bands.

3. The first time you get your braces and wires put on they will probably hurt for about 2-4 days but if you take an over the counter pain killer like tylenol or motrin it usually goes away they are just a little weird to get use to. After the first 2 or 3 changes you will probably find that it doesn't hurt that much it just may be a little un-comfy for about an hour or so.

4. Sorry, I don't know any specific websites but you might try Google and orthodontics or the American Dental Society's webpage.

!) green yellow, gold
2) Dentist, not painful
3)Not long.

Well it really depends, they have clear and silver for the braces. The Rubberbands that go around each one is the actual color. I did blue, pink and a couple others. Do whatever color you like, everytime you go to get them re-tightened they can change the rubberband color for you. It is just really sore for a couple of days and then it feels better until you have to get them tightened again and then it's sore again for a few days. I'm not sure about websites, just google it. Good Luck. :)

emily c
well i have had brces for a while.
1. whatever color you like
2.they take of the rubber bands and remove the wire. doesnt hurt.
3.it hurts for maybe 4 days. it just depends on the strength of the wire.
4 not sure.

amrita c
hahhah braces sorry my bad

1) Pastels. Anything like aqua or purple can be fun but the darker the color the more noticeable your braces are and it can look like you have spinach stuck in your teeth.

Don't go for "tooth colored" ones either. By the time they are ready to be changed again they'll be stained a different color. Yuck. White looks fake, bone gets stained by coffee and tea and everything else!

Clear is okay but the dentists say it isn't as strong. Meaning you'll be wearing your braces longer because it wont move your teeth as fast. That's what they told me.

2) Wire changing will be the least of your problems. You never get to see that being done anyway. They're in a hurry.

3) Depends on the person and how far along you are in treatment. You can have it tightened a little or a lot. The most? Maybe a week.

They will hurt the most when they are first put on for about 2 weeks. I almost had mine off because they didn't warn me about *how bad* it was going to feel.

4) Don't know of any websites. It wont help much anyway. All of it will be specific to you and your needs. You may not even end up with the same kinds of braces or appliances you see.

Andrew C
1. blue colors look best. gives a nice clean appearance.
2. they just take off the bands, pull the old one out and snap the new one into place. nothing to worry about.
3. it depends on how thick (strong) the wire is, and how sensitive your mouth is, but for me it was sore for 1 day-- and it was just sensitive. it didn't hurt constantly, but if you tried to chew or clench your teeth together it hurts.
4. I don't know of any websites other than my orthodontist's site which won't really help anyone else.

Little Miss Sunshine
1. Don't get yellow or white-food stains them fast. Silver is good if you want it to be basic and dark colors if you really want color.
2. When they change the wires they take of the colored band and clip the wire in the back then replace it.
3. When they change the wire it hurts for about a day after. If you take tylenol it can help and you can still eat certain foods like ice cream or maybe a cut up sandwich.
4. see below.
Dont worry they aren't too bad. It's only slight discomfort and after a couple of times you get used to it. Tylenol can really help. Good luck!

dont pick white or light colors
change wires with this tool doesnt hurt you wont feel it
a website http://www.braces.org/
good luck w/ the whole tooth thing

the best color is pink. I am not sure how they change the wires. And it doesn't hurt trust me my friend has braces

#[email protected]!%^&*)?><
NEVER use green bands. they change the wires by cutting them and then putting in new ones with bad-tasting mouth goop. it really hurts, but think about your perfect smile that you will have when the braces off. go to "braces4dummies.com"

The Gopher
1. It depends on the person. I think I look good with blue, but my friend looks better with orange. Do not get clear or gold.

2. They take the bands off, then they slip the wire out.

3. It only hurts for about 1 day, just don't eat hard foods that day.

4. I don't know any web sites that are good, but any medical one should do.

any color that doesnt stand out very well looks good, unless you want to. The clear bracket braces turn yellow.

and heres the rest


Clear or plain old silver. They either remove bands or unwrap wired to change the wire. It only hurts a couple of days... tylenol should do the job. Someone provided the web site.

Your teeth will straighten much much sooner than when you get your braces off so you will see results happening. It is SO worth it. I'm 35 and had mine when I was 13 for 3 years. Would do it over in a second!

1. what colors look best?
the natural colors like bone, clear & white.

2.how do they change the wires?
every other month, that don't hurt. it hurts abit the first few times u go. its changed by hand. u get presure from the rubber bands around the brackets on the tooth.

3. how long do they hurt when they change the wire?the presure makes them tender to chew on food so u'll eat soups for a day or two the most a week.

(last) 4. give me certain web sites to look at about that! I don't know but if u live im miami,fl here is a good Dr.(Ortho)305-485-4000.
good luck

ArchWired.com Braces Website
Our website answers all of your questions and more.


As to what colors look best, check out this cool page, which is an animated ligature (rubber o-ring) color finder:


Here is an exerpt from our Braces Basics pages:

The Braces are Put On

Brush your teeth well and floss at home. Have a picture taken. That crooked smile is going to change!

Apply a thick coat of Chapstick or lip balm to your lips, because they tend to get rather dry during the process of installing the braces.

The dental assistant or orthodontist will dry off your teeth and apply "etchant" to them. This tastes like Krazy Glue and is vile. Try not to get it on your tongue. The etchant prepares the surface of your teeth for the bonding "cement" that holds on the brackets.

The brackets are placed on your teeth. A blue high intensity plasma light is then quickly applied to the surface of the bracket to set the bond.

The wire (arch wire) is placed through the brackets. This should not poke your cheek. If it does, tell them so that the end of the wire can be clipped.

Little rubber bands (ligating modules) are placed on the brackets. This is what holds the wire to them and creates a feeling of pressure.

That's it! You're done! Each row of teeth takes about an hour. It does not hurt to get braces put on.

What Does It Feel Like?

At first, you will feel an unusual feeling of pressure on your teeth. If any of your teeth have metal brackets around them, this will feel weird, but not unbearable.

At first, feeling the braces underneath your lips will be a strange sensation. After about a week, you'll probably find that you barely notice it.

You should stick to soft foods for the first day or two; nothing crunchy or hard, nothing large and difficult to bite and chew (e.g., big sub sandwiches or burritos).

The first day, it may not hurt too much. The second and third days, it may feel like somebody hit you in the teeth with a baseball. Take a pain reliever like Ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) and try to chill out. It will get better!

At first you will not be able to eat certain foods, like tortilla chips, sugar cones, crunchy cookies, hard taco shells, etc. When you eat out, think of your teeth first and be kind to yourself! Order soft foods!

Chewing will be difficult. You may bite the insides of your cheeks. The metal hooks on the brackets may hurt. Just chew slowly and carefully. Do not take large mouthfuls. Hint: Fill up on protein-rich foods, not just carbs, so you can go several hours between meals!

At first, you won't be used to food getting lodged in your braces. This really takes some time to get used to. It doesn't hurt, it just feels weird and make you want to run immediately to the bathroom to rinse and brush. In time it won't bother you as much.

Use dental wax on the little hooks or brackets that hurt. You may not need to use the wax for long, maybe just a week or two until your mouth adjusts to all the hardware. Just break off a piece of wax and gob it on the offending area.

Don't try to floss for several days, or even a week. It will probably hurt too much.

After a week or two, your teeth may feel loose. That's normal and necessary. It passes in another week or two.

you know I know it is not answering your questions. Can you do the Invisi line. That takes care of all of your above issues.

I don't know if they still do things the same way as when I was a kid and had braces (about 10 years ago) but it's got to be better than then at least, not worse.

Colors are all your personal preference. I always alternated with bright ones but I'm like that. Clear is probably least noticeable.

The change the wires every month or so by putting wire with tighter tension on. And for me, it hurt for anywhere from a couple of days to as little as a couple of hours depending on how you get used to it. Sorry I don't have a website.

Hello :)

1. The colors are up to you! :) Are you still in school? It's fun to mix and match your school colors, especially on pep rally days! Keep in mind that "chains" (a band of rubber hands hooked together--used to pull your teeth together if they are spaced) tend to look a little different than regular bands. When I had braces, I once tried pink and it looked like I had gum in my mouth, stuck in my braces, across the front of my teeth. If you need a "chain," then I suggest plain/clear. Just be careful with foods that can stain the bands.

2. The dentist will change the wires by:
-Having you open your mouth.
-Remove your bands or rubber chain.
-He/she will then bend/twist/open the wire that he/she has wound around the back brace and then slide the wire out. (It doesn't hurt).

3. It depends on how sensitive you are to pain. I'm a big sissy and my bottom front teeth hurt a lot. But it was pain that went away in a day or two everytime. Towards the end I was used to it. Other people that I know felt almost no pain at all. It depends on your own pain tolerance/intolerance.

4. See articles below :)

Laura Block
teal and lime green or pink and orange
they do it you will figure it out when they change it
1-4 days about (depends)
Sorry. :(

I hope I helped! Good luck!

1 pink, green, silver.

2 they take these pliers and insert them.

3 about 2-3 hours

4 ummm...

I used gray so they didn't stand out or turn yellow.
They take off the colored bands, snap the wires in place, and then place new bands over it.
It's really not that bad. I needed teeth to be moved A LOT, and I was fine. A couple days of discomfort.

Sweet n Sour
My kids like to change their colors of bands each month when they have their orthodontist appt. Green for st. patrick's day, orange for halloween, school colors, pink and blue, lots of different colors look fine. They change the wires, but leave the brackets on your teeth, when you visit. It just hurts about a day, take some tylenol or ibuprofen about 20 minutes before your appointment and it won't hurt so much. good luck!

Happy- Go
when its over your teeth will be beautiful
My kid started with his school colors then with the season
Halloween - orange and black
July-red white and blue
Xmas green and red
You get what I mean !!!

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