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Best teeth whitener?
I am looking for easy-to-use products to whiten my teeth quickly! I want suggestions on products you have tried and tested that have actually worked! Tell me how long it took to see results, how you used them, when you used them, how long you used them for, and how much you paid for it. Best thorough answer gets the points, and remember... I am looking for something you have actually used, not information on products that are out there. I want real-life experiences! Thanks!

ellen k
sounds gross but very true...buy cream of tarter powder at the local grocery store in the seasoning isle...it's a natural bleaching agent that is safe...it's got a lemon-lime taste. i don't recommend getting it on your tounge. i just dip my toothbrush in an form a paste like on my teeth then brush with regular toothpaste

Serena L
I went in to a brite smile center and got my teeth whitened for $399. It took about an hour and was dramatic and great and 3 months later my teeth look great. They are always running deals and that was a 'deal' price but you could probably get it done for about that.

Before that I tried Crest white strips but I kept skipping days or getting a phone call and taking them out.

It's a lot of money but it's fast and super nice.

Try britesmile.com, I'm sure they have a dentist wherever you are

good question, really! -- jas

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