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Bad breath?
It's so embarrasing but i have bad breath. I brust my teeth 3 times a day and use mouthwash. I always have a stash of mints and gum. I sleep with a retainer, could this be casuing any of it? Does anyone know of any specific tooth pasts or mouthwash that helps with this? Its just really embarrasing and i would like to fix it!

If your doing all of that........it's just probably what your eating. What i would do is chew a lot of minty gum and yeah......use the tongue scraper thing

Kara <3
use those tounge scraper thingies!!

the bacteria that causes bad breath comes from the surface of your tounge!

so get that ish off!


Navneet Brar
You should increase your fruit intake while decreasing foods that are high in sugar, alcohol, and vinegar. This will keep you away from bad breath forever.

keep a few cardamom with you all the time and chew one after every meal. this will help you a lot.

actually bad breath is a sign of improper cleaning or some underlying gum or teeth problem. you should also consult a dentist.

yes arm and hammer toothpaste it works really good !!

What I do is floss. When you dont floss at least once a day it causes bad breath. What I also do is chew mint leaves and then spit them out and wash my teeth. it works really well. If not then try asking your dentist about what to do!

Joy J
Why don't you try this herbal dental creme. It controls bad breath. One of my friend used it and it really helped a lot.

Improper diet , indigestion tooth decay causes bad breath. So i would suggest you to have a proper diet along with the dental cream.

B.B. can have many causes (as you've read above).

You could have a cavity that you're not aware of

You might have digestive problems

The food you eat can also cause B.B.

First see your dentist and have your teeth checked and Cleaned. Mention to him that you have B.B. and ask him what the cause could be.

Drinking plenty of water can eliminate B.B. (many shop assistants have B.B.)

Eating mints and chewing gum is not the solution.


spa lover

Sometimes drinking water can help, peoples breath often stink when they are dehydrated.

I heard that Citrus helps.. Google it.

Do not use the mouthwash. It has alcohol and it dries your mouth which is a cause for bad breath. You mouth needs to produce saliva to clean itself. That is why babies drool and babies do not have bad breath.

The retainer may be a problem but since you have to have it at nights, you will have to work around it.


Are you brushing your tounge....that would be a start.

You can also buy a tongue scraper at the walmart or local store at the toothpaste section.

brush your tongue when you're brushing your teeth

They have a new product called Smart Mouth. It's expensive and I'm not so sure if it works. Doesn't taste the greatest. Use Listerine. Not a store brand. I've found that that works the best.

Talk to your dentist. Sounds like you may have halitosis. It is a condition that causes bad breath. I believe that there is a cure.

Most bad breath originates on the back of the tongue. This area requires scraping and brushing. Teeth are also important so flossing is necessary. You also have to make sure you don't have a sinus infection as that may cause really bad breath.
Use a product like therabreath rather than plain mouth wash and you should be good to go.

If you have a retainer, you must be seeing a dentist and/or orthodontist regularly right? Try asking him or her. Many times toothpaste change is helpful but if there is underlying gum disease, the dentist might have different solutions for you.

I suggest brushing thoroughly using a new toothbrush that also has a tongue/cheek cleaner (and use that cleaner!) attached. You should floss each time you brush (gets stinky stuff the toothbrush didn't reach) and then rinse with listerine (yucky but works!). Make sure your tongue gets brushed and clean. Try eating apples throughout the day to help clean and freshen your palate instead of just covering it up with mints.

Good luck! :-)

When you brush your teeth brush your tounge !
I'm serious !
you'll notice a huuuge difference.
It might taste bad when your brushing your tounge
but it goes away (:

[email protected]

try drinking some old milk and then taking a long 10-hour nap.

hahaha, i kid i kid. i agree with the first answerer.

try act mouthwash..
I just started using it, and it works great!

Good luck with everything and have a wonderful night :D


The halitosis may be caused by Periodontal Disease(gum disease). Your dentist can give you treatments. If you don't have insurance, call your local dental society. They will give you the names of dentists that provide free, low-cost and sliding scale services. It is likely that a local dental school will be on this listing. If you don't know the name of your society, call the American Dental Society or look for the name of the dental society in your search engine. Most states and cities have them. There is a product called Therabreath that is a temporary solution for the bad breath. The product line has a toothpaste and rinse. You can find it at local drug stores. Go to the website for more information.

Maybe you have gingivitis or some sort of oral disease...you should ask your doctor about it and get it checked out.

But honestly, chances are that you think your own breath smells 10 x worse than the person next to you.

Try mouth strips! Good luck! ;-)

Grizzly Adams
Flossing might be your solution.

brian m
Go to your dentist or at least talk with the assistants on the phone. Sounds like gingivitis which is common whether you brush or not. They will recommend a rinse. Its not a big deal. Also, a tooth infection can be causing an odor. Removal or a root canal may be needed, another common problem with teeth.

Are you drinking enough water and eating regularly?
I find that when I forget to eat, I get bad breath, and worse still if I am dehydrated...in fact that is a big sign of dehydration to medical professionals, an acrid smelling breath.
I keep an apple with me at all times to ensure that my stomach acid is kept under control, and I dont go anywhere without my water bottle.

Clark Kent
It is not always typical for chronic bad breath and bacteria to be linked together. Instead, we tend to think of things such as smoking or eating as the causes of our never-ending bad breath. However, you will never eliminate bad breath by focusing on such issues because you are only looking at factors—not causes—of the condition. Some of the most frequent “accessories� in cases of chronic bad breath include:

* Alcohol-- including mouthwash
* Frequent Speaking
* Caffeine
* Tobacco

In all of the behaviors and substances listed above, the true danger where bad breath is concerned is dehydration and its potential to increase bacteria growth. Far too often, we fail to find a chronic bad breath cure because the actual cause of the condition is invisible microbes living in the oral cavity.

Aside from bacteria, the only other true source of chronic bad breath is an altered blood chemistry due to dietary changes. It is common to have bad breath on a low carb diet such as the Atkins or South Beach plans. However, most cases of chronic bad breath (halitosis is typically temporary on low carb diets) are due to bacteria.

Source: http://www.themouthdoctor.com/badbreath/4-badbreathbacteria.htm

Susan P
If U have a stomach problem U'll have bad breath no point brushing ur teeth 10 times a day also.. First restrict ur diet take a lot of fruits in ur daily menu.. Try not having things like onions or garlics, these spoil ur breath..


yes sleeping with a retainer can definately contribute to bad breath, make sure you clean it when it is out. Also, brush, your tongue and your gums, the hold alot of germs that cause bad breath. Unless you dentist told you to sleep with your retainer, you should take it out at night, this gives your outh time to heal, and the bacteria after rinsing cannot multiply.
PS use a strong mouthwash like LIsterine it actually kills germs, unlike alot of other mouthwashes that just put a minty smell in your mouth.

keeping bad bacteria in the mouth at bay can be very helpful in eliminating bad breath. build up your defense system by keeping saliva going in the mouth, you can also keep mouth hydrated by drinking adequate amount of fluids. keep an eye to proper oral hygiene, make sure you brush and floss teeth properly every after meal. visit a dental expert to be able to determine what is the underlying cause of your bad breath. for more tips to beat bad breath visit http://www.oramd.co.uk

�.:xOpheliacx:.�™ †☽
Bacteria is on your tongue and that is what is causing your bad breath. Every time you brush your teeth brush your tongue too A LOT!. or you can get a tongue scraper from your local drug store.

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