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Getting braces the day after tomorrow! How long does it take for them to put them on and does it hurt? What is the process?

hahahahahaha, brace face

it takes 30 mins to 1 hr and they do hurt at the begening

It takes about 45 minutes. It depends. I don't remember if it hurts but it is so uncomfortable. They put this plastic thing in your mouth to keep your tongue out of the way. The spray cement makes your teeth dry and it tastes bad.

very painful for me but, you know you shuold really ask a doctor these questions

Brock Obama
Alright. I've had my braces on for about 1 1/2 years now (and counting). It takes about 35-45 minutes for them to get them on. And no, they dont hurt when your dentist first puts them on, all they do is glue on the little pieces. Although, they do hurt the first few days when you first get them put on. For the first few days (I'd say 2-4 days) you wont be able to eat any hard food. I'd recommend soup, or anything which you wont need to chew on much. After that you will be fine until the next time you get your braces changed.

Also, they might feel a little bit irritating or uncomfortable.

takes them bou 2 hrs..??? thats how long it took mine...itll start hurtin round 3-5 hrs after they put it on and itll hurt for bou 3-5 days. after that its all good until they tighten it. then there goes the pain again.

It takes about an hour, i think. At first you don't feel anything. It just feels very awkward because you're not use to it. However, you start to feel the pain about an hour or so later. I remember when I had braces, my lips would get really chapped for some reason. The orthodontist first put the brackets on to your teeth and then they put the wires in. It's been a long time, so the details are slightly fuzzy, but I hope this helps.
Don't worry, after awhile you get use to the braces, and you hardly notice its there.

abc :)
i have bottom and top braces. but so it usaly takes them about 1 hour. it doesnt hurt at first but i would take advil or tylenol right after you get them because they can start to hurt after a while. well i think the process depends on where you go. when i got them they put this weird smelly stuff on my teeth then this thing that tasted sour which im guessing is the glue then they put the braces on the unlatched them and put the metal wire in.

I got braces lastweek!
I was so nervous, they take about 1 hour. They feel a bit wierd, because you have a metal thing on your teeth, but they dont hurt! Everyone was telling me that they hurt so much, but they barely hurt! Maybe the first night, your teeth may feel sore, or you get a cut on the inside of your gum.. that happened to me, but the sores go away after 3 days! Dont worry about it! I love my braces

It took an hour or two, if I recall right. It didn't really hurt or something when they put it in. After like 5 minutes I relaxed a bit and let the dentist do his job. The next few days it was pretty hard for me to eat anything. I remember on the third day, I crushed some crisps and tried eating them without chewing because it hurt haha.

After the first few days, you get used to it, though, and it's not so bad anymore. It actually felt really weird when it got removed, because I had gotten used to it. Now I think back to it, it never really was that big of a deal people make it seem like.

well i dont have braces but my best friend does
it doesnt take a long time maybe about 20-30 min. when they first put it on it diesnt hurt but the next day it hurts REALLY bad! i dont want to scare you but im just sayin the truth!

Your mouth is going to be wide opened for about 2-3 hours, your lips will chap, but no big deal you won't feel any pain immeditately, after a few hours you're mouth will feel super sore and thats it.

You'll be fine!! Good luck and get a cute color on the rubber bands!


It won't take but an hour at the most.

It doesn't hurt until the put the wires in, which for me was a couple days later. Every time they adjust them they hurt for a couple hours, but that just means they're working..without the wires, braces would be useless.

Just take extra care of your mouth while you have them...even if you crave it, popcorn and gum are the worst things you can have.

All they do is cement the brackets on your teeth, they dry, and you go home and eat liquids, then get your wires on, take tylenol, and you're good to go.

It takes about an hour to get them put on. It doesnt hurt when they are doing it but you will be sore after. They start by gluing on the metal brackets (which takes a majority of the time), and then continue by placing on the rubber bands. Its not a big process but putting on and letting all the brackets dry takes a while. GOOD LUCK!

They put this thing in your mouth to keep your mouth open for along time.. which can be annoying cause its stretching out your mouth and you just can't wait to get it out.. and they just start putting them on spraying stuff in your mouth, putting them on one at a time ect. but no it does not hurt.. maybe at first it'll hurt your lips and inside of your mouth because the metal of the braces rubs against them and can cut them a little at first.. but no it don't hurt at all.Just remember after a while of having them it's all worth it once you have beautiful straight teeth.

When I had braces a few years ago it took them about an hour and a half to two hours to do the whole thing but the first part was them just taking molds of your teeth and stuff like that. The actual process of putting the braces on is pretty short (maybe 20-30 minutes?) and it doesn't hurt at all. Your teeth will definitely be sore that night and the next day or two but it's not bad- just plan on eating softer foods that you don't have to bite into much and maybe take some advil if they really hurt. They feel really strange in you mouth for the first week or two but you get used to it soooo quickly and it's not a big deal at all. Good luck! -and pick a good color for the bands (I wouldn't pick a light color because they sometimes get stained from bright drinks like gatorade and stuff)

I have braces myself and let me tell you
its not PAIN FREE haha :)
Depending on how crooked you're teeth are, is also how long it might take to put them on.
I'd say about 30 mins- 45 mins. No longer than that.
Unless you're teeth are really a challenge.
You will feel pain the first 2 weeks for sure and especially the first 2 days :(
IN THE END ... It's all worth it :)
Good luck Hope this helped

ricky b
ok well it take half an hour or an hour i got my braces a week ago and no it dosent hurt just afterwards you have to eat soft for for a week cause it hurts cause its pulling your teeth but after about a week youll be fine

Hey, Im 13,
I just got braces about three weeks ago.
First they put a lil mold thing in your mouth. Probably for your retainer afterwards lol I wasnt sure why, or I dont remember.
Then they put this stuff on your teeth that makes them white so they aren't dirty when you get them taken off.
It takes about an hour and a half maybe for them to actually put the braces on. But that probably differentiates depending on how messed up your teeth are.
Then they put the little rubber bands on.
And you're done.
My orthodontist also had me watch a little video about taking care of my braces, and they gave me a kit.
You'll probably be eating nothing but soup for the next 2-4 days, they hurt when you chew at first. But after that its like you don't even have them.
Flossing takes FOREVER. But you need to do it at least once a day. And brush your teeth after every meal and before bed.

Thats basicly all I have to say.
Good luck =)!!!!

When i got braces they didn't hurt at all! The only part that hurt was the first part when they put these metal ring things around your four back molars (top right, left bottom right, left) They are what hold on to the wires when you get them tightened. Then what takes a little while is when they put the brackets on. It does not hurt at all, they just put this i guess glue stuff on your tooth and then the bracket and they shine this blue light over it so it stays. I think it took about 1 hour or more to get my braces. Take an advil right before though so that when the braces are all on you wont feel any pain during or after just in case. BUT later that night we went to taco bell and i got a bean & cheese burrito, it hurt to bite it (the soft tortita!!) and i was so surprised and like woah, ouch! so you have to eat soft foods for the next few days.. and when you get them tightened the first few times, you will eat soft foods for the first day or two afterwards too. Good luck!

it takes an hour or so i think and yes at first its very painful im not sure of the full process srry.

Erm i'm not going to lie to you they hurt having them fitted and taking them out but there so worth it in the end :)
the process takes about 1 hour :)
But afterwards you can't eat cause it's really sore but the next day you should be able to :)
Good luck trust me there worth it :)

It takes about a half an hour. It doesn't hurt that much, but you may feel tightness in your mouth, but that's what braces do. This feeling will go away after a few hours of having the braces.
The first step is to clean the teeth, then put something on each tooth that will hold the wire together. Then, they'll put the wire on, and tighten it.

Good luck!

I got braces about four years ago, the whole process of the initial brace fitting is completely painless, it hurts a little afterwards, when your teeth start to move, and when they get tightened, but the results are definitely worth the very very small amount of discomfort you face, don't worry about a thing!

Don't worry about braces. I had braces for about a year and a half. The outcome is great!
Braces (for me) took about an hour and a half. That didn't hurt AT ALL, but it did hurt a few days after. It hurt for about a week and then the pain was over. After they tighten them (about once a month) it does hurt for a few days. But, overall they don't hurt really bad and you shouldn't be worried.

This is how it works:

They take a thing (i dont know what its called) and it holds your mouth open. It doesnt hurt, it just holds it open wide so the dentist can putt stuff on your teeth. It doesnt hurt at all, but after their done your lips might feel a bit wierd. It takes them about... 10 minutes maybe? That is only for top or bottom teeth; both. I dont know. It doesnt take them long.
First they putt the blocks on your teeth. (Top & bottom, depend what you need, I just needed top). Then the'll give you a bit to just wash out your mouth. (The blocks will taste bad and it will be hard to putt your top lip down over your mouth).
They they'll putt two metal surounders around your back teeth. It will hurt putting those in because they have to get it on tight.
Next they putt the wire around all the blocks of your teeth. & The colored elastic part, that goes around the block on your tooth to hold the wire on.
After you get your braces, you might not be able to eat anything hard for about 1 week. All you can basically eat is Jello & Yogurt. (Note: You cannot eat gum or caramel or anything chewy that can mess up your braces).

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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