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volleyball #18
well getting braces in 3 days..=(..and really dont know what color to get...well im 13 dirty blonde hair ...blue green eyes..well if u got some asnwers plz let me know..thanks.

braces are so fun caz every one tells me that i look so cute with them for the colours jus experiment u will no which u prefer i love pink but thats jus me and it has sites that you could like put colours on the braces to see how it would look on the computer.
good luck

well you didn't really state if you are a guy or girl. But for a girl, pink and purple looks nice.

Try these websites:


These are the best I could find

aww dont worry.
you should get blue or green braces ;)

good luck!

haha wow are you my long lost twin?!?! i'm 13 with blonde hair and blue/green eyes!!! holy crap when is your birthday! haha i had braces last year... (take advil before you go) my favorite combo of colors where light blue and light green... it will bring out your eyes!! haha but seriously! are we twins!?!?! haha i don't look like anyone in my family... maybe i was adopted!! lol oh and i love volleyball too!!! wtf!

don't get green or orange... you'll look like you have fungus on your teeth. get pink or blue

want to travel
I had braces. Whenever I got depressed about having braces, I would watch that guy Jaws from the 007 movie (the old school ones, with the old guys, not Vin Deesuhl) and I would feel better because that guy's mouth was really messed up. Oh yeah, I would watch the Flavor Flave show too. He has really bad teeth, and I would feel good about myself, until I saw his babes, then I would feel like a loser because they are serious hottays. But then I would rap with my little brother, and I felt like a winner again because my raps were 8 mile and his were ghetto. I like green braces, but the problem is that they can start looking like boogers after a while, so since you have blond hair and blue eyes go for blue or blonde. Stay away from back braces cuz you'll be all ghetto. Remember, it's good having braces. :D

i used to have pink and blue on alternate teeth...i thought that looked pretty cool. Good luck!

Summer M
Well what color do you like? I if i had braces I would get pink, blue, green or black. (:

coose a light color. like light blue or light pink. but don't choose white or yellow.


when i had braces each time i went to the orthodontist they asked me what color i wanted and i always got to change the color. I would pick out a different color every appointment. well at least thats what mine let me do. I don't know if its different for you. But the colors are just elastics that they stick around the metal braces. Like there are metal braces and clear braces. Your orthodontist should tell you all about it. hope I helped somewhat. good luck they really arent that bad. its a little getting used to. and before you get them on they tend to hurt a little afterwards so takea little tylenol or some pain reliever beofre you get them on it really helps.

blue or green..it'll look good with your eyes.

first i had done just white so it didn't really show but then it got stained with all the food i ate...then i changed it to silver so that it doesn't show and it doesn't stain....

o1234 .
oh man, i've heard they hurt, anyway; i've seen purple & it looks really pretty (: or maybe try pink & lime green..
i've seen black; it looks gross

pink, or black. It will suite you.

<3 ♥
braces arnt that bad :) erm most of the time the dentist advises you colours but i would pick pink or blue but it depends what suits you

Gabriel C
I would suggest a darker color, because the bright color dont compliment your other features. I have braces myself, hope this helps.!

I have braces too, but i didnt get to choose the colours, as mine didnt come with colours...I would say either white banda, or pink and blue.

i have similar characteristics as you and i want to get blue when i first get mine on


well i think green is nice or baby blue ! it suits your eyes. i have braces atm, but my favourite is hot pink, because it doesn't fade easily

check out this site. It helped me choose

Plus don't worry you, change your colour every 4 weeks. Cheers

well i would say like blue, but in 2 different shades. Im the same as u with the hair and eyes and i love the colors. Like do a darker blue with a light blue and its super cute!!!

hope i helped!♥

OMG yay!

yeaa.....you're not getting color.
Hate to ruin the only good thing about them, but you wont be getting color for a while. In fact, you might not get them at all....

well, i have had braces for a while now and i love changing the colors haha, and umm id say get bright colors or ones that match, but if your dentist has white elastics don't get it becuase my friend told me it stains! yeah, id say go for all pink, yellow and blue or blue and green :D GOOD LUCK ps: they dont hurt when they are put on but a few hours later they will, but its ok! it wont hurt that bad

so simple minded.
just get your favorite colour. if you dont have one.. blue. =]

why you want it CREPPER?
don't get DARK green cause it looks like lettuce is in you teeth lol
get maybe light blue or purple~

braces don't hurt that bad just when you get them it hurts take asprin and the pain goes away

just get traditional gray color. if you start getting crazy with the colors your teeth will look like fruity pebbles.

you can change them everytime you go to the dentist.
i'd say like blue and pink

im 14 and have had braces recently myself i always go for bright colors that stand out like random but then again my friends and i never really try to match it just doesnt matter and is more funn to be random (: hope this helps

Mistress of Shadows
I'm 28, and just got braces about a month ago. I went with "ice" braces, which are clear. I like it because they aren't as noticeable. They cost about $400 more than regular color braces, but to me were well worth the investment.

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