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 do braces hurt?

i need to know everything about them!!! im so scared and im getting them in two days! how long does it take, does it hurt, and what colors should i choose?? i need to know everything!! give me everything i need to know about them PLEASE HELP ME!!!

i dont know too much about braces but i do know that they dont put colors on the same day you first get them on.

Well dont worry too much.... People get braces alllllllll the time and survive :). I had braces for awhile, and to be compeltely honest, they do hurt sometimes, when they scrape against the inside of your lip, and the fact that they are moving your teeth hurts a lot. Dont go with a color that your going to hate in a week. Personally, i didnt even get any color....lol.

Good luck, and dont stress too much

ok so when i got my braces I was also scared, its actually pretty simple. First they get a cleaning drill and cleanse your mouth and wash it. ( this part sometimes really hurts, especially when they accidentally hit your gum OUCH!) then they get some plastic cement (which is blue) and they put it on your teeth. they then put the braces on your mouth, and use an (what i believe is) infrared laser to harden the braces to your teeth. Then the put this long wire on your mouth and put them on the braces. They use a special tool to put elastic bands around your braces to keep the wire in place and to pull the teeth together ( making them straight!). Every about a month they replace the wires and sometimes clean your mouth. now this part really hurts and is very annoying. occasionally the end of the wire will stick out and pierce into your mouth OUCH!!!! the only way you can stop this is by putting wax on the ends.. GOOD LUCK

p.s when they are done with braces you will get retainers to keep your teeth straight. They feel awkward in the beginning but you will get used to them

pss. don't worry after about a month you will get used to the braces and you wont even feel them, but in that month oh my its really hard... I had to eat only soft things like noodles or bread, and i couldn't bite!!


it hurts when u get them tighten. u should know how long you'll have them. its about an hr in the dentist office. colors are up to your preference

im getting my braces off in two days- after 2 years! so i know ALLL about braces.. don't be scared at all- the only pain you'll feel is later that night, esp. the next morning of getting them on. they're sore but only for about 3 days. you're gums get used to them quickly. I always got the color gray because its simple and sometimes colors make braces more noticeable. do not get clear!! food stains clear rubber-bands and turns them gross colors.
When i got braces, the whole appointment took an hour or so. The glue kinda tastes funny but it goes away shortly after. They feel weird at first and makes your mouth feel crowded but trust me they are SOOO worth it! Just think about when you get them off how beautiful your smile will be! good luck- hope it all goes well! im sure it will.. usually people have no problems but maybe a cut or two. not too painful!

Briana W
You dont need to worry at all. They do not hurt when they put them on at all! I just recently got mine off and that didn't hurt either. What they do is you lay in a chair. They take x-rays of your teeth. they stick some disgusting green glue on your teeth that tastes like sour apples. Then they stick the brackets on the glue which you dont feel at all. Then they let them dry and then they let you choose the colors! the only time it may hurt is the monthly tightening but still that barely hurts. And the straight teeth is totally worth it! So don't worry. You will be fine!

Sarah N
Ok you can chew sugar free gum...I havn't broken a bracket except when my overbite bit one and broke it. It takes about an 1hr and 20min. Your favorite colors should be the colors you get. It hurts for about 3 days unless you have an expander my friend says it hurt longer with an expander. Brush and floss use your christmas tree brush. You also will need lots of wax.

Don't worry...I got brace about 1 month ago.

Kayla S
It took the orthodontist about a hour and a half to put mine on.
It hurt after a few hours but only for three days.
Brush your teeth well so your don't have marks from were the brackets were. Also dont use whitening tooth paste.
The colors depend one what colors you like, green or pink, blue.
Whatever !

Calm down, it isn't that bad at all!First off, you should relax and lay back.They will put a glue on your teeth and stick on the brackets.They will stretch your mouth and you will wince a bit but that's all, because they need the space.Then they will use a light to dry it and after all that they will put the wires through and tie them with your preferred color. The whole process depends on how fast your Orthodontist works.
I would say go with silver first then when you want go with months or holidays.You will get to change them every month and mix and match.

Your mouth will be sore for a week or two so you will be unable to eat solid foods. I ate soup, smoothies, mashed potatoes,jello, ice cream, yogurt, baby food, etc. I also drank plenty of water and took Advil for the pain.

It will go away but your first tightening will be uncomfortable. You will soon get used to it though.

Brush very well and if you can get something called a WaterPik, it gets in between. If you do not brush well, your teeth won't look too great after the braces are gone.

Also, do not eat any hard/ sticky things.Many do though and if you want, be extra careful and be sure to brush extra well.

For colors do not get white or clear.White will make your teeth yellow while clear can get stained.

Good luck!
*has braces*

ok first off, just relax.

when you get to the ortho,
1 they clean your teeth with "tools"
2 they will put a blue sealant on your tooth to roughen the surface
3 they will glue each bracket on each tooth and then use some kind of a light tool to dry the adhesive quicker.
4 they let you rinse your mouth out from the Gross taste and you choose your colors (if your ortho provides diferent colors)
5 they put the wire on your brackets and then put the bands on to hold the wire
the actual process takes about 15-30 mins and the rest of the time they just tell you everything about them

some good colors that i have chosen are pink and black, light blue and light green and pink; and another choice is tourqoise and orange and pink. do not get white or the band will turn yellow.

so what you cant eat is hard candy, popcorn, big pieces of food like carrots or apples (only if you cut them up), and they give you a whole book of foods that you cant eat, but i dont follow that rule :) there is some pain for the first 2-6 days, depending on how bad your teeth are. but you can take motrain before you go to get them on and it will help A LOT!!

hope this helped!!

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