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 Does anyone know the secret to tonsil stones, and getting rid of them?
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 scottish mental dental joke?
a scotsman asked the dentist the cost of a tooth extraction
£85 for an extraction said the dentist
£85!!!!hae ye no got anything cheaper,lad
thats the normal charge sir
whit ...

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 Tooth ache question.......?
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 Questions about teeth x-ray? I think it might be cavity....?
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 Teen Teeth Whitening? Please help.?
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 Retainer issues help!?
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 How do I stop biting the inside of my mouth?
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 Girls get teeth sanded down to make strait line?
It looks very nice....

As an adult, can you "build back" tooth enamel? Is fluoride only preventative?

You can never get back tooth enamel - never.

dog luver
hey, when i was little i drank a lot of cokes and never brushed, so my teeth are really decalcified.....i had to get braces to fix a gap in my front teeth and when i did, they gave me a swish, called Phos-Flur, a toothpaste called Prevident 5000....then when i got my retainers, they gave me M.I. paste to put in them for half an hour a day....all of these things help to strenthen your enamal...especially the m.i. paste....o yea, the swish, is NASTY! but it does help....ask your dentist about it, because you can't buy these at the store

You cannot build up lost enamel, but you can use a toothpaste or rinse with a higher dose of fluoride that is prescribed by your dentist to remineralize the tooth (help strengthen it) You can also use an over the counter rinse called Act or Fluorigard that will do the same thing (just not as strong as the prescription items). Brush at least 2 x a day, floss 1 x a day and do the rinse at bedtime. Hope that helps!

JAMRDH -a dental hygienist

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