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Are you supposed to brush your teeth before or after eating breakfast?
I brush them after I eat breakfast simply because it keeps your breath fresher. Is that what you're supposed to do?

you do it after.. and if u did it before i tihnk it would make ur breakfast taste funny lol

i do afterwards so that i can taste food and not toothpaste

I had heard from a dentist that it makes sense to brush before breakfast because it makes your teeth less sticky to food.

after eating breakfast. seems more reasonable..........................

Dancer <33
Hey there is no right or wrong time to brush your teeth. You should just keep your teeth healthy and brush twice a day and floss. I guess it would make the most sense to brush after breakfast because that way you can get rid of the food you had for breakfast and brushing in the morning will give you fresher breath.

i brush before cos i hate morning breath.
like, what's the point of after ?
it's not like, you're going to brush your teeth after every meal.
or like, whatever :S
i use mouthwash after breakfast.

Rose M
I usually wake up really hungry and you shouldn't brush your teeth and then go straight to eating.
So I brush mine maybe a half hour or so after eating breakfast.


after or you will never drink your oj!

I do it both, after getting up and then after breakfast as well as at night. Don't listen to Sami. If you leave sticky, sweet food like raisins in your teeth for hours it will rot your teeth. Also, flossing is as important as brushing. Men who have heart disease usually have bad gum hygiene.


Miss Austen
The professionals say you should brush your teeth after every meal, then they also say brush your teeth twice a day (which makes no sense because the average human being eats more than twice a day). I brush when I wake up and when i go to sleep. I may squeeze in another brushing if I eat something real messy like oreos. Some days I forget to brush and just don't start yelling in someones face. Turns out at my cleaning at the dentist office I was the only one without cavities.

In short: As long as you are brushing your teeth more than three times a week you are straight.

Edward's Emily
I always brush my teeth afterwords. For two reasons:
#1 Why get your teeth clean and then get them dirty again right afterwords?
#2 After you brush, you have that after taste which I cannot stand to eat with.

After, If you do before your breakfast would be sticking in your teeth. So there would be no use to do it before.

♥☻☼←♥DeiiEnvyMeh♫ ♥☻☼←♥
both because you may have some food particles still stuck in your teeth and after so your breath will smell good and the food particles will go away

»sweet heart™
both, and after every meal too ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ) and of course before going to bed!!

after because food tastes gross when u eat after u brush and so u can get all the stuff from your breakfast out of your teeth.

I was always confused about this, I feel like if I don't brush my teeth before breakfast everything tastes odd.
But you should also brush after every meal.

yes,it will cut down on cavities and your teeth should last a life time.

Lol when u wake up, just rinse your mouth. Eat. Then brush. Its just common sense?

If you brushed before you went to bed the night before then you shouldn't have to brush before breakfast, because you haven't eaten anything between the time you went to bed and before you ate breakfast. So, just brush after breakfast. And just in case you don't brush before going to bed, I highly recommend that you do. If you don't, bacteria in your mouth will turn what was left in your mouth from what you ate into acid, which will decay your teeth, especially if the food or drink was sugary.

Yes your supposed to brush them after. But if you know you wont have time after just do them before. Then if you have time after brush them again.

Country Girl

Sarah E
After, if you don't want food in your teeth/bad breath...

thats what i do


I'd say beforehand...right after you wake up from morning breath- you don't wanna be swallowing that along with breakfast! Then I just eat gum or fruit on the go to refreshen :)

mike k

You actually shouldn't brush your teeth for a couple of hours after eating because this can actually brush your teeth enamel off which causes yellowing and cavities! The acid in your food softens the enamel and the brushing action damages them

You r supposed to before because it prevents sugar from sticking- causing cavities.

i brush after just becase it makes more sense..

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