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Are mercury fillings poisonous?

Tom C
mercury IS poisonous...
so a filling could be

No. A competent dentist knows.

no but if you don't want them you cam ask for other filling put in which cost a lot more

Ho HO...I was born in 1958 I had the dentist from hell, because the war was over and the lucky people got sweets. I suffered most of my childhood with toothache, even tho, we ate good food. may I ad. But, all my bottom teeth are my own, but black black mercury fillings. I was drilled by an alchoholic dentist on teh Isle of Man and when i got back to u.k. I just had the four front teeth twisted off me by a butcher,. I lived with four false teeth since bieng 21 to now 58 ....never got in the way of anything. First thing I did was take a tab of acid to see if I was bothered. No. Two husbands three humdred lovers later, no one else is iether, never been ill except now, going through a house sale, but you have to have the cast alloy metal plate, the English on the National Health only gave pink plastic, and it was only whilst living in the u.s.a. did I realise, these things are only given temporary, and can cause roof cancer. Now living in England for 28 years, again, for a part of Thatchers time, they were on the n.h.s. but now cost, 400 quid, even subsidised by the n.h.s. but under thatcher was free. Anyway, all the mad hatters with their top hats were leaking mercury into their heads. If I am being slowely poisened, it aint me teeth, it is your cars, and pre. packed food, neither of either I have. Only my beutiful false teeth, and all my black mercury fillings, but seeing as I am a Gemini, i guess I can live with quicksilver. xxx

charlie c
well they certainly saw him off did'nt they !!

♥ Krista ♥
No not really, but there is evidence to claim that they might contribute to alizheimers disease.

Katie K
no they are not

kevin ! gent
yes mercury filling are
so clean your teeth

David T
I dispute the NO answers.

I have a friend that had mercury poisoning due to a mouth full of fillings.

leslie c
yes pull them out now before its to late

lord wright
NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am a dentist who has silver fillings in his mouth.
there IS NO evidence to suggest that they are harmful.all the studies that say they have are flawed.
the people who say they cause disease are the same spoon heads who go on about mobile phones etc being bad for us.
STOP SCARE MONGERING and go and get a job or better still sponge of the state as most of you do
Listen to your professional.they are there for a reason and far more intelligant than you in these matters.

Rance D
Yes...and should your mission fail then...you know what to do...

Mercury is a poisonous substance, however the tiny amount that dentists use for various dental treatments means that it is harmless. Nowadays, mercury fillings have been replaced by alternative substances, so instead of horrible black fillings, you can now get invisible white ones

Dentists will not even attempt to remove fillings because of the chance of a piece chipping off and u swallowing it. Mercury is the most toxic metal once absorbed. The intestines absorb up the mercury and there it stays weakining your bodys balance and immune system. Mercury will then attack 1 of your organs-usually the liver, kidney or brain causing severe health problems. Did u know that when some cancer patients have the metals cheleated (drawn out of the body)THEN almost all of their cancer disapears? Heavy metal toxicity is a fetal issue. People can go years with multiple undiagnosed illnesses and doctors dont tell. The testing is complicated there for the diagnosis is way to often a MISDIAGNOSIS.

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